North Korea is highlighted by Songun
Songun is the symbol of socialist Korea.

  Without Songun it would be impossible to think of the glorious 70-odd year history of struggle of the north Korean people for socialism. Songun is the guarantee of its brilliant future.

  The Songun idea has become an ever-victorious banner which shows correct ways to carry out satisfactorily all the tasks of every stage of the north Korean people's cause of independence.

  North Korea was a backward colonial semi-feudal state. Strong arms was the key to all the problems arising in anti-imperialist national liberation revolution anti-feudal democratic revolution and socialist revolution and construction. Arms was the only key making the people's strength aim at one purpose and giving full play to it in whatever difficult circumstances and conditions.

  Songun made the new history of national liberation from the fetters of colonialism in Korea. Korean revolutionaries of a new generation centering on President Kim Il Sung defeated Japan, a formidable enemy, on their own strength and accomplish the historic cause of national liberation in trying conditions without state support. The credit goes to Kim Il Sung who organized the revolutionary army---Korean People's Revolutionary Army, on the principle of giving importance to arms and military affairs and waged the protracted fierce anti-Japanese armed struggle. The experience shows that any people in colonial or semi-colonial countries can achieve national independence on their own if they take up arms.

  Historically Korea has been the site of acute showdowns between the progressive and the reactionary, and between socialism and capitalism. Under such circumstances north Korea put its primary effort into strengthening military force in building a new society after the liberation. By relying on the armed forces north Korea repressed challenges of hostile forces and established the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and successfully carried out the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic reforms and won victory in the three-year-long war to defend national sovereignty from the United States' invasion. The difficult and complex socialist reforms in the postwar days were completed in a short time with the support of armed forces, and socialist construction of several stages were successfully carried out by relying on strong military power in spite of the ceaseless military threats from the United States and interference and pressure from great powers.

  In the difficult situation when the socialist cause suffered trials on the worldwide scale and the East-West Cold War was condensed into north Korea-US confrontation, north Korea has defended socialism and is achieving world-famous successes under the giant goal of building a great prosperous powerful nation. The secret lies in holding high the banner of Songun.

  The Songun idea also provides the key to strengthening the independent revolutionary force for carrying out the socialist cause.

  The Songun idea without sticking to ready-made ideas and theories, gives prominence to the army as the main force and pillar of revolution. Any social class stratum or collective cannot match with the army in revolutionary spirit, organization and fighting capacity, and north Korea has made the army the main force of the revolution and thanks to it has been able to prepare powerful revolutionary force. The principle of giving importance to the army in formation of the revolutionary force has been consistent in all period—not only during the anti-Japanese armed struggle but when building a new society after Korea's liberation. The Workers' Party of Korea was founded with the Korean People's Revolutionary Army soldiers as its backbone. And broad sections of democratic forces could be united into one because there was a powerful army capable of smashing the reactionary forces.

  In the late 20th century north Korea had to undergo the "Arduous March" and the forced march unprecedented in history. In the harsh trials north Korea further strengthened the driving force of the revolution with the might of Songun. In the trying situation where others would have scattered away, the revolutionary ranks of north Korea were consolidated steel-strong with the People’s Army as the pillar. The former Soviet Union and other east European socialist countries collapsed like domino and the offensive of the US and its western allies was concentrated on this country, but north Korea safeguarded socialism because it has strengthened the revolutionary force, socio-political force, by putting forward the army as the main force under the guidance of the Songun idea and politic.

  North Korea will realize the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation with the might of Songun. This is the idea, will and determination of leader
Kim Jong Il.

  Revolutionary force with the arms will always be strong and in high spirit. Revolutionary force which is strengthened with the revolutionary army as its backbone and refreshed with its revolutionary spirit and traits will become an elite force. And there will be no fortress such a country cannot occupy.

  The Songun idea and tradition of north Korea will be firmly preserved and glorified as they are being carried forward by leader
Kim Jong Il, the brilliant Songun commander, who is versed in civil and military affairs.

  Kim Jong Il develops the Songun idea of the President and elaborates the Songun politics as one of the socialist political modes, thus bringing about epoch-making changes in the socialist construction.

  North Korea has a bright and promising future as it has leader
Kim Jong Il.
North Korean human rights racket is a despicable
political conspiracy of the US against north Korea

(By a progressive theorist Choi Mi-ran)

  Human rights is the deserved rights of a man as a social being. In other words it is the rights that the man should have to defend the dignity in all fields of social life including politics, economy, culture and morality and lead an independent and creative life.

  Today the US and other western capitalist domination forces are distorting the concept of human rights, and on this basis they are turning the attention of the broad popular masses to the other side and maintaining their hegemonic position.

  Today the US and other western capitalist hegemonic countries which impede the independent advance of the people through sundry ideologies and drive them to the structure of infinite competition and rivalry are infringing upon human rights most severely on the earth.

  Today when the social advance of the independent peoples is getting momentum, the country which guarantees human rights most perfectly and safeguards them to the last is none other than the DPRK where the exploitation and oppression of man by man and all kinds of social inequality were liquidated and the political rights and happy life of the working people are fully guaranteed.

In north Korea the word “people” is associated to the names of country, army, legislative organs and even the Study House and all the officials regard it their highest mission to serve the people as their reliable servants.

  This is the fact. Nevertheless, the so-called “resolution on human rights record in north Korea” adopted at the UN recently is a junk paper for it categorically distorts the reality.

  The main purpose in adopting the resolution is to promote a base political conspiracy against north Korea as evidenced as noonday.

  The content of the resolution evidences that it is a political conspiracy of the US against north Korea.

  According to the US allegation the recent resolution on north Korea’s human rights record expresses, first of all, concerns over the north Korean acts such as “torture”, “open execution”, “prisons of political dissidents”, “prostitution”, “politically-motivated death sentences”. However above-said acts, even the government-led direction on them can never be found.

  The resolution also indicates the malnutrition of north Korean children and its measure of banning the inspection tours of the World Food Program and other international organizations in north Korean territories. But those cannot be the human rights issue by themselves.

  Nevertheless, the US and EU member states repeat such allegations without any evidence in reliance on false rumors. And moreover the demands in the resolution have obviously a political purpose.

  North Korea renowned as an independent country with high self-esteem has no reason to accept the resolution and such a resolution on human rights must be directed to the US, of course.

  These moves of the US and the EU member states are a wicked plot to topple down north Korea in the long run.

  Through the “human rights problem of north Korea” the US is running amuck to calm down the atmosphere of the grand national unity rapidly growing now in the Korean Peninsula.

  This is a clear breach of the joint statement of the six party talks.

  The joint statement is an international agreement on peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and North East Asia on the basis of mutual respect and equality in a general sense.

  However, the recent human rights racket discloses the vicious intention of the US since it is unilaterally raising the issue without any evidence.

  The only intention of the US through raising the human rights racket is to make the joint statement of the six party talks a dead document, block the prosperity and development of north Korea and bring about a new tension and confrontation to the Korean Peninsula.

  The US does not want the reduction of its influence in North East Asia, an arena of competition which has great potentials of developing to the biggest world market.

  The history strictly teaches us that the nature of imperialism hallmarked with aggression and plunder doesn’t change readily by signing a document in the international convention hall.

  The on-going human rights row by the US stems from such a despicable intension of the US and it is a political conspiracy of the US against north Korea in essence.

  Though the US and the pro-US conservatives make every effort to deceive the international conscience and delude the south Korean people, the fallacious logic cannot move the public.

  Even at this moment when they hurl the vituperations at the north Korean society the politics of independence and happiness of north Korea attracts the people's mind warmly and lots of the south Korean people are witnessing the peaceful life of the north Korean people with their own eyes in Pyongyang, Mt. Geumgang Resort and Gaesong in north Korea.

  North Korea already anticipated the US-concocted human rights racket and fully prepared to cope with it through normalizing the food provision by themselves.

  The US was rather dealt a telling blow by the north Korean all-embracing politics when it raised the human rights issue.

  The more the issue of north Korean human rights gets widespread the more favorable atmosphere for independence, democracy and reunification will be created.

  No human rights issue exists in north Korea and only the mean “human rights racket” concocted by the US and the Grand National Party of south Korea exists.

  The human rights row which the US and the Grand National Party spawned by twisting the reality will boomerang on them.

  Today when the inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges are remarkably developing, the reality of the north Korean human rights will be clarified soon.

  The entire national democratic movement forces should propagate the essence and concept of human rights and the all-embracing politics flourishing in north Korea, full of confidence in victory, so as to further isolate the pro-US conservatives from the popular masses and advance toward a bright future along with the broad masses.