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The Sun of Songun and a
Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander:
A Thankful Tribute to a Great Leader and Friend on the Occasion of His 62nd Birthday
February 16th Juche 93
President KIM IL SUNG holds a young KIM JONG IL.
"Special Commemorative Page of Kim Jong Il" Opens
    Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Group for the Study of the Songun Politics opened Internet homepage "Special commemorative page of Kim Jong Il" on February 14 on the occasion of the February holiday. Edited in the homepage are the full text of leader Kim Jong Il's famous work "Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable," propositions from his work "Let Us March Forward Dynamically along the Road of Socialism and Communism under the Unfurled Banner of the Anti-imperialist Struggle" and the full text of the book "Songun Politics of General Kim Jong Il".
    Also carried in the homepage is an article of Jo Il Min, chief of the Pyongyang Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, titled "Why do we worship and uphold General Kim Jong Il".
    The article said:
    Kim Jong Il is a great thinker and theoretician, a great statesman, a great man and the sun of the 21st century. His thought, statesmanship and achievements, all of them reach the acme of charm.
    Anyone cannot but be captivated by his greatness as an outstanding thinker and theoretician when recollecting a few facts such as the programme of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea, the idea and theory on global independence, the socialist idea and theory of the present times and the idea and theory on the Songun politics.
    He incapacitated the strong-arm action of the U.S. imperialists with the might of ideology and Songun, the strength of single-hearted unity, defended the dignity and sovereignty of the country and the nation and performed noteworthy exploits in ensuring peace and stability in the Korean peninsula. He is the lodestar of national reunification and the great incarnation of benevolence. He defends and flowers today and tomorrow of fellow countrymen with his Songun politics.
    The absolute faith that the great leader of the Korean nation is the only one, General Kim Jong Il, is cherished in the hearts of all the people. The victory of the cause of the NDFSK which worships and upholds him is sure to come.
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Military thought and philosophy of Marshal Kim Jong Il

Source: October 2002 issue of Korea Today
  From the treatise "On the Songun Revolutionary Idea of Marshal Kim Jong Il". Takashi Nata, the author of the treatise, is the representative of the Japanese Ehime Center for the Study of Modern Korean Affairs.

The principle of the military thought of Marshal Kim Jong Il is based on the Juche-motivated military principle.
   The Juche-motivated military principle means that the decisive role in the revolutionary war is played not by weapons but by man, that is, officers and men of the army.
   On the basis of this principle, he clarified that the victory of war is decided by the Juche-oriented factor.
   This factor involves two contents.
   The first one is the force of the country which carries out a war, precisely, the internal factor.
   Another one is that the human factor is more important than the material factor and it is the decisive factor.
   As he elucidated, the internal factor is decisive of the victorious war, because the subject in carrying out a war is just the relevant country.
   And also the human factor is decisive of the victory of a war as it is none other than man who develops and produces weapons and handles them.
   War actions are done not by weapons but by man at present, likewise in the past, and accordingly, the combat power of the army, further, the outcome of a battle, depends on how efficiently officers and men are prepared.
   Half a century has passed since the Korean War ended.
   During the period the state of tense military confrontation has continued.
   The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has always coped with the military provocations and threat of the US-led imperialists single-handed and the state of things suggestive of the eve of the second Korean War occurred several times.
   However, the US does not dare to attack the DPRK. What is the reason?
   There are two reasons, I think.
   The first one is that there is a steel-strong fortress, a powerful mental fortress in the DPRK, built with the army-people unity, single-hearted unity, which resulted from the Songun revolution, Songun political idea of Marshal Kim Jong Il.
   Another one is that Kim Jong Il, genius of military affairs, is the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. No one dare to cope with his original and great military strategy.
   His military philosophy means first, the DPRK does not want war, but will never beg for peace, allowing the infringement of its sovereignty.
   He defines that the prime mover of aggressive war and counterrevolutionary violence is imperialists and teaches that as long as there are imperialists on the globe, preparations for a righteous war, self-defensive war, should never be neglected:
   He clarifies his stand that he does not want an aggressive war but never fears it nor begs imperialists for peace.
   Facts were recorded in human history, the facts that nations were trampled down and forced upon hardships and slavery, as they begged for peace, giving up the fight against imperialists.
   From this historic lesson he has held fast to the principle of winning peace only through the struggle against imperialists and dominationists, instead of compromise, begging and flattery.
   His military conviction is that peace is based on the bayonet, which represents his will.
   His military philosophy means, second, the DPRK will return retaliation for the retaliation and all-out war for all-out war.
   He regards it as the basic principle to totally oppose all forms of aggressive war of injustice.
   His military philosophy means third, self-defense in national defense.
   To carry into effect this self-defensive military philosophy, he put forward the following five tasks:
   First, to build the self-defensive armed forces, second, to take the national defense-posture, third, to fully display the political and ideological superiority of the people's armed forces, fourth, to build the national defense industry, fifth, to consolidate the rear.
   To strengthen the Korean People's Army, he set the goals for the increase of combat power, in other words, four principles in military training, the Juche-character, the politico-ideological character, the combat readiness and the scientific accuracy.
   Based on the five tasks and four principles, the Korean People's Army has been strengthened and developed, consistently enhancing the politico-ideological level of the whole army, while putting spurs to the training of the whole army into a cadre army, its modernization, the arming of the entire people and the fortification of the whole country.
   The Democratic People's Republic of Korea still gives a strong warning to the US war maniacs as it has its revolutionary armed forces, powerful means of self-defense.
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Work of Kim Jong Il "Abuses of Socialism are Intolerable"

Exciting Book: "Army-centered Politics of Kim Jong Il"

Quote from Kim Jong Il's work

Education Article:"Why we worship and uphold Marshal Kim Jong Il"

Sun of Songun Treasure-swords: The Selected Aphorisms of Great Marshal KIM JONG IL-
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South Korean people's mind-set to be true to Songun policy, upholding eternal sun of Juche

  Source: May 2003 issue of "News Report" of the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang

A press conference titled "South Korean people determined to be true to Songun policy, upholding  eternal sun of Juche"  was  held  on  April 8  in  the  NDFSK  Mission  in  Pyongyang  on  the  occasion  of  the  91st  birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung and 10th anniversary of Marshal Kim Jong Il's election as the Chairman of the DPRK Defense Commission.
   On hand were pressmen for newspaper, news agency, and radio in Pyongyang and officials concerned from the foreign embassies in the DPRK.
   Mr. Pak Gwang-gi, the then representative of the mission, detailed about the south Korean people's mind-set of aspiring after the immortality of Kim Il Sung and willing to hold Kim Jong Il in deep reverence.
   Here reads the summary of his speech.

   The Day of Sun is a holiday greatest to our nation and common to mankind when President Kim Il Sung rose up as the Sun of Juche to unfold a new era before our nation and mankind.
   The south Korean people speak highly of Kim Il Sung as "reat master of ideology and theory who authored the immortal Juche idea", "genius of revolution who hewed out the Juche cause", "ever-victorious iron-willed strategist who defeated Japanese and US imperialists in one generation", "center of national reunification", "great sun unanimously revered by the entire nation", etc. and extol his great patriotic exploits.
   MBC (Munhua Broadcasting Cooperation) on Feb.3, 2002, spotlighted a documentary titled "Kim Il Sung, truth of anti-Japanese struggle". The production team of the documentary made personal tour to the Liouwen middle school in Jilin, China, where Kim Il Sung studied in his youth, Antao where the anti-Japanese guerilla unit was founded, Xiaowangching and Hongjihe: representative guerilla base and battle site for film shots and interviews. On its basis, they introduced vivid data including the Bocheonbo Battle to highlight the greatness of Kim Il Sung.
   The July, 2002, issue of "Mal"(monthly magazine) described that "the June 15 joint declaration, milestone of reunification today, was also founded on Kim Il Sung's idea of great national unity", stressing that "the historic 1948 joint meeting of south-north political parties and social organizations would have been impossible, but for his idea of great national unity".
   Wide propagation and in-depth study of Kim Il Sung's reminiscences "With the century" comprehending his whole revolutionary life and his immortal works are brisk on websites.
   Last year the young advocates of Juche set the 90 days between Feb.1 and May.1 as the "period of Baekdu" symbolic of the 90th birthday of Kim Il Sung. During the period their websites carried special editions such as "Mt. Baekdu", "Dawn of reunification", "Reunification arirang", etc. to give wide publicity to the greatness of Kim Il Sung including his reminiscences, works and aphorisms.
   Amid the public study and dissemination of the Juche idea thousands of Juche idea-related CDs were delivered to the workers and students attending the 2002 May Day event and the 10th inaugural ceremony of Hanchongryon.
   Now the south Korean people hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the sun of Songun, who has successfully taken over the Songun cause started by Kim Il Sung.
   Our nation was sure of the national liberation, adoring Kim Il Sung as the sun of the nation. Likewise, the south Korean people are optimistic of the final victory of the cause of national independence and turn out in active support of the Songun policy, revering Kim Jong Il as the sun of the nation and lodestar of reunification.
   The April, 2002, issue of "Min"(monthly journal) stressed that "the era of independence defiant to the modern imperialist camp accepted a new title of Songun era by the Songun revolutionary line of Kim Jong Il and his Songun revolutionary line at last effected a historic event of curbing the indefinite war moves and plunderous greed of the modern imperialist camp".
   In his article: "New military strategy of the US and withdrawal of USFK", Han ho-sok, chief of the unification research institute in the United States, asserted that the anti-Japanese military struggle forces led by Kim Il Sung "carved out the way of struggle for the Korean nation's liberation and independence of the country by  valiantly  braving  the  strong  and  evil  Japanese  aggressors"  and,  likewise,  "north  Korea  is  disabling the US offensive by the might of the Songun revolutionary line of Kim Jong Il and successfully carrying out its struggle to pull out the US troops from south Korea and realize the national reunification".
   The south Korean people are waging a dynamic struggle to create a new history of independent reunification under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, sun of the 21st century.
   The situation on the Korean peninsula is growing more complicated and more dangerous.
   In spite of the strong protest and blame of the international community, the US at last unleashed the Iraqi war to inflict a great calamity on the Gulf region. It now attempts to transfer such calamity to our nation as well.
   It is, however, a great miscalculation of the Bush administration.
   If the US dares to provoke a war, mistaking north Korea for Iraq, it will be totally destroyed by the military power of the north fortified a hundredfold under the Songun policy of Kim Jong Il.
   The south Korean people, brought to the sense of independence by the Songun policy, will wage a death-defying battle, too, against the US imperialists plotting the ruin of our nation side by side with the brethren of the north.
   We are sure of our nation's triumph and the defeat of the US and its sycophants in the anti-US showdown, since we have Kim Jong Il, the mighty power of his Songun policy and the June 15 joint declaration.
   Under the guidance of the great sun of Songun, the south Korean vanguards and the patriotic people will wage a more dynamic anti-US, anti-war struggle to realize without fail the historic cause of national reunification.
Marshal Kim Jong Il Sun of Songun.

As February 16th approaches the Korean people and the world
revolutionary people are celebrating with excitement and joy the 62nd
year of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.In February 2002
representatives of friendship organizations and progressives adopted the
historic Mt
Paekdu declaration which acclaimed the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il
as the Sun of the 21st Century and set February to April as special
months of celebration.
Today when the Songun idea,authored by the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il,has emerged as the ever victorious revolutionary idea the
Korean people and Songun idea followers are acclaiming Marshal Kim Jong
Il as the Sun of Songun.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il was born in the
secret camp at Mt Paekdu-san in the raging blizzards and amidst the the
glorious anti Japanese armed struggle of the Korean people.
As a child he witnessed the brutality of US
imperialism during the great Fatherland Liberation War of US imperialism
but at the same time he also saw that US imperialism can be defeated.
Comrade Kim Jong Il studied hard at Kim Il Sung
University in the 1960s.He produced several excellent theses attacking
both imperialism and modern revisionism.
He went to work at the Party Central
Committee in June 1964.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il has always lived a modest
and humble life.He was born into a family of anti Japanese guerillas and
often went short of food as a child.He directly participated in the
reconstruction of Pyongyang in the 1950s and also worked at lathe no 26
in an engineering factory.Comrade Kim Jong Il wears modest clothes
and sleeps in his car taking simple meals of rice balls.
He has covered thousands of miles giving on the spot
guidance to army units,factories,farms and many other institutions.
Leader Kim Jong Il is an iron willed brilliant
commander.He has guided the work of defence upbuilding.In March 1993
he dealt a blow to the US imperialists by declaring a state of semi
war.In the nuclear crisis the DPRK has maintained a steadfast independent
posture which amazes the world.
Leader Kim Jong Il has also dealt ideological blows
to the raging winds of anti socialism blowing across the world.In several
works such "Our Socialism Centred On the Popular Masses Shall Not Perish"
"On the Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line
of Our Party","Abuses of Socialism are Intolerable" and many others
he refuted the sophistries and lies of the imperialist reactionaries
and the modern revisionists and defended socialism.
He put forward the idea for the first time in history that the
revolutionary party must be the party of the leader and has wisely
built the WPK into the party of Kim Il Sung.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il systematized
and developed the Juche idea.He put forward the programme of modelling
the whole society on the Juche idea.
Today he has carried the Juche Idea forward by creating
the Songun(army based)idea.The Songun idea represents the most advanced
idea for the anti US anti Imperialist struggle.It is a militant banner
in the anti imperialist class struggle.
Let Us salute the great leader Marshal Kim Jong Il
architect of the glorious Songun idea and great leader of Juche Korea.

Dermot Hudson
Official Delegate KFA for UK
Paying Tribute to the Dear Leader on his 62nd Birthday:
An Open Letter to Great Marshal KIM JONG IL

To His Excellancy, the Leader of the International Communist Movement, and the Greatest Example of Anti-US Independence, Marshal KIM JONG IL,

Dear Comrade,

The Honor is all mine in writing to you on the 62nd anniversary of your birth, February 16th Juche 93. On behalf the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), and the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), the honor is all mind in telling you how dear we hold the Army-based Socialist Example of Juche-type Socialist Korea. We are working with various Revolutionary and Progressive Organizations and Personages, to bring the electrifying Pro-Songun, Pro-Juche, KIM IL SUNG-type leadership style to the Masses in the US.

With great success, we have a large and comprehensive website dedicated to the Songun Postulate of the DPRK, and to uphold it leadership, which is none other than the WPK, guided by you great genius and friend, our Beloved leader KIM JONG IL. We have begu with assistance from the NDFSK to circulate the e-book "Sun of Songun Treasure-swords: Selected Aphorisms of Great Marshal KIM JONG IL".  We have also added a Songun Study Room, an NDFSK Tribute Page, Selections from the works of the Eternal President Comrade KIM IL SUNG , and yourself, the Great Helmsman of the Songun Era, Leader KIM JONG IL. For your birthday, because we love the way you stand up to the US, our common hated enemy, and the police state responsible for our repression, poverty, and misery, we have added a "Marshal KIM JONG IL Tribute Page". We hope you take it as a symbol of our admiration for you that it is captioned "The Sun of Songun and a Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander: A Thankful Tribute to a Great Leader and Friend on the Occasion of his 62nd Birthday February 16th Juche 93." Our only hope is that it demonstrates your wisdom to the masses in the US.

Please receive my congradulations for standing up to the idiot fascist US Imperialists at the 6 way talks in Bejeing. By winning the ideological struggle under your wise care, The DPRK is leading the way to freedom, we so many other revolutions were swallowed whole by revisionism and came to final ruin. We look forward to

In the US we began to dance for joy when it was formally announce that the DPRK reserved its right to the Nuclear Defensive Force against the Fascist US Imperialists. Smash them Comrade KIM JONG!!! It is still very backwards in the US, which up until a few decades ago was a full- blown apartheid state, but we are working hard to demand the US sign a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK and pull its GI Mercenary Occupation Troops out of the south.

We are with you and the people of the DPRK. We are with you to the end. In the event of war we are with you. It is such a hell on earth here. It would only be the end of misery!!! Congradulations on defending the working masses and their gains, of leading the charge of single-hearted unity and filial devotion to a single great idea, which has resulted in the glory of Korean-Style Socialism, based on the masses as the DPRK goes its own way free of Imperialist dictates!!!
Happy Birthday Beloved Leader, whose very name stands for Socio-Political Integrity, Creativity, Freedom, and Independence. We at the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) will always strive to be communists of the KIM JONG IL-type!

John Paul Cupp, Chairman,
Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Information Coordinator, AISC (USA)

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