Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

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Proud Road traversed by the AINDF

Dear friends and comrades,

We’re pleased to extend our warm greetings and high appreciations to you.

The south Korean revolutionaries who armed themselves with the immortal Juche idea declared throughout the world at last on August 25, 1969 the founding of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification (the predecessor of the AINDF) after the arduous and bloody struggle to found a vanguard organization which would guide the social revolutionary movement in south Korea and the reunification struggle.

The AINDF is the vanguard organization of Juche type holding the great Juche idea as its guidelines, and an undying patriotic vanguard which stroke the roots deep among the wide-ranging social strata in south Korea.

The history of the AINDF which came into being through the fierce struggle and bravely traversed the thorny paths is a proud course in which it has enhanced its prestige as a patriotic vanguard of the revolutionary movement, broken through the rugged roads of the sacred salvation struggle against imperialism and fascism, for independence, democracy and the independent and peaceful reunification. And it is a glorious course of struggle, which it has fought and gained victory together with the people.

Today the AINDF assumes a dignified position as an organizational representative of the south Korean people's aspiration and will and a patriotic vanguard of the revolutionary movement of south Korean society, and the feelings of solidarity and unity of the world progressive people for the AINDF are getting ardent day by day.

With the intensifying solidarity with the progressive forces across the world the image of the AINDF has been enhanced further and the international solidarity activities in support of the struggle of the AINDF and the south Korean people get more active.

The great Juche idea and Songun idea illumine the way of the AINDF and the south Korean people.

The AINDF and the patriotic south Korean people will wage more vigorously the struggle to frustrate the machinations of the US imperialists and the pro-US Lee Myung-bak clan and to implement the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, holding higher the banner of the ever-victorious Juche idea and Songun idea.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our heartfelt greetings of gratitude to the progressive organizations over the world, which always render firm support and solidarity to the righteous cause of the AINDF and the south Korean people.

Yours comradely,

Zo Il Min,

Representative of the Pyongyang Mission of the AINDF

August 19, Juche 97 (2008)

Pyongyang, DPRK