On the road of devotion for the people

Kim Jong Il looks around the Songjin Steel Works
Kim Jong Il looks round the Gusong Machine Tool Factory
Kim Jong Il looks round the July 18 Cow Farm of the KPA Unit 580
Kim Jong Il looks round a paddy field
Kim Jong Il looks round farm machines of different types
Kim Jong Il looks round the the Chongchongang Machine Factory
Let us defend Songun Korea

--- John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), US Preparatory Committee for Celebrating the 64th Anniversary of the Birth of Kim Jong Il, and the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle

  The Songun era, which was pioneered by leader
Kim Jong Il, sun of the great Songun, is advancing vigorously.

As stressed by the New Year’s joint editorial of north Korea which is appreciated by the world as “a message for optimism and victory,” Songun Korea is making a greater leap with full ambition and confidence in the general forward march of the Songun revolution.

The faster north Korea advance, the more the reactionary forces hamper it. The US imperialist, the ringleader of imperialist of the world, escalates its pressure upon north Korea.

Defending Songun Korea is a primary mission and the greatest duty of the world progressive people.
Songun Korea is a sign of justice and beacon of independence
Songun Korea is highlighted as a sign of independence, peace and justice and, as a model and beacon of independence.

  It has struggled for the country’s liberation, independence, reunification, prosperity, peace and justice, frustrating all sorts of challenges of imperialism and dominationism. It has consistently maintained the great lines of independence in politics, self-reliance in economy and self-defense in national defense without the slightest deviation during the revolutionary war against the Japanese colonial rule over Korea, the Korean War against the US, the days of defending the sovereignty against modern revisionists and dominationists’ pressure and intervention in north Korea’s internal affairs and the days of frustrating the US-led imperialist forces’ move to isolate and stifle it. And it has registered victories on the strength of the Songun politics.

  Under the outstanding leadership of President
Kim Il Sung, sun of the humankind representing the 20th century and leader Kim Jong Il representing the 21st century, north Korea enjoys unstinted praises and support from the world progressive people as it defended the national dignity and sovereignty and achieved eye-opening successes in building a great prosperous nation and in the cause of justice for Korea’s reunification and independence despite vicious challenges and hindrance of the imperialists unprecedented in world history.

  In particular, north Korea is highlighted in the world as the motherland of Songun politics and a model and beacon of independence.

Kim Jong Il, the distinguished statesman and commander of Songun, further developed President Kim Il Sung’s idea of giving priority to arm and military affairs to initiate the Songun politics of the present times. Thus north Korea became motherland of the Songun politics.

It became the motherland of Juche idea by President
Kim Il Sung who created the Juche idea and it was an historical event that it became the motherland of Songun politics by leader Kim Jong Il’s creation of the politics.

  It became a model of the world struggling against all sorts of injustice and war and, for independence and righteousness. The way of north Korea becomes the correct path for the world progressive people standing for independence.

  It carries out the building of a great prosperous powerful nation and the cause of Korea’s reunification by relying on the strength of the army having the great Songun commander and outstanding Songun statesman.

  This fact gives the precious lesson to the countries which forfeited their sovereignty by threats and aggressive maneuvers of the imperialist and dominationist forces that Songun is the only way for defending and prosperity of themselves.

  Songun Korea’s dignity and might is a strong blow to the US-led imperialist and dominationist forces. It warns to the US imperialist and the world reactionaries that they can not invade or conquer other countries at their own will and such era is ended.

  A political scholar of the US wrote: “Now an unprecedented event take place in the East. A country which is going to put down the US, putting political pressure upon the US, showed up in the world. The peculiar country is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that humbled the arrogance of the US and put it into a tight corner. North Korea’s strong political pressure upon the US weakens position of the ‘superpower’ and drive a nail into the US strategy of globalization. It is a great event the first of its kind in the world history that a small country outrivals a big country politically and diplomatically.”

  Indeed, north Korea is the motherland of the Songun politics and the second motherland of the Songun politics followers standing for the justice of the world and sovereignty.

  Songun Korea led by lead
er Kim Jong Il is a sign of justice and beacon of independence.
World conscience! Let us defend Songun Korea
It is a pressing task of the world conscience to wage anti-US and anti-war solidarity campaign for sovereignty, dignity, peace, prosperity and peace of Songun Korea.

  Now the US has made frantic efforts to unleash a new aggressive war in the Korean Peninsula. Recently, the US warmongers slandered north Korea as “a criminal regime” and put pressure upon it by reinforcing war potential, while clamoring about economic sanctions and blockade.

  It clearly shows that the US intentionally jeopardizes the north Korea-US relations to break a war in the Korean Peninsula.

  In addition, Japan speaks wild words that it would not hesitate to make preemptive strike against north Korea and it would make a war with north Korea.

  Owing to adventurous war policy of the US and its followers, peace on the Korean Peninsula and the world and the independent cause of humankind are gravely threatened. Unless reckless war and aggressive maneuvers of the US are frustrated, peace and reunification of Korea as well as stability of the world cannot be realized and the bloody disaster cannot be avoided like in Iraq.

  The prevailing situation, in which dark cloud of aggression is hovering over the peace-loving humankind desirous of peace, urge the world progressive people to sharp point of attack to US imperialism.

  The world progressive people should reject illusion about the US imperialist, struggle jointly against its aggression and war maneuvers under the banner of anti-imperialist and anti-US. They should isolate and disallow the arbitrariness of the US everywhere in the world.

  We reject the US aggressive move against north Korea.

  We render unquestionable support and solidarity to north Korea in its efforts to build a thriving country and accomplish the Juche cause.

  It is very important to conduct worldwide struggle to support the independent cause of Korea’s reunification.

  Now the cause of Korea’s reunification is remarkably progressing.

  Today the Korean people in the south and north are vigorously waging the struggle for independent reunification against the US under the banner of the June 15 inter-Korean joint declaration provided by leader
Kim Jong Il. The “Absolute pro-US era” is heading for ruin and pro-north Korean era and June 15 reunification era is coming in the Korean Peninsula.

The Korean people’s desire for reunification, which manifested in the grand national festivals for reunification held in Pyongyang and Seoul last year marking June 15 and August 15 Korea’s liberation was enthusiastic. It left indelible impression to the world. Even the conservative south Korean daily “Chosun Ilbo” reported leader
Kim Jong Il’s meeting with the south Korean authorities and civilian delegates and those who related to the inter-Korean summit was a hopeful message to the Korean nation.

Now the south Korean people intensify the struggle for the pullout of the US troops from south Korea, denouncing the US a hostile force and the country that hampers Korea’s reunification.

The desperate efforts of the US become undisguised as the struggle for independent reunification intensifies throughout south Korea. It has reinforced its military strength under the plea of reorganization of the US Force Korea, boosts the pro-US conservative forces and hamstrings the process of inter-Korean economic exchange. The US is obviously a disturber of Korea’s reunification.

The world progressive people should positively support Korea’s independent reunification. They should positively support the slogan “Let us vigorously forward the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity under the banner of ‘by our nation itself!’” clarified in the New Year’s joint editorial of north Korea and conduct solidarity activities to implement it.

Let us form more solidarity organizations to support the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front and the south Korean people in their struggle for independence, democracy and reunification and wage international movement for supporting Korea’s reunification, strengthening mutual relations and solidarity.

The foremost task of the world progressive people is to defend
Kim Jong Il, sun of the great Songun in the 21st century.

Kim Jong Il is the immortal banner leading the cause of Songun revolution and world independence to victory and the brilliant future of independent world and humankind.

He is admired as the sun of the 21st century. He is the peerless great man of Mt. Baekdu that can be expressed the greatness only by the august name of the sun.

For having
Kim Jong Il in high esteem the 21st century exists and the global independence is promised.

Let us bear the slogan “Let us defend leader
Kim Jong Il, sun of the 21 century, at all risks!” in our hearts, regarding it as the most honorable mission and the greatest obligation.

We should defend leader
Kim Jong Il’s authority in every way from the world reactionaries’ criticism. We should make the utmost efforts to study his revolutionary idea and Songun idea cherishing the faith and maintaining its purity and embody it in the anti-imperialist struggle.

Let us defend leader
Kim Jong Il at all risks, singing “No world without you” as the north Korea people sing “No motherland without you.”

Let us defend Songun Korea, a citadel of justice and a bulwark of socialism!

Long live the great Songun politics!

Long live Marshal
Kim Jong Il, sun of the great Songun in the 21st century!
The south Korean people’s praise for

leader Kim Jong Il's Songun politics
The south Koreans highly speak of leader Kim Jong Il who leads the nuclear showdown with the US to victory. The south Korean mass media which witnessed fierce north Korea-US nuclear showdown in 2005 with great concern commented that “Kim Jong Il regime became stronger,” “Pyongyang is in favorable condition and the US has no practical means to press north Korea,” “aimless policy of the US toward north Korea” and “The US in dilemma.” Even the south Korean conservative daily “Chosun Ilbo” commented that unexplainable things with logic happen, quoting remarks of the former US ambassador in Seoul that north Korea with population of 23 million controls south Korea with 50 million and Japan with 100 million population at its will.

  According to a recent survey in south Korea, 50 percent of respondents said that north Korea’s possession of nukes is not restless, north Korea’s possession of nuclear weapon will be favorable to the improvement of national power in the future reunified country, military strike of other countries will be checked if the country possess the nukes and more stronger political influence will be exercised in the international society.