DIU  ¡¯s 80th anniversary
October 17 this year is the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), the origin of the Korean revolution.
When Korea was under the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists from 1905 to 1945, the DIU was formed with the revolutionaries of new generation as its members. It was the vanguard organization to lead the independent cause of the Korean revolution and the first genuine revolutionary organization in Korea.
The mission of the Down-with-Imperialism Union was, as its name shows, to overthrow imperialism. It set as its immediate task the defeat of Japanese imperialism and the achievement of liberation and independence of Korea, and as its final objective the building of socialism and communism in Korea and, further, the destruction of imperialism and the building of communism throughout the world. The program of the DIU for the first time in history illuminated the way towards the independent development of the Korean people, the road of the Korean revolution. It was the banner that stimulated the Korean people to turn out in the sacred revolutionary struggle for national and class emancipation. The Korean revolution that had started under this ideal and flag has traversed an 80-year-long road of victory from the first day.
The Korean revolutionaries waged the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle for 20 years under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung, thus defeated the Japanese imperialists and achieved national liberation in August 1945. After liberation, the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea, a guiding force of Korean society, was founded in October 1945 and democratic reforms were successfully carried out, including the agrarian reform and the nationalization of major industries. On this basis the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea was founded in September 1948, the first people¡¯s country in the 5,000-year-long Korean history. Thus a solid people¡¯s democratic system was established in north Korea and north Korea entered the period of transition to socialism.
The Korean revolution, however, faced a serious challenge. The US imperialists unleashed an aggressive war against Korea (1950~1953) to destroy the young DPRK in its cradle. But the Korean People¡¯s Army and the people, with a strong anti-imperialist independent spirit, fought heroically against the enemy under the wise command of Kim Il Sung, thus shattering the myth about the strength of the US imperialists who had boasted of being the ¡°strongest¡± in the world, and defeating the national sovereignty. Postwar reconstruction was carried out on the debris of the war, the socialist revolution was successfully accomplished and the socialist industrialization was realized in only 14 years from 1957 to 1970.
The last decade of last century vividly proved the viability and vitality of the Korean revolution, which is rooted in the DIU. The former Soviet Union and other East European socialist countries collapsed and so did the socialist international market. The US and the world anti-socialist forces stepped up their offensive against north Korea. The Korean revolution faced the worst trials. To make matters worse, consecutive natural disasters unprecedented in history forced the north Korean people to suffer economic hardships and food shortage.
When the Korean revolution was at the crossroads of life and death, leader Kim Jong Il held high the banner of Songun that was originated from the DIU. On the strength of his Songun politics north Korea has resolutely smashed the military threats of the imperialists forces, overcame the economic crisis and even made a breakthrough for the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist country. Today north Korea is displaying its might as an independent powerful state with political and military strength of its own and as an unbreakable fortress of anti-imperialism and independence, which nobody dares to touch.
The 80-year-long history since the formation of the DIU, which can be regarded as a modern Korean history, is a history of peerlessly great men. President Kim Il Sung who organized the DIU, the origin of the Korean revolution, devoted all his life to the struggle to put into effect the great program of the DIU. Leader Kim Jong Il, infinitely loyal to the ideas and cause of the President, is successfully carrying forward the tradition of the DIU and leading the Korean revolution along the road of victory.
The Korean revolution, which started from the DIU, will achieve the ultimate victory without fail.
Songun, banner of sure victory in independent cause
Every country and nation aspires after independent life and national prosperity in a world free from domination and subordination, aggression and war. Present reality, however, runs counter to aspiration: the dominationist forces that seek world supremacy by strength trample on the sovereignty and dignity of nations. Is there no way to lead the cause of independence to victory in confrontation with dominationism which is trying to turn hack historic development against the ideal of humankind? The international community is closely watching the Songun politics administered in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Songun is a powerful weapon with which to shape one's destiny in a strong spirit of national independence.
Today when the United States is behaving arbitrarily and high-handedly everywhere m the world, the spirit of independence is required more than ever before. Even a small country with a strong spirit of self-respect will not be conquered nor vacillate swimming with the current.
Strong spirit of independence does not come of its own accord but from the confidence in one's own strength. The mightiest guarantee for national independence is none other than military power. Self-confidence that never yields to any pressure emanates from one's gun, and courage and guts that brush aside any superpower's threat and blackmail are based on strong military power.
Strong military power imbues the people with national dignity and pride and encourages them to fight unhesitatingly against any formidable enemy to defend their idea, system and destiny. This is a great spiritual wealth incomparable to any material strength.
Songun is a politics that embodies the spirit of independence to shape one's destiny by one's own efforts and consolidates invincible military power to safeguard one's own dignity. National spirit of independence strikes its root in Songun, a sure guarantee of national sovereignty.
Songun is a precious sword of justice, which prevents war and defends peace and security.
Now the United   States is overtly launching aggression and war under the signboard of "spreading democracy" and "anti-terror war". A concession and compromise can never ward off aggression and war by the United States. Unprincipled pacifism in dealing with imperialism only invites a war. Only when political, military and material preparations are made to foil imperialist aggression by giving precedence to military affairs it is possible to defend the security and peace of the country and the nation.
Every nation must build up self-reliant defense force for world peace. Failure to defend one¡¯s country from foreign aggression would menace regional peace and security and bring calamities on neighboring countries as well as one's own people. Present serious world events clearly show that Songun is the only way to prevent war and aggression and defend peace and security.
Songun also guarantees the building of a prosperous nation.
The ideal of humankind to live independently in a prospering country with strong state power is becoming stronger in the new century. State power is none other than the strength of nation itself, and military power is its nucleus. Strong military power ensures the political stability of the nation, unity of the people and general development of the national economy.
Attaching importance to military affairs and strengthening military power stimulates the people to be imbued with the spirit of national independence and thorough anti-imperialist fighting spirit and encourages them to struggle to build up state power with ardent patriotic zeal. Directing efforts to military affairs makes it possible to defend the national industry and resources from the invasion of the imperialists and create favorable conditions for economic construction. Putting emphasis on the self-reliant defense industry is an important way to develop all other sectors of the economy, It is natural that the development of the defense industry which is based on heavy industry and integrates ultra-modem science and technology, promotes the general economic development.
The validity and effectiveness of Songun has been fully proved in the course of 80-year-long Korean revolution. Because it has always held up the banner of Songun since the beginning of revolution, the DPRK was able to win the two anti-imperialist revolutionary wars---anti-Japanese armed struggle from the early 1930s to the mid-1940s and anti-US Korean War (1950-1953), successfully accomplish the complex and difficult socio-economic transformation of different stages, and firmly defend national sovereignty and dignity, holding fast to socialist banner though several socialist countries collapsed.
Songun is, indeed, the basic guarantee for the dignity of the heroic Korean people who have always emerged victorious in the struggle against imperialism.
The world keenly feels that Songun is an invincible banner of the cause of independence through the reality of the DPRK which adds luster to its sovereignty and dignity in confrontation with the US which threatens the world.
North Korean people¡¯s faith in socialism
Grim ordeals and difficulties are lying in the way of the Korean revolution owing to the US vicious moves against north Korea but all its people have strong faith that they are sure to win and future of the country is bright as they are guided by leader Kim Jong Il.
The north Koreans¡¯ faith in socialism is, first of all, based on the absolute belief in the validity of the ideas and line of Kim Jong Il.
The course in which the north Korean people won great victories in the confrontation with the United States and brought about signal changes in building a great prosperous powerful nation under the great banner of Songun during the ¡°Arduous March,¡± the forced march, firmly convinced them that his ideas and policies serve as the most powerful weapon for accomplishing the cause of socialism of Korean style.
It has become a deep-rooted trait of the army and people of north Korea to devotedly implement his ideas and intention, regarding his revolutionary ideas as their maxim of struggle and life.
The north Korean people¡¯s faith in socialism is also based on the undisputed conviction of the advantages of the Korean-style socialist system holding him in high esteem as their father.
Benevolent social policies such as free education and free medical service were invariably enforced and a dynamic work was conducted to improve the standard of the people¡¯s living and enhance the level of cultural and emotional life of the working people at the state expense in so difficult time of the country as the period of the ¡°Arduous March,¡± the force march. This was possible only under the socialist system in north Korea. North Korea is like a large family as all its members help and lead each other forward on the basis of collectivism. People¡¯s beautiful traits of devoting themselves to society and the collective and revolutionary comradeship prevail in north Korea. The north Korean people¡¯s faith in socialism is also based on the unshakable conviction that they are always sure to triumph under the leadership of leader Kim Jong Il.
Can dual criterion be tolerated?
At present, justice is an acute problem concerning the international relationship. This is because now dual-criterion-based acts are unprecedentedly prevailing, severely infringing upon the justice of the international community.
Such acts are primarily committed with regard to the human right issue.
The United   States issues a ¡°human right report¡± every year, in which it estimates the ¡°human right situations¡± of other countries of the world, posing as a ¡°judge of human rights¡± in the world. Is America really a ¡°model human rights defender¡±?
On December 16, 2005, The New York Times reported a shocking fact that the US President gave his approval in secret to the illegal wiretap at home. This greatly surprised Americans because the President and the authority that had chanted the ¡°guarantee of freedom¡± and ¡°respect for human rights¡± viciously infringed upon their freedom and human rights.
The US¡¯s act of violating the human rights in Iraq and other countries it occupied let loose a great indignation on a worldwide scale.
The US troops besieged the Fallujah city, Iraq, and burned a large number of women and children to death by waging a chemical warfare in the center of the city, and committed barbarous crimes in the prisons of Abu Graib and Guantanamo. These are the worst violation to the humanitarian principles of international law on human rights. A representative of the Amnesty International disclosed the US troops¡¯ torture and maltreatment of prisoners throughout the world, and criticized that it was preposterous for the United States to find fault with other countries¡¯ human rights.
The United   States is persistently undertaking the ¡°human rights offensive¡± against such anti-US independent countries as north Korea, Iran, Belarus and Cuba. Then what attitude does it take toward Israel and other pro-US countries¡¯ infringement on human rights? Israel¡¯s recent indiscriminate bombing on cities and villages of Lebanon resulted in the death of numerous innocent civilians including children and women. The international community in unison denounced Israel, and the UN Human rights Council adopted a resolution criticizing its brutality, whereas the US stubbornly patronized Israel. Only the US cast a vote against the resolution of the UN Security Council which criticized the Israel attack on Gaza Strip, Palestine. The development in Palestine and Lebanon made the world clearly understand again that the nature of justice advocated by the United States, an alleged ¡°judge of human rights.¡±
Its double-faced acts are clearly disclosed in the nuclear issue, too.
The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty bans powers from threatening the non-nuclear states, using nukes against them and creating an emergency jeopardizing their fundamental interests, while requiring the nuclear powers to make every effort to prevent a war. The United states, which was the first to have the nuclear power in the world and has the record of being the only country that used nuclear weapons in a massacre, has to assume the responsibility of standing in the van of ¡°nuclear weapon reduction.¡± On the contrary, it is engrossed in modernizing and increasing its nuclear weapons. It designated several countries including Iran and north Korea as the objects for preemptive nuclear attack, and are accelerating its preparations for a nuclear war. The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency denounced that ¡°it is not fair for the US to modernize its nuclear weapons, while saying to others that the nuke is bad.¡± The US public figures retorted that ¡°while the US is developing, making and testing new kinds of nukes, how can it call on other countries to give up their nuclear program?¡±
It is actively patronizing the nuclear armament of pro-US countries such as Israel. While trying to pressure other countries, prattling of ¡°inspection¡± and ¡°sanctions,¡± it pretended to be blind and dumb to the nuclear possession of Israel. This is none other than the height of dual criterion in nuclear issues. The world public opinion denounces that the dual criterion of the US as well as its unilateralism give rise to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Washington Post retorted that why the Bush administration keeps silence on Israel¡¯s possession of nuclear weapons, while making a fuss about the Iranian nuclear issue, and stated that it means the application of dual criterion.
Its double-faced acts also find expression in the ¡°anti-terror war.¡±
It classified terrorists into the ¡°good¡± and the ¡°bad¡± in favor of its interests, and is sheltering terrorists and their organizations of some countries. In an article titled ¡°The US is greeting terrorists,¡± the Russian newspaper Izvestia disclosed that the US was connected with international terrorist organizations and even encouraged them, noting that the ¡°anti-terror war¡± of the US assumed the anti-Russian dimension and the US was applying dual criterion to it. The article gave an instance that an official figure of the US met a representative of an Uzbekistan Islamic Movement known as a dangerous international terrorist organization. The United   States tolerated, patronized and protected Posada Carriles and other notorious terrorists whereas it imprisoned five Cubans who fought against terrorism. It also decided against  the transfer of two terrorists who were involved in the bombing attack on foreign embassies in Venezuela in 2003 to Venezuela. These facts clearly show how hypocritical the United Sates clamoring the ¡°anti-terror¡± is.
Owing to the dual criterion of the US, the so-called ¡°world¡¯s only superpower,¡± on international issues, the world is being plunged into the abyss of disorder and catastrophe beyond control. The United Sates must realize that dual criterion can never be tolerated in the international community and that no problem can be solved with it.