Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

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Dear comrade JOHN PAUL CUPP,

On the occasions of the 5th formation anniversary of the SPSG (US) and the 4th anniversary of the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle we extend you and the members our warm congratulations.

The formation of the SPSG which studies and disseminates the Songun politics, the most powerful mode of politics in our era, in the US, the epicenter of imperialism, is a striking manifestation of the great vitality of the Songun politics.

And since its formation the US Solidarity Committee has rendered a great encouragement and inspiration to the patriotic struggle of the AINDF and the south Korean people to terminate the US colonial rule in south Korea and to reunify the country, and meted out a crushing blow to the US imperialists and their puppets in south Korea.

We’re wholeheartedly rejoicing over the fact that you, the chairman, have made great successes in disseminating the Songun politics and supporting the Korean people's just cause through indomitable and energetic activities despite the authorities’ obstinate impedance moves and arduous conditions, full of transparent anti-imperialist revolutionary spirit and lofty sense of obligation.

On this delightful occasion we wish you good health and greater achievements of your work, hoping our relations of comradeship and solidarity would grow further stronger.

Zo Il Min,

Representative of the Pyongyang Mission of the AINDF

August 19, Juche 97 (2008)

Pyongyang, DPRK