Joint Statement Calling for the Concrete Wall Across Korea to be pulled down.

London UK 17th January 2006

The UK Korean Friendship Association,the Society For Friendship with Korea
along with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the Association For
the Study of Songun Politics UK today issued the following joint statement
in support of the call by the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the
World People for the concrete wall dividing Korea to be removed.

The concrete wall which is some 5 metres high is a barrier to national
reunification ,a symbol of national division and a relic of the Cold
War.It is now nearly 20 years since the end of the Cold War but the US
imperialists and their lackeys in south Korea-the pro US conservative
forces there,still maintain this wall.

The existence of the wall runs counter to the north-south declararation of
June 15 2000.It is a physical symbol of Korea's division.Moreover it has
no military justification and serves only to perpepuate Korea's division
and intimidate those who aspire for Korea's reunification.

We call upon the south Korean authorities and the US imperialist to
demolish this monstrous symbol of national division at once.