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SPSG(USA) Chairman sent poem of praise to Marshal Kim Jong Il

(The following was published in the October 27 Juche 92 (2003) Edition of the NDFSK Newsreport)

John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group(USA), sent a poem of praise to Marshal Kim Jong Il on last Oct.10 on the occasion of the 58th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.
The poem inspires the NDFSK vanguards and the patriotic south Korean people with an endless pride of having the peerless great man as the leader of the nation.
Here follows the full text of it.

A Poem for Comrade Kim Jong Il

Supreme Commander of the People's Army,
Red, the color of Blood.
Like Lenin did so long ago,
You lead the people free.

The gun before the hammer and sickle shall conquer tyranny.
Single-hearted unity.
Death defying pride
Your Father was a liberator of mankind
You are the greatest threat to our enemy,
your example to hold dear.

Dear Leader, just a simple man,
but a genius just the same.
Sun of Songun Marshal
Mt. Baekdu, your home.
Should a fascist clique,
try any aggressive tricks
We'll help you break their bones.

Your enemy,
is our enemy,
is the enemy of us all.
One day, I guarantee you,
US Imperialism will fall.

Tattered, Torn, and Hopeless,
Comrade, you're our best.
This is a state of Wretchedness,
a world in duress.
We are with you for socialism.
We are with you for communism!!
We are with you Comrade Kim Jong Il,
for yours' is a belief in the greatness of the masses

SPSG(USA) congratulated firm solidarity  between NDFSK and APCNA

On last Oct.22 John Paul Cupp of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) sent a message to the NDFSK in congratulation of the growing solidarity between the National Democratic Front of South Korea and the Arab Progressive Coalition of North America.

Here goes its summary.

Congratulations to the NDFSK Pyongyang Mission and the APCNA!

On behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA) and the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), I would like to congratulate the efforts of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, particularly its mission in Pyongyang, as well as the Arab Progressive Coalition of North America, on uniting the just Anti-US struggles of the Arab and Korean people, respectively, around issues of Iraqi sovereignty and opposing the use of south Koreans as canon fodder.

The Arab Progressive Coalition of North America, have often spoke publicly at progressive venues on the Principle Army-based Stance of the DPRK, led by Marshal Kim Jong Il, helmsman of the Songun Era. We are pleased to read that the Korean Central News Agency, known for its splendid analysis and partisan stance has detailed for the world the efforts between the APCNA and the NDFSK.

The National Democratic Front of South Korea has been our truest comrades from the very beginning. I often remind comrades of how much the example of the south Korean fighters have taught me about being a true Communist.

They have shown their dedication to building genuine solidarity with anti-imperialist working class organizations in the United States, such as providing material assistance and theoretical guidance to the Songun Politics Study Group.

Like the NDFSK, we are deeply venerating Marshal Kim Jong Il, and fully support the just nuclear stance at the last 6-way talks in Beijing.

Like the Militant John Brown, who helped to end slavery in the United States, via blood and sweat, we stand with the DPRK against US Imperialism, the enemy of us all, may it die in a hell fire or misery!

The Arab and Korean People's just national aspirations are the joy of all people. We thank the Arab Progressive coalition for their willingness to work with the NDFSK to put our hands around the Korean Worker's Paradise and stand with the Songun military deterrence to Keep it safe from aggression.

Let those who desire Independence Unite!

John Paul Cupp

Information Coordinator, AISC (USA)

Chairman, Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
Special thanks, to Epicenter Gallery, in the UK for this one. Painting  designed by Olivio Martinez of Cuba, to celebrate Cuba's Month of Solidarity with the Korean People.
SPSG(USA) pushes up pro-NDFSK solidarity

Published in the
NDFSK News Report November 25 Juche 92 (2003)

Recently the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) is found to wage more energetic solidarity activities in support of the National Democratic Front of South Korea.

Here goes a glimpse of their activities.

ΆΒ The SPSG(USA) has collected several hundred quotes from President Kim Il Sung and Marshal Kim Jong Il to be disseminated to the masses. Especially, its general secretary Travis Dandy is typing an explanatory article on the Juche idea. They are expected to formulate a Juche idea section on their website for the dissemination of the Juche idea to the US working masses.

ΆΒ The SPSG(USA) is preparing to review various multi-media materials sent by the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang and is planning an art and culture event which will help the US working class better understand Kim Jong Il's Songun revolutionary leadership, the socialist reality of north Korea and the reunification struggle of the Korean nation.

ΆΒ The SPSG(USA) has conducted an active internet solidarity propagation by issuing a statement "To the south Korean soldiers: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!", on last Nov.3, denouncing the south Korean authorities' decision of additional troop dispatch to Iraq, and furthermore, added a related page to their website. As a result, it stirred up great response among the world solidarity activists, for instance, it received a congratulatory message from Dermot Hudson, chairman of the Association for the Study of Songun Politics (UK).

The link for the new page "To the south Korean soldiers: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!!!" on the website of the SPSG(USA)  is  http://www.geocities.com/ songunpoliticsstudygroup/turnyourgunstheotherway.html.

In regard to it, John Paul Cupp, chairman of the SPSG(USA), sent a letter to the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang, in which he wrote: "We will always support the Juche-based Songun idea dynamic reunification struggle of Korea. Through our Statement 'To the south Korean soliders: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!' we wish to remind the south Korean soldiers that the real enemy that needs to die is the US imperialists, and may it be sooner rather than later.

Please tell the people of south Korea what a stupid move it is to aid in the US occupation of Iraq. Even in the US, the lowest strata of the working class stands with Comrade Kim Jong Il's Songun idea and the Iraqi armed anti-US/anti-GI struggle.  Please tell the south Korean comrades that their communist brethren are with them to the end on this issue."

ΆΒ The SPSG(USA) is making propaganda for advocating the Songun politics and supporting the NDFSK in a peculiar way, for example, it redelivered the article " Gun-based philosophy is ideological essence of Songun politics" to the progressive organizations and individuals including the Arab Progressive Coalition in North America, the Anti-imperialist Solidarity, the US spokesman for the Korean Friendship Association, etc.

*                     *

The comrades of the SPSG(USA) including chairman John Paul Cupp and general secretary Travis Dandy are genuine international fighters and pioneers of the US working class who ardently advocate the Songun policy of Marshal        Kim Jong Il and actively support our nation΅―s efforts for reunification as well as the patriotic cause of the NDFSK and the south Korean people.

  Their earnest solidarity activities render great encouragement to the NDFSK and the patriotic south Korean people who have turned out in the struggle to realize the June 15 inter-Korean Joint Declaration, upholding the great Songun politics.

Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK congratulated Songun Politics Study Group (USA) on its issuing of solidarity statement!

The Songun Politics Study Group (USA) issued a statement "To the south Korean soldiers: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!" in protest to the south Korean authorities' decision of additional troop dispatch to Iraq.

In regard to this, Dermot Hudson, president of the Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK sent a congratulatory message to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA).

The message reads:

To the US Songun Politics Study Group.

Dear comrades, on behalf of the Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the Society for the Independence of England, I wish to extend our support to you and also congratulate you on issuing your statement "To the south Korean soldiers: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!".

We support this excellent statement.

  We share your righteous anger at the decision of the south Korean authorities and the comprador clique in south Korea to send south Korean troops to Iraq to fight against the Iraq people.

The US war in the Mid East is a war to suppress the anti imperialist independent forces in that region.

  The fascist Yankee imperialists are the two legged wolves with whom it is impossible to co exist with. The great leader President Kim Il Sung said "US Imperialism is the most barbarous and shameless aggressor of modern times, the main force of aggression and war, the ringleader of world reaction, the bulwark of modern colonialism, the strangler of national liberation and independence and disrupter of world peace"     (Kim Il Sung,  September 18th, 1969) .

  We extend our solidarity and support to the US Songun Politics Study Group in your struggle against US imperialism.

  Yours fraternally,

Dermot Hudson

President, Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK
Songun Politics Study Group (USA) :

Solidarity with Korea Against the Murderous Clown Rumsfeld

The international Terrorist Donald Rumsfeld, a diease and pestulance onto mankind, on his recent visit to south Korea, pledged with Cho Young-kil,  of south Korea, to continue US imperialism's military assault on Glorious Songun Korea. Under the absurd pretext of the " north attacking the south", Rumsfeld again reinterated the US hostile stance towards the DPRK, and even went so far as to threaten to Nuke it. The US, is a barbaric nation, hated by the whole-world's freedom loving masses. That the US imperialists murdered millions and millions of Koreans, in a more horrific way, that even Hitler would hoped to achieve, makes this a very grave and deplorable threat. Woman, children, and other non-combatants were literally tortured and killed by these punks, and yet still defeated by the will of the whole Korean nation led by President KIM IL SUNG.

We stand with the DPRK, led by Marshal KIM JONG IL, in building and maintaining their splendid nuclear deterrant, until the US imperialists are willing to sign a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK, and make reperations for these horrible acts, which shame the working class of the US, to even imagine. The couragous stance of the DPRK at the recent 6-way talks in Bejing, will go down in history as a couragous hour in the troubled history of humanity. World personages are hearlding the nuke-and-life line, treasure-sword of Marshal KIM JONG IL, as a weapon in the hands of the International working class, and small nations, in their grudge-match against Imperialist predators.

Like the masses of the DPRK, we are deeply admiring The Army-based Stance of the DPRK, and are working to bring them to the attention of the US working class day each and every day, as the Songun Postulates of Marshal KIM JONG IL, are the superior form for building and maintaing Socialism, in a world were genocidal trash like Bush and Rumsfeld, run unchecked.

To make matters worse, the US is even more steadfastly demanding the use of south Korean troops, to fight the Iraqi Resistance, which is defeating the US in its armed anti-US liberation struggle. We applaud the anti-US anti-war, Pro-Re-unification, Pro-worker Struggle of the south Korean People, and vow to further strengthening our solidarity with it by furthering our strong ties with the National Democratic Front of South Korea. The National Democratic Front of South Korea, genuineJuche-type Communist liberation fighters in the south.

The US imperialist will enivitably loose, once more, in a more pronounced way should it think of invading Juche-type Socialist Korea, were the masses will rally with arms under the Songun Idea, to defend the Leading quarters of the Revolution, who is none other than dear Leader Marshal KIM JONG IL. They will give the US its cannon fodder in caskets, and the US working class will gain nothing from the altercation. For this reason, we call on the Working class of the US, to continue to oppose idiots and fools, like Bush and Rumsfeld, and stand with KIM JONG IL, and the whole Korean nation, who like the masses in the US, desire unity and independance.

In the spirit of forming an international "axis of resistance" to hated common enemies, we call on the worker-based left in the US, to denounce the idiot Rumsfeld, plundering pirate of Iraq, and to stand with the DPRK.

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Socialist Arab Coalition Calls to For Solidarity with Korea/Iraq against troop Dispatch Moves

(Excerpt from an article in the Nov.25 Juche 92 News Report entitled

"Progressive organizations and personages in different countries denounced south Korean authorities' decision of additional troop dispatch to Iraq" )

Condemn the Sending of South Korean Troops to Iraq

We watched on Arab satellite television with anger the broadcasts of south Korean riot police beating the south Korean people in the streets.

This is because the brave Korean people of the south have gone into the street to demand that Korean blood not be spent to protect the US occupation of Iraq and to demand better work conditions.

The south Korean bourgeoisie is forced to give pay-back to US imperialism by spending Korean blood and money in Iraq while its people suffer under horrible working conditions.

  Endless is the reactionary nature and greed of the south Korean comprador that beats its people regularly in the streets while claiming its great bourgeoisie democracy.

On the other hand, in the Arab homeland, we watch daily the successes of the Iraqi resistance in attacking the imperialist forces in Iraq in inflicting increasing causalities upon its occupation forces.

Here in the United States thousands have marched onto Washington demanding that the US troops be sent home.

George Bush the tyrant, however, does not agree. He is willing to spend the blood of the American people, so he does not admit defeat in Iraq. Even he is willing to spend Polish and Korean blood to save his face!

He will fail and triumphant will be the Iraqi resistance.

With much joy, we heard the news of the Italian demonstration being organized in Rome (http://www.antiimperialista.com) for this December. A mass mobilization to oppose the war in Iraq, to demand Italian troops withdraw from Iraq and to bring to an end US military bases in Italy and all over Europe.

We call to all people of conscience to come out in December in statements and demonstrations demanding an end to US imperialist occupation of Iraq. To stand alongside the brave Iraqi resistance and in anti-imperialist solidarity.

We ask the statements to show solidarity for the south Korean people([email protected]) who are opposing the sending of troops to Iraq, with the American people who oppose sending troops to Iraq, and with the European people who oppose sending troops to Iraq.

We especially take this occasion to salute the brave stance of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in its steadfastness in the face of US imperialist aggression threats.

We stand hand in hand with the Korean, European, and Arab people for the defeat of imperialism!

In support of the DPRK!

With the Iraqi Resistance!

Defeat imperialism!

Arab Progressive Coalition in North America**

November 2, 2003

** SPSG (USA) editors note: The Socialist Arab Coalition of North America is the New Name for the Arab Progressive Coalition of North America.

Thanks to the Songun Idea and the Brillant Fighting Force of the Korean People's Army, which defends the Leading quarters of the Revolution by Blood and Gun, The US Imperialists and their GI Mercanary Stooges are Doomed to  Body Bags of Defeat should they ever again Invade Socialist Korea!!!