Statement in Support of DPRK's just self-defensive measure

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study
Group of England today issued the following statement in connection with
the successful test launch of a number of missiles.

Firstly we congratulate the DPRK its succesful missile test.By launching the
missiles the DPRK stood up to  the bullying of the US imperialists and Japanese
militarists.The DPRK fully demonstrated its independence by launching the
missiles as it defied the pressure and blackmail of the US imperialists and
their assorted followers.The launch was a powerful demonstration of the
validity of Songun politics.
The DPRK and KPA under the wise leadership of the great  leader comrade
Kim Jong Il are facing down US imperialism.A new vista of anti imperialist
anti US struggle is opening up.

No one should interefere in or take issue with the DPRK's missile launch.It
is the DPRK's independent,autonmous and sovereign right to test is missiles.It
is a just self defensive measure.US imperialism occupies illegally one half
of Korea and has 1,000 nuclear weapons in south Korea.US imperialism
has stepped up its inveterate hostility to the DPRK within the last year
by introducing financial and third party sanctions(including sanctions against
some Western companies that trade with the DPRK)against the DPRK,by
staging war exercises such as RIMPAC 2006 against the DPRK,by increasing
spy flights and introducing new spy planes into south Korea.Thus the DPRK's
response by conducting self defensive exercises is entirely justified.Most
of the so called 'countries of the international community' that have joined the
US imperialists and Japanese militarists in the wild and undignified hullabloo
are the satellite states and puppet regimes of US imperialism.It is regrettable
that some other countries have allowed themselves to be drawn into this,such
countries should think again and recognise the DPRK's sovereign right to
self defence.
We call on all Juche idea and Songun idea followers to rally around the
DPRK at this critical hour.We say US imperialists hands off the DPRK,Yankee
Go Home Now and take your weapons with you !