The Korean people brought US imperialism to their knees


In the Korean War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953) the heroic Korean people brought US imperialism into submission for the first in history.

The Korean War was the fiercest one in modern history of war and the gravest trial for the Korean people.

The balance of forces between north Korea and the US was incomparable in number and technique. The US committed one third of its army, one fifth of the air force and the majority of the Pacific fleet and armed troops of 15 satellite countries and south Korea armed with modern weapons and military hardware, more than 2 million in all, to the war and applied most cruel and barbarous means of war.

However the Korean people¡¯s Army and north Korean people defeated such formidable enemy because President Kim Il Sung, legendary hero of Mt. Baekdu and ever-victorious iron-willed commander, led the war to victory.

Starting from the Juche-oriented military idea, President Kim Il Sung saw that the north Korean people keep the position as master and discharge their responsibility and mission having correct stand and viewpoint of the revolutionary war and aroused the entire Korean people to victory of the war.

The entire Korean people believed in President Kim Il Sung and the President believed in the people to overcome the trials of the war with single-hearted mind of the leader, party and people. The politico-ideological unity of the army and people centered on President Kim Il Sung was a decisive factor for the victory of the war.

President Kim Il Sung thoroughly implemented the fundamental principles of the Juche-oriented strategies in every strategic and operational stages in the whole course of war and led the KPA to fight as demand of the Juche-oriented tactics.

Under the wise leader ship of President Kim Il Sung, the KPA with politico-ideological superiority and strategic predominance defeated the US-led allied forces and emerged victorious in the Korean war.

The US sustained a great defeat in the Korean War.

The Korean people and the KPA killed and captured about 1.567 million man power including 405, 000 US troops and captured and destroyed about 12,200 warplanes, 3,255 tanks and armored vehicles, 7,695 guns, 560 warships and 925,000 weapons. The loss of the US in the Korean War was nearly 2.3 times more than that in the four-year-long Pacific War and it was a disgraceful defeat for the first time in its bloody history of aggression.¡±  

Former US Defense Secretary Marshall lamented, ¡°The myth exploded to atoms, and we were not so strong country as others had thought it to be.¡±

The myth of the US ¡°mightiness¡± was shattered to smithereens.

The Korean War was a great revolutionary war of world significance that the Korean people defended sovereignty and dignity of the country by defeating the US imperialism, the chief of global imperialism, through a nationwide struggle for the first time in history.   

The victory of the Korean people in the war greatly encouraged the people fighting against US imperialism and the people who were under colony of the imperialist and inspired them to turn out in the struggle against imperialism and the US.

The victory of the Korean people in the war brought about the beginning of a downfall of US imperialism and a fresh era of the struggle against imperialism and US was opened.

The revolutionary progressives of the world highly praise President Kim Il Sung, who defeated US imperialism, as an ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, a great military strategist and a symbol of victory of the anti-imperialist struggle.   

The north Korean people who defeated the US 50-odd years ago under the sagacious leadership of President Kim Il Sung are now winning victory after victory in the face-off with the US under the Songun revolutionary leadership of leader Kim Jong Il.               

The Korean people always win in the showdown with the US.

Long live the heroic Korean people marking the day of victory of the Korean War.


South Korea, an arsenal of nuclear weapons for the US


 The US is the author of aggravating the tension on the Korean Peninsula and the offender who turned south Korea into a big explosive warehouse of war and an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

According to a watered-down data published by south Korean media, reserves for war including rifles, shells, bombs of the USFK amounts to 600,000 tons in 280 kinds.

The US, which declared the Korean Peninsula as a ¡°laboratory of confrontation between strength,¡± massively introduced the weapons of mass destructions including nukes to south Korea.

The US, which mapped ¡°USFK Force Enhancement Initiative¡± consisted of 150 items to bolster the USFK in mobility and hitting power, introduced ¡°PAC-3¡± missiles and ¡°Longbow AH-64 D¡± to south Korea. It deployed ¡°ATACMS Block 2,¡± ¡°ATACMS Block 1A¡± ground-to-ground missiles and ¡°M1-A1 Abrahams¡± tanks in south Korea. And it also reinforced Joint Direct Attack Munitions and Bunk Buster widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

High-altitude strategic reconnaissance plane ¡°U-2 S Block 20¡±s once visited south Korea in accordance with ¡°plan of modernizing aerial reconnaissance equipment¡± and ¡°F-117¡± stealth bombers were sited in south Korea.

The US spent 30 billion US$ to introduce war hardware to south Korea from 1990 to 2006 and more than 3 million depleted uranium shells are stored in the air bases in Osan and south Korea.

The US planned to deploy tactical nukes and even strategic nuclear weapons in south Korea to cope with contingency on the Korean Peninsula at the south Korea-US security consultative meeting held in last October. 

The Korean Peninsula is under a constant strain that when a war would break out owing to the US military maneuvers.

US, leave south Korea at once with nukes.