Anti-imperialist independent ideology

of the Down-with-Imperialism Union

81 years have passed since the formation of the DIU that held aloft the banner of independence against imperialism. The spirit and tradition of the DIU is still maintained, though time went by.

President Kim Il Sung, a peerless great man, who set on the road of revolution in his teens with great ambition to liberate the country, felt keenly the necessity of forming a revolutionary vanguard organization. He rallied comrades and trained them vanguard fighters.

On this basis, President Kim Il Sung formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union, a new type revolutionary organization, the first of its kind in Korea, on October 17, 1926.

The DIU is a thorough revolutionary organization against imperialism and the Juche-type vanguard organization that established the principle of independence for the first time in the revolutionary history of the Korean people.

The formation of DIU-it is the crystallization of independent faith and will of President Kim Il Sung who led the Korean revolution to victory and glory, upholding the banner of Juche, the banner of independence against imperialism.

The formation of the DIU was the historic declaration heralding a fresh start of the communist movement and revolution of Korea. Since then the Korean revolution with correct program of struggle met the new era advancing along with the principle of independence under the leadership of vanguard organization.

The formation of the DIU was a starting point for founding a new type party, the Juche-type revolutionary party and the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea took root on the Down-with-Imperialism Union.

Under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung the Korean revolution has emerged victorious in turbulence of history, holding aloft the banner of the DIU and the banner of independence against imperialism for 80-odd years.

The ideas of the DIU and independence against imperialism have been maintained century after century and it is brilliantly embodied in the revolution and construction and in all fields by the Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il.

The Songun politics involves the do-or-die spirit with imperialism and has thorough spirit of national independent spirit to defend sovereignty and dignity of the Korean nation. The military strength is the foremost power of a nation that guarantees sovereignty and dignity of the nation in which the ¡°logic of strength¡± is rampant in the present era. With the Songun politics and a powerful military deterrent, north Korea responds the imperialists¡¯ hard policy against north Korea to harder line and firmly defends national sovereignty.           

North Korea handles all affairs with its faith and pluck without reading other face and demonstrates its national dignity, admiring the world. North Korea will maintain the firm stand of independence against imperialism and advance along the road of revolution and construction forever.              

The progressive humanity unanimously extols that the Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il is an example of independent politics.    

Led by leader Kim Jong Il, the banner of the DIU, banner of independence against imperialism will shine forever as the banner of victory.