Statement of the vice chairman of the AINDF Central Committee

A joint editorial titled ��Make a higher leap full of great ambition and confidence�� published by Rodong Sinmun, the official organ of the Central Committee of the Workers�� Party of Korea, Josoninmingun, the newspaper of the Korean People��s Army and Chongyonjonwi, the organ of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League on the New Year Juche 95 (2006) that will be recorded remarkable success in the annals of the great Songun enlivens vanguards and patriotic people of all social standings in south Korea.

The joint editorial is a review of last year during which the spirit of Songun Korea was demonstrated over the world and epochal changes were made in realizing national reunification under the outstanding leadership of leader Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Songun and sun of the nation. It also is a blueprint for a greater leap.

The joint editorial stressed that last year, which marked the 60th anniversaries of the Workers�� Party of Korea and Korea��s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, was a meaningful year that brought about a decisive changes in building a powerful nation on the strength of the Songun politics, exalting immortal life and revolutionary feats of President Kim Il Sung, founder of the WPK and father of the Korean nation.     

In particular, the Korean nation left indelible traces under the banner of national independence, peace against war and reunification in the history of reunification last year. The Korean people demonstrated throughout the world that no force can block the vigorous move of national history that is advancing under the banner of the June 15 Joint Declaration, holding the peerless Songun commander Kim Jong Il in high esteem.

Signal victory that the north Korean servicemen and the people achieved in general forward march of the Songun revolution and unheard successes in reunification movement are produced by the far-sighted wisdom and the uncommon political ability of Kim Jong Il, the peerless great man of Mt. Baekdu.

In the joint editorial north Korea called for the entire Korean nation to push the cause of national reunification that has entered a new phase, putting forward the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity as fundamental task of this year.

Intensifying the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and overall national unity is an important task of the Korean people��s struggle for national reunification.

��Let us vigorously forward the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity under the banner of ��by our nation itself!����---the slogan, which is reflecting the patriotic will and soul of the Korean nation, encourages the Korean people, who want to realize national reunification by their concerted efforts, with invincible stratagem and unlimited confidence.

The AINDF vanguards and people of all social standings of south Korea are determined to devote their all for realization of the joint editorial, fully supporting it which reflects leader Kim Jong Il��s intention and plan to achieve Korea��s reunification.

The task for reunification that north Korea clarified in the joint editorial is a milestone of struggle and banner of victory that the entire Korean nation should firmly maintain as it mirrors situation of reunification movement that has entered a new stage and the will and demand of the Korean people.

The Korean nation should advance vigorously along the road of independent reunification, an irresistible trend of national history.

The entire Korean nation from all social standings should solve all the problems arising in accomplishing the cause of reunification by placing the dignity and interests of the nation above anything else in line with the requirements of the idea of ��by our nation itself.�� The spirit of giving top priority to the nation and the nation-first manner should prevail and the hurricane of independent reunification should sweep everywhere Koreans are living.

The US has been occupying south Korea and infringing upon the national sovereignty for more than six decades and its domination moves are increasingly pronounced.

In unity with north Korean brethren and overseas Koreans, the south Korean people must resolutely reject the US intervention and domination through inter-Korean cooperation and never tolerate treacherous acts of anti-reunification forces that are conspiring with foreign forces.

Launching a dynamic anti-war and for peace campaign against is urgent call of the times.

The danger of nuclear war is hovering over the Korean nation owing to nuclear war maneuver of the US.

Unless war is prevented and peace is defended on this land anyone will be a tragic victim and the existence of the nation itself is inconceivable.

The south Korean people of all social standings should defend peace and security on the Korean Peninsula by turning out in the struggle to frustrate the US undisguised attempts to strangle and war against north Korea. They must remove the root cause of war completely from this land by launching a nationwide campaign for driving out the US troops.

To realize great national unity is an urgent task of the movement for national reunification.

Those who love the nation and want peaceful reunification must heighten an atmosphere of promoting national reconciliation and unity irrespective of ideology, ideal, system, political party and affiliation and solidarity be promoted further between pro-reunification organizations.

The US and the pro-US conservatives in south Korea are now making last-ditch efforts to reverse the June 15 reunification era to the past period of confrontation in the past and achieve their ambition for power.

The south Korean people from all walks of life should destroy the moves of the Grand National Party and other pro-US conservative forces to bring a medieval-like dark age through ��alliance of the conservatives�� regardless of the desire of the countrymen and the destiny of the nation by united strength of the progressive forces and push the group of traitors to final ruin.

The June 15 joint declaration is a milestone for victory that the Korean nation should hold up for national reunification.

The AINDF and the south Korean people of all social standings will vigorously wage the struggle for implementing the June 15 joint declaration, rejecting the moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad that have made desperate efforts to check the advance of the June 15 independent reunification era, thus demonstrate justness and vitality of the joint declaration.

The Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il is an almighty sword defending dignity, security and sovereignty of the nation and a patriotic politics of guaranteeing for reunification and prosperity of the nation.

Cherishing that peace and security of the nation is defended by the Songun politics, the south Korean people will unanimously support the Songun politics of the leader, life and dignity of the Korean nation.

No force can block the march of the Korean people who move forward with invincible reunification strategy, holding the great man in high esteem. And Korea��s reunification, a long-cherished desire of the Korean nation, will surely be realized.

The south Korean people will brilliantly mark this year as a meaningful year, which opens a turning point for national reunification, by vigorously waging the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity with national pride of having leader Kim Jong Il, sun of the 21 century and lodestar of national reunification.


Successive Fascist dictatorial regimes in south Korea indicted 

The former unconverted long-term prisoners who had come into the embrace of north Korea sent a joint indictment to the Human Rights Committee and the Committee for Settlement of the Past History for Truth and Reconciliation of south Korea through a liaison office in Panmunjeom on January 6. The indictment cited facts about all sorts of monstrous atrocities they experienced or witnessed in prisons in the period of the south Korean military fascist dictatorial regimes and demanded the punishment of those chiefly responsible for them and the compensation for these crimes.

This indictment sent in the name of the whole nation and human conscience is based on the undeniable evidence proving the monstrous crimes perpetrated by the successive dictatorial regimes of south Korea. It has such sub-titles as ��Unprecedentedly harsh system for ideological conversion,�� ��0.75-pyeong (one pyeong equals 3.3 square meters) prison cell of death,�� ��Most brutal torture for man-killing�� and ��Criminal should be punished and apology and compensation should be made.��

According the indictment, at the instigation of the US the south Korean regime introduced the ideological conversion system of south Korean style, more fascist than the system existed in the period of the Japanese imperialist rule, in a bid to maintain the US colonial rule and dampen the desire of the people for independence, democracy and reunification.

It went on:

The ill-famed ��National Security Law,�� ��Anti-Communist Law,�� ��Law on Social Security�� and ��Law on the Supervision for Public Peace,�� etc. were the direct product of the above-said system.

The south Korean fascist rulers harshly cracked down upon those who took the right path of reunification and patriotism by invoking such evil laws and imposed ideological conversion upon them.

Those fascist regimes pressurized the unconverted prisoners to make ideological conversion on charge of violating such evil law as the ��Law on the Supervision for Public Peace�� even after the expiry of their decades-long terms in ��prisons�� and ��camps for the preservation of public peace.��

The criminal nature of ideological conversion is fully proved by the conditions in the hell-like prisons where the unconverted long-term prisoners were detained.

A solitary cell of 0.75 pyeong which admitted no light where each unconverted prisoners spent several decades was more like a hell on earth and a grave.

The successive fascist ruling quarters of south Korea severely punished the unconverted long-term prisoners for the mere reason that they pursued different ideology and ideal and tortured them to death for refusing to make ideological conversion.

The innumerable methods of torture applied by them included ��roast chicken torture,�� ��cool water torture,�� ��torture by pouring water into nose,�� ��torture by pushing one��s head into water box,�� ��torture with ornamental hairpin,�� ��airplane torture,�� ��rapid dive-bombing torture�� and ��electric shock torture.��

The unconverted long-term prisoners reserve the right to punish the assailants and demand them make apology and compensation for the mental and material losses they suffered as miserable sufferers and victims.

They branded the fascist atrocities perpetrated by the successive dictatorial regimes of south Korea as hideous crimes against justice and conscience and a wanton violation of the human rights recognized by international law.

As the victims who survived tragic deaths and as plaintiffs we the unconverted long-term prisoners demand the above-said regimes, assailants, and their descendants that are the accused as follows:

First. The arch criminals and the law-enforcement agents in the period of the fascist dictatorial regimes who committed crimes baffling human imagination against the unconverted long-term prisoners while pressing them to abandon their ideology and faith and their descendants should be brought to the court of history and the nation and sternly punished.

Second. Apology and compensation should be made for the crimes perpetrated by the past dictatorial regimes against the former unconverted long-term prisoners.

63 unconverted long-term prisoners who had come into the embrace of north Korea and Lee In-mo, who had already repatriated to it, spent a total of 2,074 years in nightmarish prisons in south Korea.

The physical damages except mental damage done to them stands at one billion US dollars even according to a preliminary estimate made by specialists of north Korea in line with international practice. It would come to several billion of US dollars at least if the damage done to all those unconverted long-term prisoners killed in prisons is put together.

We are suffering from the aftermath of hardship we experienced in prisons and receiving help in terms of medical treatment and living. This also deserves compensation.

The Grand National Party, direct successor to the past fascist dictatorship, should not turn its face away from our just demand for compensating the damage but make a hundred-fold apology and compensation before quitting the arena of history for good.

The GNP is now represented by Park Geun-hye, daughter of the ill-famed ��Yushin�� dictator.

She should sit in the dock before anyone else for zealously supporting the past ��Yushin�� regime and leading the GNP, a center of present fascist dictatorial clans.

It is our expectation that the fair public opinion of the world and international organizations, authorities and organizations of south Korea concerned with the issue of liquidating the past and people from all walks of life will pay deep attention to our just voices and positively respond to the demand for the disorganization of the GNP, the punishment of its clans and compensation for the damage.