Statement condemning the US for its premeditated killing of Korean civilians during the Korean war

South Korean Reunification Solidarity reportedly issued a statement on May 31 condemning the United States for massacring Korean civilians.

Referring to the disclosure of a document dating back to the period of the past Korean war proving the GI's killings of civilians during the war, the statement charged that this undeniably testified to the fact that all crimes committed by the US troops including the massacre of civilians in
Rogun-ri were premeditated and a deliberate war crimes perpetrated at the official instructions of the US administration.

Now is the time for the international community to thoroughly probe the truth behind the war crimes committed by the United States in the period of the June 25 war and force it to own historic responsibility, demanding the U.N. comprehensively reinvestigate the crimes and bring them to the international war crimes tribunal.

People can enjoy neither security nor peace so long as the U.S. troops are present in South Korea, the statement said, calling for making all efforts to build a peaceful world free from the US troops.