Traces of Songun leadership 


August 25 forty-seven years ago is the day when leader Kim Jong Il started the leadership of Songun revolution.

He cherished a far-reaching plan to bring glory to Korea from his early years by inheriting the idea and line of giving importance to arms and military affairs President Kim Il Sung put forward and invariably adhered to during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. He visited Guard Seoul Ryu Gyong Su Tank Division No. 105 of the Korean People¡¯s Army on August 25, Juche 49 (1960). When he saw the slogan ¡°Let us defend the Party Central Committee headed by Comrade Kim Il Sung even at the cost of our lives!¡± pasted above the gate of the soldiers¡¯ hall of culture of the unit that day, he highly praised it saying that it is an excellent slogan that reflects the unshakable faith of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea and the servicepersons of the KPA.

He said that we should hold this slogan high in the future, too, to hasten the ultimate victory of the Korean revolution and that we should dynamically conduct the Red-Flag Company Movement clarified by President Kim Il Sung.

The Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il began on the historic day when he gave valuable instructions on developing the KPA into the army of the leader, into the army of the Party and into an invincible armed force carrying through the orders of the Supreme Commander at the cost of their lives.

Through his energetic inspection to numerous KPA units for nearly ten years since then, he firmly established a leadership system in the army and trained the KPA into the core detachment and model of the Songun revolution, by strengthening it politico-ideologically and militarily and technically.

All the officers and men of the KPA held him, who had performed extraordinary achievements, as their outstanding leader.

He strengthened the KPA into a match-for-a-hundred revolutionary armed force by his energetic leadership. In the grim years when the allied imperialist forces headed by the US imperialists concentrated the spearhead of aggression on Korea in the 1990s, he developed the KPA into an invincible army with the original way of Songun politics as its Supreme Commander and thus defended the country, revolution, and socialism.

And he saw to it that the KPA made a breakthrough in the socialist economic construction at the head as the standard-bearer and main force of the Songun revolution and the whole country actively learned after the revolutionary soldier spirit and soldier culture created by the KPA servicepersons, with the result that great achievements were gained in the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation and a bright efflorescence was brought about in socialist culture in the Songun era on this land.

The Korean army and people are full of resolve to consummate the revolutionary cause of Juche having Kim Jong Il at the head of the revolution who has exalted the socialist motherland with the long journey of Songun night and day during 47 years since the historic day when he left the first trace of the revolutionary leadership of Songun.