Songun Idea, Invincible Banner of Cause of Independence

   Source: July 2003 issue of Korea Today
   From March 21 editorial of "Rodongsinmun", organ of the Workers' Party of Korea

   Today the struggle of the popular masses for the cause of independence has entered a new stage. In the new century the features of the world have dramatically changed and both the circumstances and conditions of the struggle have also changed. Problems which had been beyond calculation in the past and could not be settled with established theories are now brought out anew.
   Leader Kim Jong Il's Songun idea is the guiding principle of revolution, which illuminates the path ahead of the struggle for independence and socialism. The Songun idea, whose justness was testified in the practice of the Korean revolution full of twists and turns in the 90s of the 20th century, is the banner of the struggle in the new century progressing and emerging victorious based on the invincible military power, which opened up a new stage for the development of the cause of independence and is all-powerful sword which makes it possible to solve properly the theoretical and practical problems raised by developing reality.


   Leader Kim Jong 11 said:
   "The revolutionary line of Songun, the Songun politics, is the scientific revolutionary line and the mode of politics which reflects the requirements of the times and the revolution most correctly."
   The cause of independence of the popular masses advances and is brought to completion through several historical stages. The future of the cause of independence relies on how the tasks of the times on every stage of historical development are fulfilled.
   The radical changes brought about in the world political arena around the 90s of the 20th century and the following international political situation showed that the people's struggle for independence is being waged under the new circumstances of the times.
   This is the times when do-or-die battles are going on between socialism and imperialism, and between the independent forces and dominationist forces.
   From the outset, the struggle of the popular masses for independence and socialism has advanced in the fierce confrontation with all reactionaries of history, imperialism in particular. However, there had never been the times when the struggle was unfolded, taking on such an acute character as today. Today the imperialist reactionary forces, the US imperialists in particular, are resorting to aggression and war moves to realize their ambition for world domination, playing the tyrant and flagrantly violating the sovereignty of other nations in the international arena. Owing to the imperialists' intervention in others' internal affairs and their moves for aggression, the international political and economic order and the international security system have been wrecked and the people's struggle for independent development and prosperity confronted with grave challenges.
   The high-handedness and arbitrariness of imperialists, stirring up the indignation of mankind, have stripped naked the true color of ferocious imperialism. With the inflation of monopolistic capital and the fierce confrontation with independent forces, the reactionary and militaristic character of imperialism has become more pronounced. What is more, the US imperialists have made no scruple to achieve their ambition for world domination as the balance of strength changed on a worldwide scale after the Cold War. Militarism today serves as the means for survival of imperialism that has become fully battened and militaristic.
   In order to win victory of the cause of independence against imperialism that is running wild, brandishing cannons and nuclear weapons, the strong military power should be prepared. Only military power can prevail over the militarized imperialism.
   Reality shows today that with what attitude the military affairs should be approached and how the problem of arms build-up should be solved are the vital question decisive of the issue of the revolution.
This is the age when important changes have taken place in the position and role of the social groups which are pushing ahead history and carrying forward revolution.
   Taking part in the struggle for independence of the popular masses at every historical stage are different socio-political groups and their position and role differ from each other in every times. Which class or which social group plays a leading role in the development of social revolution at a certain historical era - this depends on which group has the strongest revolutionary character and combat power.
   In the past, the working class, as the revolutionary class aware of its class status and mission, played an important role in promoting the socio-classical emancipation of the oppressed working people and the process of the transformation of the world. It is certain that the working class is in charge of social production and the main force of revolution pushing forward the advancement of history.
   The position and role of the army have been raised in the revolution and construction in our times. For the characteristics of an armed group which regards the sense of organization and discipline as its life, and for it is in charge of the frontline of the anti-imperialist struggle which is getting fiercer, the revolutionary army plays a special role that can never be substituted by any group in the revolutionary struggle. With the development of society and the change of the character of labor, there can be changes in socio-classical status and living conditions of different classes and strata, but there can never be variation in revolutionary character of the army.
   It is lawful that the position and role of a revolutionary army are further raised as the revolution advances and the struggle becomes fiercer. History and reality show that if the role of the army is not considered properly under the present situation in which the weak has nowhere to complain of an injustice even if he is swallowed up by the strong, the problems arising in the revolution and construction can never be settled properly nor the destiny of the country and nation be defended.
   Ours is an age when the countries and nations set it as the vital fighting goal to build a powerful prosperous state on their land.
   The people's struggle for independent development and prosperity of the nation is waged under the circumstances different from that of the previous century.
In the course of leading the revolution to victory in ~ the last decade of the previous century, leader Kim Jong II initiated a new political method of Songun and systematized the ideology and theory of Songun in an all-round way.
   If a country is to build a powerful economy for the future of the nation, it should depend more firmly on its own strength and technique, and if a country is to fight against imperialism, it should cultivate the strength of its own -- this is the reality of today. What is fundamental in nation building in our times is to strengthen its own force and cement the revolutionary base, and what is the most important here is to build up a strong military power. Without the strong military power, no nation can defend the dignity and sovereignty and achieve development and prosperity.
   In the 90s of the 20th century, the struggle between independence and subordination and between socialism and capitalism was conducted more furiously on the world arena than in any other previous period, and the Korean peninsula has become the epitome of such an acute battle site and the scene of decisive battle.
   Because of the imperialists' unprecedented moves to isolate and stifle Korea and the indescribable trials forced by imperialists it had to wage a do-or-die struggle to safeguard the destiny of the nation and socialism.
   During the period called the "Arduous March" in Korean history, leader Kim Jong II confirmed that the destiny of the people and the future of the revolution are decided by arms, and dependence on the army makes it possible to lead the revolution to victory, breaking through difficulties. Then he started his first step of Songun leadership with historic on-the-spot guidance of the Tabaksol army post. In sharp practice full of stern trials with priority given to the army, the revolutionary philosophy that the arms are immediately the revolution and the victory of socialism came into being and the principle of Songun that the cause of independence of the popular masses emerges victorious only by the pivotal leading role of the army was established.
   The Songun idea is, in a nutshell, an idea that demands giving priority to military affairs in all circumstances; it is a line, strategy and tactic that stress the need to put forward the army as the pillar and the main force of the revolution and rely on it rather than the working class.
   It is the revolutionary idea of the era of the fierce anti-imperialist struggle when imperialism has become extremely reactionary and militaristic, and the revolutionary theory of a new high stage of social development that a certain country or nation is building an independent, powerful state. It clarifies the scientific revolutionary theory and strategy and tactics for the advancement of the cause of independence of popular masses in conformity with the changed conditions and circumstances -- herein lies the position of the Songun idea of the 21st century.
   The Songun idea is the idea based on the proud history and traditions of the Korean revolution which was pioneered and has advanced under the banner of Juche.
   Songun has a long historic tradition in Korea.
   Earlier, President Kim II Sung started revolution with armed struggle and led the arduous Korean revolution to victory by relying on the revolutionary army. The Party, State and socialism in Korea have struck root into the army and the arms buildup has been kept ahead of other affairs.
   The President's idea of giving importance to military affairs and the achievement, experiences and valuable traditions he gained in leading the revolution, served as the cornerstone of the Songun politics of the Workers' Party of Korea.


   The Songun idea is the most scientific and revolutionary idea which is based on a new viewpoint and attitude toward the position and role of a revolutionary army.
   Leader Kim Jong II said:
   "While administering the Songun politics, our Party put forward not the working class but the People's Army as the main force of the revolution. This has started from a new opinion and a new viewpoint on the problem of the main force of the revolution and the problem of the role of the revolutionary army in the revolution and construction."
   The Songun idea starts from a new understanding that the army is the most powerful political force in socio-historical and revolutionary development.
   Historically, the army emerged along with class society and played a pivotal role in the formation, maintenance and change of a national state and social system.
   In a word, the army is an organized group of people with arms in their hands. The characteristics, mission and role of an army become different fundamentally according to who organizes it and for what. In hostile class society, the army, as a tool for class domination of the exploiting classes and as an organized means of violence, served for the realization of their internal and external policies.
   In the history of mankind the emergence of the revolutionary army, organized and led by the leader of the revolution, was an event of weighty significance in the independent cause of the popular masses and the development of social revolution. From then on, the army has become not an armed organization hostile to the people, but a powerful political force which serves for the realization of the cause of independence of the popular masses.
   Apart from the role of the revolutionary armed force, either the serious socio-political transformation which has brought about a radical turn in the position and destiny of the popular masses, or history full of pride in which the revolutionary achievements have been defended from all manner of challenges and obstructive maneuvers of the imperialists and all other enemies can hardly be thinkable.
   The revolutionary army is organized with fine vanguard fighters selected from among those of the laboring classes and strata who are prepared to risk their lives for the sake of the revolution. Therefore it becomes an organization with a strong revolutionary character, which goes through thick and thin in the struggle to defend and realize the interests of the popular masses. The army of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the ranks of revolutionaries with arms in hand, who have been selected from among the working people. No organization is more thoroughgoing in idea and faith, more merciless toward the class enemies and more uncompromising for the revolutionary principle than the army of Korea.
   The revolutionary army takes charge of the anti-imperialist military front, the most serious and the fiercest front in the revolution. The final victory in the anti-imperialist struggle is decided by arms, and this struggle is led by the revolutionary army.
   It is the revolutionary army that becomes the hardcore unit and example of all classes and strata participating in the revolution and construction both in revolutionary and organizational characters and in the might of unity and combat power.
   The Korean People's Army plays a leading role in carrying forward the revolution and construction.
   It is beyond doubt that the army plays a decisive role in seizing power and defending the revolutionary gains, and in the revolutionary wars against imperialism. The role of the revolutionary army is not confined to this alone. The army becomes the most powerful revolutionary organization in pushing forward socialist construction as a whole and in overcoming all the difficulties encountered.
   The high sense of mission concerning the destiny of the revolution and indomitable idea and spirit, which have been acquired and solidified in the severe struggle of pioneering the bloody path with arms, are the ideological and moral source which enable the army to play a vanguard and leading role in all fields.
   Socialism is the cause which is pioneered, advances and is completed by force of arms.
   The army in the DPRK is the mainstay of the Party and the state.
   Whereas the Party and political power are the leader and the political weapon for the accomplishment of the socialist cause, the army is the mainstay of the revolution on which the Party and the state depend. If there is no guarantee with arms, the Party and the political power can not be maintained nor can the destiny of the socialist state and people be thinkable. In this sense, the army is said to be the Party, the state and the people.
   Only the Party and the political power, which have been built on the strength of arms and are supported by powerful military force, can be the headquarters of revolution and representative of the interests of the people, and can successfully advance the socialist cause under any adverse circumstances.
   The army in the DPRK shows an example in remolding all members of society into true revolutionaries.
   The revolutionary army plays a leading role in accelerating the remolding of ideology in socialist way and bringing to perfection the social relations based on revolutionary comradeship and obligation.
   Leader Kim Jong Il is wisely leading the advance in the 21st century toward the victory of the independent cause by embodying the requirements of the Songun ideas in an all-round way.
   The Workers' Party of Korea directs primary efforts to strengthening the army, the main force of the revolution in socialist construction.
   In the revolution there is no more important work than to strengthen the armed ranks. In order to build up and strengthen the revolutionary ranks, the armed units should be regarded as the hardcore and in order to awaken and organize the masses, the armed organization, which is strong in idea, faith and combat power, should be regarded as the example.
   From the days of pioneering the Korean revolution up to now, strengthening the army has been given definite precedence over all other work.
   In the process of the revolutionary struggle and socialist construction, there arose complex and huge socio-political and economic tasks before the Korean people, but the principle of strengthening military power has been maintained preferentially in each and every period. Even in any adverse situation no concession should be made with regard to the problem of giving importance to military affairs, and strengthening military power should be maintained without fail at any cost-this is an unshakeable stance of the Workers' Party of Korea.
   The experiences gained in the Korean revolution show that attaching great importance to arms and strengthening armed forces should be the main orientation of the socialist politics.
   In strengthening the revolutionary armed forces the WPK put its main effort into fully preparing the army politically and ideologically.
   No army participating in the revolution and no army in socialist country .can acquire by itself the traits and qualities as the core force of the revolution.
   Only the army educated under the leadership of the Party and the leader and tempered in the arduous struggle can play a role as a powerful political force in the revolution. The WPK has intensified the politico-ideological education of the army and its training through revolutionary practice so that the ideological and moral qualities peculiar to the army may be fully displayed, such as boundless loyalty to the Party and the revolution, the indomitable revolutionary spirit, the strong sense of organization and discipline, the noble revolutionary comradeship and patriotic devotion.
   Today the People's Army has grown into a powerful army of unshakeable idea and faith in which the revolutionary system of army leadership has been established, military discipline is strictly maintained and all armymen form a harmonious whole with the supreme commander at its centre. This is the fruition of the consistent leadership of the WPK whose primary effort has gone into strengthening the politico-ideological might of the revolutionary armed forces.
   The DPRK put forward the military affairs as the most important of all state affairs and is channeling primary effort into national defensse.
   National defense is vital work related with the destiny of the revolution. Military affairs are the primary task and prominence should be given to national defense -- this is an unshakeable stand consistently maintained in the revolution and construction.
   The way of building an invincible revolutionary army which is fully prepared in military technique lies in maintaining a firm high-priority-army viewpoint and attitude.
   Reliance on others is intolerable in national defense connected with the life and death of a nation. Laying a foundation for the self-reliant defense industry capable of ensuring everything needed for national defense by its own effort and developing this industry uninterruptedly constitutes the basic way for increasing national strength.
   The everlasting future of a country and a nation depends on invincible military power. Today the spirit of giving prominence to the military affairs pervades the whole Korean society. Valuing arms and enthusiastically learning military affairs has become the trend of the Korean society and the whole country has turned into an impregnable fortress which no enemy dares to attack.
   Today the WPK is firmly maintaining the stand of regarding the People's Army as the hardcore and example in consolidating the driving force of the revolution.
   Proceeding from the fact that the working class is an advanced class which is the performer of social production and is entrusted with the mission of emancipating all oppressed classes, it was put forward as the main force of the revolution in the past. In the revolution of our era, army plays a special role which no social group does in its stead, and the anti-imperialist military front has become the main front of the revolution which decides the rise and fall of the country and nation and socialism. That the revolutionary army becomes the main force capable of leading all other political forces is the inevitability of history and the requirement of our era.
   The driving force of the revolution is strengthened extremely when the working class and all other revolutionary forces come to resemble the revolutionary army in all aspects including the ideology, spirit, culture and morality.
In the DPRK the revolution and construction are propelled forward with the revolutionary spirit created by the army as the main driving force.
   The revolutionary spirit, of soldiers based on the spirit of guarding the leader with one's very life, the spirit of implementing the tasks at the risk of one's life, heroic self-sacrificing spirit are the highest manifestation of the ideological and mental traits to be possessed by the revolutionary army. There is no other spirit more powerful than the revolutionary spirit of soldiers based on the preparedness and will to risk one's life.
   It is valuable truth confirmed in the Korean revolution that the revolution and construction can emerge ever-victorious when the position and role of the army are strengthened constantly as required by the Songun idea.
   In the Korean revolution the two revolutionary wars against the imperialist aggressive forces and the socialist revolution and construction have been carried out on the principle of giving top priority to the army and raising its role.
   As it kept military affairs steadily ahead of all other work and always relied on the army, the DPRK did not yield to difficulties, though the path of struggle was unprecedentedly complicated and there were many trying ordeals, but made more strenuous efforts and wrought miracles whenever it fell into adversity, thereby winning victory at all times.
   The truth that final victory can be won only when the Songun principle is maintained was fully proved in the period of the "Arduous March" and the forced march.
   Leader Kim Jong Il put forward the army as the mainstay, the main force of the revolution, made the DPRK's military strength invincible through his energetic on-the-spot guidance to the KPA units. By dint of this strength he converted the disadvantageous situation into favorable one and brought a new phase of epochal significance in the revolution.
   Thanks to the DPRK's Songun politics, which keeps arms ahead of all other things and solve all problems by relying on the invincible strength of the revolutionary army, the aggressive moves of the imperialist allied forces and their encirclement of isolation and blockade have been frustrated, and the road of advance toward the building of a great prosperous powerful nation has been opened up. The victory in the war to defend socialism is none other than the victory of the Songun idea and politics.



   The Songun idea is the banner of national prosperity which illumines the true way for building a great prosperous powerful nation in keeping with the requirements of the 21st century.
   Enjoying an independent life in a dignified, prosperous and powerful state is a century-old aspiration of the people.
   Now in the 21st century their aspiration and desire to build a powerful and thriving country have become even stronger. Now is the times when achieving independent development and prosperity with each national state as a unit has become a trend which no force can check, and when the peoples of all countries set it as a vital fighting goal to establish a prosperous and powerful state on their lands.
   Economic prosperity and development should be the one for the working people out and out. Even if large material wealth is created owing to the development of production and technology, such "prosperity" is not prosperity in the true sense of the word unless the people get benefit from it. The imperialists are extensively advertising the "prosperity under the free market economy", but it is nothing but a sophism to justify the law of, the jungle and "the rich becoming ever richer and the poor ever poorer". In capitalist society there are only such "liberty" as the stronger preying upon the weaker and such "prosperity" as a handful of the rich living in splendor and the great majority of people suffering dire poverty. A genuine prosperity, which benefits one's own country and people and contributes to their valuable and worthwhile life, can be realized only in a great prosperous and powerful socialist state.
   A great prosperous powerful socialist state is a country where the economy develops by leaps and bounds on the basis of the solid independent foundation which is not affected by any worldwide economic upheaval as well as modern science and technology, and a country where the popular masses enjoy to their hearts' content the material and cultural life suited to their independent aspiration and requirement.
   The Songun idea and theory of the Workers' Party of Korea clarify that the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation can be realized only in the country where there is the party's leadership, the state political power is in the hands of the people and the might of the arms is fully ensured.
   The party is the leading political organization which awakens and organizes the popular masses, strengthens the main force of the revolution and realizes strategic and tactical leadership in society and the revolution. The state political regime is a powerful weapon for defending the independent position of the popular masses and the supreme interests of the nation.
   Only by relying on the army, can the party take political power, a symbol of national sovereignty, and consolidate and develop it. The state political power can successfully fulfill its mission as the representative of the interests of the people only under the support and guarantee of the party's leadership and arms.
   If the party's leadership and state political power are to be strengthened continuously, there should be powerful arms. Only then can the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation be carried out with credit.
   The WPK's Songun idea shows that laying the politico-ideological and material foundations for strengthening the military might is an essential prerequisite for the cause.
   Facilitating the work related to military affairs is an all-people, nationwide undertaking. Only when the popular masses accept the military affairs as a vital requirement and when material conditions mature enough to increase the nation's defense capacity without letup, can the slogan of building a great prosperous powerful nation be put forward and carried out successfully. Only a country in which all the people are armed with the idea of attaching importance to military affairs and which has an independent economy capable of guaranteeing the powerful national strength materially and technologically can step up in an all-round way the building of an invincible strong nation, a great prosperous powerful nation required by our era.
   Today the Korean People's Army and the people are accelerating, the historic advance for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.
   The WPK has set it as fundamental requirements for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation to put forward the army as the main force for national defense and construction and enhance its role.
   No force is as powerful as the army in the cause of building a powerful nation. As the army grows strong and its role is enhanced, the unity and cohesion of the whole society is strengthened, economic construction vigorously accelerated and all the problems arising in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation solved satisfactorily.
   Today in the DPRK, under the WPK's wise leadership, the army is leading all the people and propelling forward the revolution and construction as befits not only the defender of the country but also the creator of the people's happiness. The WPK sees to it that the army sets a fine example in all aspects -- the idea, the mental state, the fighting spirit, the manner of work, the cultural and emotional life, the way of life -- and all the people model after the army. Such wise leadership serves as the fundamental source in accelerating the building of a great prosperous powerful nation to the utmost extent.
   The WPK regards it as an important task for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation to strengthen the state political system on the principle of Songun.
   Strengthening the state political system in conformity with the requirements of Songun means thoroughly embodying the principle of attaching importance to arms and subordinating everything to military affairs in the building and activity of the state. The state machinery in the age of building a great prosperous powerful nation should naturally be a system of giving prominence to national defense. Today in the DPRK there is a reliable state political system which has been established with the main stress on national defense. This political system makes it possible to defend the supreme interests of the nation and the destiny of the people and uninterruptedly increase and develop the national strength of the country as a whole, by leading all the political, military and economic forces in a unified way at any time and under any conditions. The DPRK's state machinery established in the Songun era affords a reliable political and military guarantee for the building of Juche-oriented great prosperous powerful socialist nation.
   Taking hold of the national defense industry as a lifeline of the country and nation is an important line which the WPK now maintains in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.
   In a great prosperous powerful nation, the national defense industry takes a leading and hardcore position in the economy. As long as there remains imperialism, this industry is the lifeline of a country and nation.
   By firmly maintaining the principle of putting primary effort into this defense industry and continuously developing the economy as a whole on its basis, the WPK has creditably solved the problem of increasing the national strength. The present developments show that the line of giving priority to the growth of the defense industry and simultaneously developing light industry and agriculture is the best way to fully ensure the independent and creative life of the people, while actively waging the fierce anti-imperialist struggle.
   Modeling the whole society after the revolutionary soldier spirit is a strategic task put forward by the WPK.
   The process of development of socialist society is that of imbuing all members of society and all sectors of social life with a revolutionary idea and spirit. The genuine way of hastening the powerful-nation building lies in giving precedence to socialist ideological transformation and the remolding of man.
   Modeling the whole society after the revolutionary soldier spirit is the highest stage of socialist human transformation and a powerful means to train the people to be true revolutionaries and ardent patriots. The KPA has now become the model of an independent man whom all members of society should follow in all aspects.
   Imbuing the whole society with the revolutionary soldier spirit means transforming all members of society on the pattern of soldiers of the revolutionary army of the Juche type. Man possessed of the traits of soldier of the revolutionary army is the true picture of man of a new type who will live in a great prosperous powerful nation.
   What is basic in transforming the whole society with the revolutionary soldier spirit is the revolutionary training through military service. In the DPRK military service is regarded as the greatest honor and the citizens train themselves through military service. It has become a social trend that all the people learn from the revolutionary fighting spirit and manner of work created in the army. The discharged soldiers seasoned in the People's Army are creditably playing a leading role in society. As a result, the revolutionization of the whole society and the imbuing of it with the spirit of soldiers are being accelerated, and true people of the Songun era who bear a remarkable resemblance to soldiers of the revolutionary army in militant temperament and the manner of work are growing up in the titanic practical struggle to build a great prosperous powerful nation.
   Building a great prosperous powerful nation in the DPRK is the historic cause whose foundation was laid by President Kim Il Sung.
   Under Kim Jong Il's Songun leadership, the Korean people's struggle for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation has entered a new stage of transition. The Korean people are provided with a sure guarantee to win victory in the struggle in the near future.
   The building of a great prosperous powerful nation is being pushed forward dynamically, making great strides, for the Songun idea, the revolutionary banner of the 21st century, illumines the road ahead, Kim Jong Il's Songun politics is great and there are the faithful soldiers and people who have formed a harmonious whole with the leader.
   The theory on the building of a great prosperous powerful nation which. has embodied the Songun principle is the immortal banner which has ushered in a new age for the development of an independent state. This theory is an independent program of a new century which has put a permanent end to the flunkeyistic ideology of small and weak nations and their dependence on foreign forces.
   Following the rigorous and arduous road to glorify the new age of the Juche revolution under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, the Korean People's Army and people have keenly realized that the Songun idea is an invincible banner and an everlasting signal post of prosperity which leads the revolution from victory to victory.
   Led by Kim Jong II, the army and people will never draw back from the road of the Songun revolution they have chosen and will become absolute worshipers of the Songun idea, the resolute defenders of the Songun politics and the thoroughgoing performers of the Songun revolutionary line to consummate the socialist cause of Juche.
Ceremony on the Occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Death of Eternal President Kim Il Sung
History of Army Building and Songun Leadership

   Source: April 2001 issue of Korea Today

   Sixty-nine years have elapsed since the Korean People's Army (KPA) was founded.
   The foundation of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) by President Kim Il Sung on April 25, Juche 21(1932) was a historic event that announced the birth of the new revolutionary armed force of a Juche type for the first time in the history of army building of the working class.
   Since then the Korean people have become able to advance the revolution victoriously by relying on their genuine revolutionary army, a reliable main force.
   For nearly 70 years since its foundation, the Korean revolutionary armed force has creditably discharged the noble mission it assumed for the country and people and for our era and revolution, defending with arms the revolutionary cause pioneered by President Kim Il Sung.
   The KPRA which had started an anti-Japanese war in accordance with the line put forward by the President waged a bloody struggle for a long period under unprecedentedly arduous condition in which there was neither assistance from the state nor the rear. It safeguarded the headquarters of the revolution and defeated one million-strong Japanese armed force and thus realized the historic national liberation cause. And in this process the traditions of the Korean revolutionary armed force, the lineage of Mt. Paektu, were provided.
   The KPA, the direct successor to the KPRA, defeated millions of aggressor troops of the US imperialists and their satellite countries during the three-year Korean war (June 1950-July 1953) and defended the independence of the country and the dignity of the Korean nation, thereby showed the might of the revolutionary army fighting, rallied behind the leader.
   In the difficult postwar period, the KPA firmly protected the Party and the leader, and the gains of the revolution, frustrating the enemy's ceaseless provocative moves to unleash another war and challenges of the class enemy, and guaranteed the victorious advance of the socialist revolution and construction by force of arms.
   Whenever the Korean nation was confronted with harsh trials, the IPA soldiers safeguarded the headquarters of the Korean revolution at the risk of their lives, resolutely defended the socialist system, and performed labor feats in all difficult sectors of economic construction by displaying devotion.
   The KPA has successfully discharged its mission in the long period of the Korean revolution. This is because it is led by a great, brilliant commander.
   The revolution is pioneered and its ultimate victory is achieved by force of arms -- this is the revolutionary principle and truth clarified by President Kim Il Sung.
   Having hewed the new way of the Korean revolution under the banner of the Juche idea, the farsighted President founded the army first and liberated the country by defeating the Japanese imperialists through an organized armed struggle. Then he founded both the Party and the state.
   The cause of the Juche-based army building, the history of Songun revolutionary leadership, is being carried forward flawlessly by leader Kim Jong Il at a new, higher stage.
   With a determined will to consummate with arms the revolutionary cause pioneered by the President with arms, he is now vigorously leading the Korean revolution as a whole to a new victory, through unremitting army leadership.
   In the whole course of leading the Korean revolution, he always directs primary attention to laying main emphasis on military affairs and to increasing the military strength. He put forward the revolutionary philosophy that the army is precisely the Party, the state and the people. He has newly defined the Songun politics as the basic political mode in keeping with the requirement of revolutionary development and made such an outstanding achievement as markedly increasing the military might and the national strength through his Songun revolutionary leadership.
   In recent years the Korean people had to undergo unprecedented hardships and trial. However, they turned out as one man to defend socialism and dash forward to build a prosperous and powerful nation. All this is ascribable to the powerful, unrivalled revolutionary armed force he has provided through his Songun leadership.
Since the demise of President Kim Il Sung, the nation's greatest loss, he inspected a great number of army units, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers. He continues his on-the-spot guidance to KPA units, unceasingly this year, too, to make the KPA soldiers resourceful and dauntless and show warm affection for them. In this process the KPA's politico-ideological strength and its might in military technique have increased incomparably.
   Even in the days of the "Arduous March" and then forced march, the defense line of the country was fortified impregnably and the springboard for an economic upsurge prepared. This is the valuable fruition of his high priority army politics and his Songun leadership and the demonstration of the indefatigable might of the KPA.
Root of Songun Politics

   Source: November 2002 issue of Korea Today

   The Korean people say that the present era is the Songun age and that the Songun politics is the lifeline of Korean-style socialism.
   What is the root of Songun politics? In short, the Juche idea is the root of this politics.
   The Korean revolution started and has advanced in reliance on the Juche idea. Lines and policies of the Workers' Party of Korea and its politics are all based on the Juche idea and meet its demands. The same may be said of the Songun politics newly perfected as a political method. As Songun politics is based on the Juche idea it has become a political method which suits the current historical conditions and which should always be followed until the completion of socialism.
   Why can we say that the Songun politics is based on the Juche idea?
   It is because this politics is a political method created in the course of practical revolutionary struggle guided by the Juche idea.
   The years of the "Arduous March" were years of trying ordeals that befell the Korean people due to the imperialists' manoeuvres to isolate and stifle the DPRK and successive natural disasters and that might affect the future and destiny of the revolutionary cause.
   Leader Kim Jong Il resolutely declared that the Juche revolution should be completed, strictly based on the Juche idea, the greatest heritage of President Kim Il Sung, despite of unheard-of ordeals and difficulties. And he led the whole Party, the entire army and all the people to the struggle to translate it into practice. He considered that the army had to be further strengthened to defend socialism against the daily intensified aggressive manoeuvres of the imperialists, defined the People's Army as the main force of the revolution and adopted the Songun political method, the method of pushing forward the revolution and construction in reliance on it.
   Songun politics is a powerful socialist political method fully meeting the demands of the Juche idea.
   This politics comprehensively reflects the matters demanded by the Juche idea in the revolution and construction and solve them to suit present conditions.
   Through Songun politics the DPRK is putting into practice and meeting admirably all principles and demands of the Juche idea -- building up the revolutionary forces in socialist construction and raising their role, maintaining the independent position and applying the creative methods and putting the main stress on ideological work. The Juche idea strongly demands the independent position.
   Songun politics makes it possible to solve independently all problems arising in the revolution and construction. Through armed forces the DPRK defends national independence and sovereignty, protects the people's interests and is building a strong national economy guaranteeing national defense and national prosperity. Thanks to this politics the DPRK's invincible revolutionary armed forces strong enough to crush any imperialist invasion are becoming more powerful and its defense industry is being consolidated day by day.
   The achievements made by the Korean people in recent difficult years in the ideological, political and economic fields and national defense demonstrate the justness and vitality of this politics.
   All fact clearly shows that Songun politics and the Juche idea are inseparable from each other and that this politics is a political method based on the Juche idea.
Sun of Songun Politics

- By the National Democratic Front of South Korea

   The world community is seething nowadays.
   North Korea and the US are confronting tensely over the nuclear issue concocted by the US, the "evil empire".
   The north made a tough step through a bomb-like declaration of its withdrawal from the NPT.
KBS of south Korea said, " It is obvious that the US government is apparently perplexed by the announcement of the North's withdrawal from the NPT. Washington is engulfed in a shock after receiving that news in a midnight."
   Because it was announced all of a sudden in the process of seeking the approach to the North's nuclear problem, its confusion was viewed more clearly.
   The US sustained another severe clout by the North¡¯s surprise resolute measure.¡±
New York Times was more vociferous, saying "North Korea is throttling the US."
   The US was elated after it toppled the East European socialist countries including the USSR, succeeded in raiding Yugoslavia and occupying Afghanistan and now making the world shudder through the threat of the invasion of Iraq arrogantly boasting of the  "only world supper power".
   North Korea is tightly defending the country's sovereignty and dignity audaciously defying such a US and that is attributed to its luck of having Marshal Kim Jong Il, a brilliant commander born of heaven of Mt. Baekdu in high esteem as the sun of the Songun era.
   The sun of the Songun era means the representing leader of the pioneering and guidance of the Songun politics.
   The historical roots and tradition of the Songun politics in North Korea were provided assertively by the great President Kim Il Sung, representative of the 20th century.
   Based on the roots and tradition it is Kim Jong Il, a great leader of the independent policy who established and formulated the Songun politics as the political method of the independent era of the 21st century.
   Marshal Kim Jong Il visited a unit of the Korean people's Army on the first day of the year 1995, when our nation was in a grave watershed of life or death due to the US and its coalition forces' blackmail and from this point of time he explicitly elucidated the Songun line, solemnly declaring that our leadership is the Songun politics and our political method is the Songun method.
   An activist of a reunification movement claimed "What is the Songun politics? It is a political line in a new formula that carves out the right way of the revolution, construction and reunification, setting in the leading position the revolutionary army which was trained, organized and prepared in the most revolutionary manner.
   Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defense Commission formulated the revolutionary Songun strategy which he held fast during the "Arduous March"  in the 1990s as a political line of Juche that pushes ahead the revolution and construction amid the acute showdown with the imperialist forces."
   The Songun politics had to overcome the hardship in every step.
   Marshal Kim Jong Il, in the past 7 years since the first dawn of 1995 in the Army unit till late 2001, visited 1,300-odd places for the field guidance, among which 814 of 116,694km long rugged roads were for the military units for the spot inspection in a bid to safeguard the security of the country and lead the building of the reunified powerful nation.
   During these days the single-hearted ranks of the army men and people, centered around the leader Kim Jong Il, indestructible even with the atomic bomb, were born and North Korea has stood out over the world as a military power equipped with the modern armed forces capable of destroying the 37,000 US troops stationed in south Korea and attacking the mainland of the US within a few hours.
   In this context the director of the reunification Institute proudly analyzed.
   "The power of leading the political and military showdown with the US to victory is the unity of the army men and people and the political and military might based on it which were consolidated more firmly pursuant to the revolutionary Songun strategy of Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defense Commission."
   Today, North Korea that holds the great founder and perspicacious leader of the Songun politics in high esteem looks down upon the US dealing to it the deadly blow.
   A Russian newspaper
Patriot asserted "Apparently the US miscalculated and accordingly suffered disgrace in the international community.
   Bush was to understand that the Korean armed forces are one of the most militant forces and the Korean defense capabilities were more strengthened than ever before by dint of the Songun politics of comrade Kim Jong Il.
   He also has to estimate that the military encounter with North Korea would end inevitably in the defeat of the aggressors.
   It is evident that the warmongers in Washington would realize this fact even later and get disappointed.
   The Korean leadership demonstrated strikingly of how the nations that value the sovereignty and independence can humble the pride of world domination seekers and they possess the means to do so."
   The south Korean people are convinced that the day of the independent reunification is nearing by the Songun politics of great Marshal Kim Jong Il.
   A revolutionary organization claimed that as the great event of the national liberation was achieved by the Songun leadership of President Kim Il Sung in the anti-Japanese revolution period, the great event of the national reunification is approaching by the Songun politics of Marshal Kim Jong Il in the reunification revolution period.
   The leadership center is just Marshal Kim Jong Il who unifies the revolutionary Songun strategy with the June 15 joint declaration and the Songun politics with the spirit of "by our nation itself".
   It continued stressing that the Songun politics and the spirit of "by our nation itself" are the general line for 2003.
   Our people aspiring of enjoying the independence, dignity and reunification are revering the Marshal as the sun of the Songun era and struggling dynamically for independence, democracy and reunification, refreshing their solid practical volition to defend and uphold the Marshal's Songun politics.
   The world people spare no praise for the Songun politics of the North, believing firmly that the world independence, too, would be realized on the model of the Songun politics of the North and its political method.
   The rays of the sun are brilliant.
   The sun of the Songun era will shine more brilliantly for the building of the reunified powerful nation and the new independent world.
Army-Centered Policy and People's Posture

(Provided by the National Democratic Front of South Korea)

By Park Bong-hyop, professor of political science

North Korea's army-centered policy has today become a matter of great concern throughout the world.

The world people render adoration and acclamation to Marshal Kim Jong Il's army-centered policy that secures socialism and the nation and guarantees peace and prosperity with the gun. Political, academic and press circles of different countries appreciate the army-based policy as the best political mode.

The whole world envies and follows the army-centered policy of Marshal Kim Jong Il. Now what attitude should our people take toward it?

I write this article to give a correct answer to this question.

Precious Sword of the Nation

The mode of politics is an important matter vital to a nation's fate.

Throughout history every nation has sought after dignity, peace and prosperity. 

From ancient times through the modern age, however, the history has been woven with the law of the jungle by which the weak and small nations have sustained arrogance of the big powers. In this 21st century, too, the US-led imperialist forces do not cease their invasion and intervention in different parts of this planet in order to maintain their supremacy.

Isn't there a political mode to correct the world order, defend national sovereignty and dignity and ensure prosperity?

Humankind has got the answer they had longed for through centuries in the army-centered policy of Marshal Kim Jong Il.

The words of "army-based policy" cannot be found in classic works and dictionaries.

The army-centered policy is a new mode of politics Marshal Kim Jong Il initiated for the first time in history.

It is a political mode of giving priority to the military affairs, the politics of giving first and foremost priority to the gun. It is a method of politics of making the army invincible and powerful and pushing ahead with the whole state affairs by relying on the army as the pillar.

It derives from the gun philosophy that the army is just the state, the party and the people. It carries the principle of regarding the military affairs as the first and foremost state ones and the requirement to put the gun prior to the hammer and sickle.

Under the army-based policy, the army holds the guiding position of politics and plays the leading role for national defense, public welfare and national prosperity.

It is a unique political mode unprecedented in the political history of humankind.

In history there has been politics abusing the army for oppressing the people and invading other countries or regarding it as a mere means to defend the country. But there has not been such politics that regards the army as the pillar and the model in administering the country, in constructing its economy and culture and in realizing its independence and prosperity.

The army-based policy, which regards it as the prior foundation for the destiny of the nation to give priority to the military affairs, is indeed an all-blessed policy serving hundred and thousand ends.

With the creation of the army-centered policy which will glorify the era of independence, humankind has got a powerful weapon with which even weak and small countries can gain supremacy over the arrogant big powers and backward nations can be developed ones.

Therefore, the world people highly praise the policy as a "great discovery in the political history".

The reality is a witness and eloquent speaker of the truth.

In recent seven years when a very acute showdown was waged between independence and subordination and between progress and reaction on the Korean Peninsula, the matchless power of the army-centered policy has been fully demonstrated and it has become the political mode of the new century.

The army-based policy has saved our nation from a life-and-death crisis.

In the modern age our nation had to undergo a serious crisis on different occasions. In particular, it underwent great ordeals and grave hardships unprecedented in its history in the 90s of the past century.

When north Korea was undergoing natural disasters added to the greatest mourning of the nation the United States mobilized all the imperialist allies in the wholesale offensive against north Korea to stifle it and make all the south and north Korean people their permanent slaves.

It said that the ruin of north Korea was a matter of time, even circulating the allegation that the north would collapse within three days or three months or three years.

Practically, however, the victor was north Korea and the loser was the United States.

Without a gunshot north Korea gained supremacy over the United State and its followers and safeguarded the destiny of the nation from the extremities.

The miracle reversing the world's expectation was not a creation of heaven. That was a reality produced by the army-centered policy.

How glad we were to see north Korea, though small in territory and population, defeated single-handedly the United States and its Western allies.

Even the former Soviet Union, which had boasted of being a big power, surrendered to the United States during the Caribbean crisis, being ridiculed by the world people. For the worse, it kept silence even when Reagan defined Moscow as an "empire of evil".

The north's army-centered policy is indeed the nation's precious sword securing its destiny.

It has deterred war and protected peace in this land.

Peace is vital for our nation that lives in the tensest region of the world.

Dark clouds of war were consistently floating in the sky over the Korean Peninsula in the 90s of the 20th century, threatening the existence of the Korean nation.

The United States, elated with the victory in the Gulf and Balkan wars, attempted to ignite a war in Korea. To this end it concocted the groundless allegation of "north Korea's nuclear threat" in 1993, "missile threat" in 1995 and "underground nuclear facilities" in 1998.

It was just the army-centered policy of north Korea that removed the danger of a nuclear war and protected peace in Korea. Pyongyang sternly proclaimed that if the United States provoked a war, north Korea would demolish it for good on the earth, thus dispiriting the aggressive forces.

The Bush government is frantically maneuvering to hurl the world into a nuclear holocaust, even proclaiming this year as a "year of war". It has replaced the "strategy of nuclear retaliation" with the "strategy of forestalling nuclear attack" and the nuclear arms from the "final strategic means" to the "means of ordinary war". It has also expanded the target of nuclear attack from the nuclear powers to non-nuclear states.

But the United States, a hooligan state that mercilessly tramples down weak and small countries it dislikes, dares not to use its strength against north Korea.

A senior researcher at the Hawaii Institute of Eastern and Western Affairs said.

"North Korea has, first, an army armed with self-destructive spirit the United States dreads most, second, the means enough to deal a strong blow at the center of the United States, which terrifies the Americans most, third, the trap of "arming of all people and fortification of the whole country" the US considers as the greatest troublesome issue, fourth, the fortress of unity of strong army and powerful people the US fears most and fifth, Marshal Kim Jong Il known as the genius of military affairs enforcing the army-based policy at its center."

He is right. The United States does not dare to provoke north Korea, unlike it did against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, because the north has the army-based policy "as dreadful as the wild-beast trainer's whip."  Whenever the United States maneuvered to ignite a nuclear war against the north, Pyongyang defeated it with the whip of the army-centered policy and defended the nation and humankind from the danger of nuclear holocaust.

Really, its army-based policy is the precious sword of peace that prevents a crisis of national ruin and secures peace. So, south Koreans say that it is not God but the army-centered policy of north Korea that secures peace of this land.

The army-centered policy guarantees and realizes the independent reunification of the nation.

Reunification is the long-cherished desire of the Korean nation.

The June 15 South-North Joint Declaration adopted at the inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang two years ago is the milestone of independent reunification with which the Korean nation can solve the reunification problem with its concerted efforts. It was a historic event that gave the nation the bright prospect of reunification.

The joint declaration is a product of the army-based policy. The Pyongyang summit was arranged thanks to the army-centered policy. As there was the policy of independent reunification supported by the military power in the north, the historic declaration of independent reunification could be made.

At a farewell luncheon on the day when the joint declaration was published, a vice-marshal of north Korea delivered a congratulatory speech on behalf of the north Korean military. It, as the world commented, was a "security declaration for independent reunification" reflecting the north Korean army's will to support and protect the declaration with arms.

It is the north Korean army which smashes the moves of the separatist forces at home and abroad to create a new Cold War era and guarantees federation-form reunification. It is also the army-based policy of north Korea that is opening a favorable phase of independent reunification.

The day of independent reunification is approaching nearer thanks to the north's army-centered policy overwhelming the separatist forces at home and abroad.

In the past the Korean nation had experienced national humiliation and fallen victims to the strife of big powers because it had not a strong army. Today, however, it enjoys independence, dignity and peace thanks to the army-centered policy.

Really, Marshal Kim Jong Il's army-based policy is the mighty and righteous sword that makes the nation most powerful, most dignified and most prosperous in the world.

The  army-centered  policy  highly  appreciated  as  the  "best  mode  of politics in the 21st century" was created by Marshal Kim Jong Il, the peerlessly great man.

He is a peerlessly great man who, endowed with literary and military arts all together, is distinguished in ideology and theory, in politics and in military affairs.

He is a brilliant commander possessed of the pluck of Baekdu and heroic spirit of bringing any formidable enemy to its knees.

To cope with the many-sided attacks of the imperialist allies, he holds high the banner of the army-centered policy with the courage and boldness that the earth without Korea should be broken.

He regards his running car as his office, braves rainy storm and crosses over rough mountains and sea to carry on the army-based policy.

The Marshal too is a human being. He should relieve his fatigue. For him, however, there are not rest days and holidays. He continues inspection of army units even on rainy and snowy days. He says that the seat of his car is more comfortable for him than bed and nap in the running car is more restful for him.

The army-based policy has been created by such patriotic efforts unprecedented in all countries and in all ages.

Really, it is a great exploit to be brilliant forever that Marshal Kim Jong Il created the army-based policy, the precious sword of independence, peace and prosperity.

Duty of the Nation

The army-centered policy is not a policy for north Korea only. It is for the whole Korean nation. South Koreans, too, benefit from the policy.

Some time ago, Kim Jin-ho, a researcher at the Institute of National Affairs, said at a lecture on the subject of "The Gun of the Nation" held in Seoul. "South Koreans are not dispirited but enjoy pride, even though suffering from a disgrace as a people subordinated to the United States. It is because there is the powerful army-centered policy that secures the national sovereignty and demonstrates its dignity to the world." He is right.

Seeing north Korea maintaining its supremacy over the arrogant United States with the power of the army-based policy, south Koreans feel national pride beyond description. 

Immeasurable indeed is the national self-conceit the south Korean people feel from the army-centered policy that enhances the national dignity.

North Korea's army-based policy secures the life of south Koreans as well.

But for the invincible army-based policy, the United States would have kindled a war against the north, involving the whole Korean nation in the flames of war, and the south Koreans would not have escaped a ruin.

As there is the army-centered policy in the north, the government, ministers and lawmakers can live on in the south. But for the army-based policy, south Koreans would have been unable to tour abroad and Mt. Geumgang in the north.

Really, the south benefits much from the army-based policy. How can we express our gratitude and how can we repay it?

Instead of expressing their gratitude, however, traitors to the nation slander the army-centered policy. They even speak ill of the mutual cooperation between south and north Korea as a "unilateral offer" to help the north increase its military strength. They are the extreme rightist conservative forces including Lee Hoi-chang and the Grand National Party. Repeating the words of "verification and transparency" and "stern principle of reciprocity" what Washington officials say, they argue that they will "check unilateral offer to the north by all means", alleging that the north uses the tourism fee to Mt. Geumgang as "military expenses", the rice as "military provisions", the fertilizer as "gun powder" and the electricity for the "war industry".

North Korea has suffered losses because of the south Korean pro-US traitors, even securing the whole nation.

For a typical example, Lee Hoi-chang, during his visit to Washington, reiterated the allegation that north Korea has "not changed" and expressed his support to Bush's definition of the north as an "axis of evil" and the US plan to "use armed forces" against the north. Thus he hurdles the way to the implementation of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration, the way to better relations between south and north Korea and the way to reunification of the nation, increasing the danger of war in this peninsula.

As to the unilateral offer they say, south Korea has offered unilaterally to the United States, not to north Korea. The south has given a colossal amount of wealth to the United States. It has granted 26,750 hectares of fertile land to the US Forces Korea as its bases free of charge and the price of land is really astronomical. This is a unilateral offer indeed. The adoption of billions of dollars as the maintenance expenses of the US forces here every year and payment of 4 billion dollars for 100 US-made F-15K jet fighters are really a donation of south Korea's national fund to the United States. The cheap sale of home businesses which became insolvent under the mandate of the International Monetary Fund to the American monopolies was an offer of enterprises, and the wide opening of home markets to the agricultural products of the United States is also a unilateral offer of markets. The pro-US traitors offer GIs even our women. The offer to the United States causes great damages at the cost of our wealth. So, people who love justice dub the unilateral offer to the United States "offer for Cold War", "offer for a nuclear war" and "offer to dig the grave of the nation". But the pro-American traitors make their utmost to offer more to the United States, which causes tremendous damages to the nation. Nevertheless, they frantically try to hamper the mutual cooperation and help between south and north Korea. How perverse they are!

Dancing to the tune of the United States which, labeling north Korea as an "axis of evil", is scheming to provoke an anti-north war and "preemptive nuclear attack", the pro-US traitors make every effort to do harm to the army-based policy of the north. It is an anti-national crime to make the army-centered policy, the precious sword of the nation, ineffective and dedicate the entire Korean nation to Yankees as their slaves.

The Lee Hoi-chang group, in collusion with Yankees, the enemies of the nation, challenges the army-based policy of the north, symbol of national defense and dignity, and maneuvers to ruin the nation. They are likes the past pro-Japanese traitors who, arguing that "the Japanese and the Koreans were of the same ancestry", mobilized young Koreans to Japan's aggressive war, served Korean women as sexual slaves for the Japanese imperialist troops and condemned the patriots fighting for the country's liberation from the Japanese colonial rule as "rebels".

If this group comes into power, a war will break out, causing total ruin of the whole nation.

The south Korean people should sternly punish Lee Hoi-chang and other traitors in the name of the nation.

The army-centered policy is the life and dignity of the nation.

We should render support to it for the existence of ourselves and the nation. It is the moral principle and national duty of the south Koreans, the benefiters of the army-based policy.

They should know well how the army-based policy was created.

That is a sacred gun the patriotic Mangyeongdae family has raised high through three generations with the determination to die by the sword, die of cold and die of hunger in the arduous fights. The north Korean brethren have burnished the gun tightening their belts, sparing penny by penny, living on a crust and choking down tears when they met the greatest national mourning, unheard-of tremendous natural disasters and the imperialists' offensives added to the demise of socialism in east European countries.

I can well imagine the difficulties of north Koreans who have maintained the army-first policy to secure the nation without any side-support and rear against the formidable imperialist enemies.

Conscience denying justice is hypocrisy and crime.

Those who are willing to live on conscience and principle, whether they are politicians or businessmen or religious men, should make their deep bow of gratitude to Marshal Kim Jong Il for his army-based policy and support it with the sense of carrying their gratitude beyond the grave.

There is a saying, "National ruin is a moment, whereas national salvation takes a thousand years." What a long and thorny way our nation had traversed to regain the country from the Japanese imperialists. The history of humiliation the nation had sustained for lack of the gun to secure itself should not be repeated. To this end we should not spare our devotion to burnish the gun to protect the nation.

There can be no distinction between the south and the north in securing the national sovereignty and peace.

South Koreans should make all efforts to uphold the north's army-centered policy in order to disallow any foreign enemies to trifle with our nation's fate.

Don't spare support and encouragement to north Korea's army-based policy defending the nation, irrespective of the differences in political view, religious belief, belonging and property status!

Long live Marshal Kim Jong Il's army-centered policy securing our country, our nation and our prosperity!
Rodong Sinmun on Powerful Weapon in Anti-Imperialist Class Struggle

Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The confrontation with imperialism is a life and death showdown between forces and a victory in it hinges on the might of the revolutionary army standing at the outpost of the anti-imperialist class struggle, says Rodong Sinmun today in an article. It goes on:
The arms in our hands serve as the most powerful weapon to defend the country, the nation and socialism and foil the moves of the imperialists, the enemy.
The anti-imperialist military front constitutes a main front in the revolution. The powerful driving force of the revolution guarantees a sure victory in the struggle and its might largely depends on the role of its core unit, the main force.
The Korean People's Army as the main force of the revolution has stood against the formidable enemy of imperialism. It has defended the Party and the revolution, the country and people, providing a sure military guarantee for the implementation of the idea and cause of the DPRK, inspiring the revolutionary ranks with the noble idea, revolutionary spirit and fighting spirit and increasing their might.
The key to emerging ever-victorious in the anti-imperialist class struggle lies in the combat capability of the revolutionary army on the military front.
The KPA is an invincible revolutionary army as it has striking capability strong enough to mercilessly wipe out any imperialist forces no matter from where they may come to infringe upon the sovereignty of the country and the nation, and a military deterrent force powerful enough to beat back any aggression at a single blow.
Rodong Sinmun on Strengthening Socialist Education

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today editorially calls for further strengthening socialist education to meet the requirements of the Songun era. What is most important in strengthening socialist education at the present juncture is to guide all the officers and men of the People's Army and the people to make it their creed and an integral part of their life to devotedly defend the headquarters of revolution, the editorial says, and goes on:
We should see that the spirit and trait of devotedly defending the headquarters, the supreme crystallisation of collectivism, are given fuller scope in the Songun era. All the officers and men of the People's Army and the people should cherish deeper in their hearts the faith that the greatest worth and honor of life lie in devotedly defending the headquarters of revolution and the prosperity of the country and eternal happiness of generations to come are promised in it.
They should become self-blasting fighters and human-bomb heroes who dedicate the whole course of struggle and life to defending the headquarters and lay down their lives without hesitation to safeguard leader Kim Jong Il.
An important part of socialist education at the present moment is to bring up all the officials and working people into true revolutionaries and patriots putting the interests of the society and collective above individual benefits and working heart and soul for the prosperity of the socialist homeland.
All the working people should be made to clearly understand that effecting constant innovations in the building of a powerful nation with their sincere efforts as befit the master of the country is to fully display the superiority and might of Korean-style socialism based on collectivism.
What is important is that all the members of the Workers' Party of Korea and the working people should be made to have the moral view of socialist collectivism as their physical quality.
All the members of society should regard it the happiest and worthiest life to live and struggle, helping and leading each other forward on the basis of revolutionary comradeship and sense of obligation.
The army and people, officers and men, officials and working people should further consolidate the relations of genuine comradeship, sharing sweets and bitters on the road of the Songun revolution under the leadership of the Party.
We should deepen socialist education on the basis of correct methodology elucidated by Kim Jong Il while leading the ideological work of the Party for scores of years.
When all the officials lead the people and become their faithful servants in the work for the prosperity of the country can the invincible might of Korean-style socialism be fully demonstrated and the spirit of socialist patriotism highly displayed by the masses.
All Koreans Called upon to Uphold Songun Policy

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- The Koreans in the north and the south and abroad should advance to achieve peace and the cause of reunification, pulling through all sorts of trials and difficulties laying in the way of national reunification, true to the great Songun policy, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article. It goes on:
The United States spawned the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. in a bid to stifle the DPRK. It has persistently insisted on its brigandish assertion that the DPRK should scrap its nuclear program first, turning aside the latter's just proposal to solve it, and escalated its moves to stifle the DPRK.
The present situation proves that in order to defend the destiny of the nation from the U.S. war moves, it is necessary to build a strong self-defensive deterrent force, instead of calling for justice and conscience.
Now that the U.S. has become more undisguised than ever before in its aggressive ambition to stifle the DPRK by force of arms under the pretext of the nuclear issue, it is the only powerful weapon to protect the destiny of the nation to build invincible military force.
The Songun policy is aimed to contain the U.S. imperialist aggressors, not compatriots in the south, and to foil the U.S. war moves.
But for our Songun policy, a war would have broken out on this land many times and our compatriots already suffered from the scourge of a nuclear war.
The DPRK has advanced under the uplifted banner of independence without the slightest vacillation and the peace and security on the Korean peninsula have been firmly preserved despite the escalated moves of the U.S. imperialists and its allies to isolate and stifle the DPRK under the pretext of the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. This is the shining result of the Songun policy.
Upholding the Songun policy provides the only way of frustrating the foreign forces' moves for a war of aggression, saving the destiny of the nation and achieving the prosperity of the nation.
KCNA Refutes Rumsfeld's Anti-DPRK Vituperation

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reportedly let loose a string of malignant vituperation against the DPRK at a luncheon hosted by the Association of U.S. and South Korean Businessmen. He told nonsense that it is necessary to make sure that the rays of freedom reach the oppressed north Koreans, asserting that a satellite photo shows the rays of freedom on one part of the Korean peninsula and the darkness of dictatorship on the other part of it and communism is shaking on its own.
These unsavory remarks intended to tarnish the image of the dignified DPRK and destroy its steel-strong political system are touching off towering indignation of the Koreans and evoking their stronger anti-Americanism.
His remarks only go to prove that he is just an old man politically illiterate as he can not measure up the present reality when all the countries are promoting peaceful co-existence, reconciliation and cooperation irrespective of ideologies and beliefs.
It is not likely at all that he would speak truth as he is obsessed with wantonly harassing peace and security in different parts of the world and igniting wars. His outbursts, therefore, can not be construed otherwise than a desperate shrill cry of a psychopath on his death bed.
Rumsfeld whose political faith is to establish the U.S. style world order by strength is known to be a typical stupid man for professing "neo-conservatism" censured and mocked at worldwide. He is, therefore, not a guy who the DPRK can deal with.
Rumsfeld asserted with acrimony that one who does not follow the U.S. view on value can never coexist with it but must die. One can easily assess the political line of the Bush administration which includes such a dangerous international dictator as that guy
It is only the U.S.which has the right to judge the international justice, its sovereignty remains supreme and that of those countries challenging the U.S. view on value must be overthrown. This is what Rumsfeld, a principal proponent of the U.S. theory of neo-conservatism, advocates. He is cursed and hated worldwide for this.
The policy pursued by the U.S. neo-conservatives to hold hegemony over the world and steadily increase their unchallenged control over the international issues is rejected in different parts of the world for its reactionary and anachronistic nature. It is considered to be trash of history.
This is clearly proved by the U.S. Iraq policy which has gone totally bankrupt.
It is true that the DPRK has economic difficulties. But that is attributable to the economic blockade and sanctions imposed by the U.S. pursuant to its decades-long hostile policy toward the DPRK.
These difficulties are temporary and there are ways to cross over them.
The DPRK has its socialist system of its own style chosen by its people themselves and a solid economic foundation and strong potentials they have created for scores of years with much effort.
No smear campaign can ever keep the DPRK from going its own way with strong pluck and faith in sure victory.
Guarding against capitalist way of life called for
Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- The capitalist way of life demoralizing people in a twinkle is little short of a dangerous drug as it degenerates them, Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article says, calling for strictly guarding against this way of life. The American way of life typical of the capitalist way of life represents the way of life of brutes as it is based on the jungle law, extreme misanthropy, national chauvinism and all other corrupt ideas, the article notes.
    Referring to its harmfulness, the article goes on:
    Anyone following the capitalist way of life is bound to become a beast, a slave of money and a fool totally bereft of reason and morality.
    The capitalist way of life is as harmful as a drug because it deprives people of conscience, morality, love, creative energy and enthusiasm and reduces them to animals and brutes.
    Introducing the capitalist way of life would bring socialism to a collapse and make the country and the nation fall prey to the imperialists.
    If this way of life is allowed to make its way to society and people take to it, they will become loafers waiting for a chance of a good luck, renegades of revolution and will be reduced to the despicable traitors who readily betray his homeland, the benevolent party and the generous socialist system for a few dollars.
    One should guard against and keep oneself from the capitalist way of life.
    All countries should take strict measures to prevent this way of life from infiltrating into society and root out even the slightest manifestation of it.
    Thoroughly combating the capitalist way of life and firmly defending the socialist way of life means protecting people's genuine
Leader Kim Jong Il salutes the Korean People's Army, an undestructable force capable of smashing the US Imperialists, at a recent event in Pyongyang celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. To the right of Comrade Kim Jong Il stands, Comrade Kim Yong-nam, Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly, who is highly regarded in international circles for his diplomacy and strong spirit of anti-imperialism based on the masses.
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