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US Imperialists, Provoker of Korean War

---Statement made available by the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of South Korea National Reunification Committee
Sunday June 18th, 2006

56 years have passed since the US imperialists unleashed the Korean war.

The US imperialists, who had made their appearances as the chieftain of the world imperialists after World War II, set the Korean Peninsula as the first target for the conquest of the world.

The US Far Eastern strategy in those days was to occupy Korea and, using it as a stepping-stone, invade the former Soviet Union and China which had newly emerged victorious in the revolution.

Dwelling on the military and political significance of the Korean Peninsula, MacArthur, the then commander of the US armed forces in the Far East, said that he had always regarded Korea as a military advanced base which was of inexhaustible value.

Part one of the book
The Korean War published in the former Soviet Union said: "The US ruling circle tried to subordinate the Korean people to the US politically and economically and convert the Korean Peninsula into a stepping-stone for invading the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union by putting the whole of Korea under their influence."?

Availing themselves of the favorable opportunity of their having occupied south Korea, the US imperialists secretly made preparations and worked out a plan for triggering off the Korean war.

The US newspaper
The New York Times, dated April 13, 1964, pointed out that the United States had mapped out the strategic plan, NSC-68, concerning the special action to be taken in case of the outbreak of the Korean war and that it was the plan related to the unleashing of the Korean war, which was drawn up and agreed upon at a joint meeting of the US Department of State and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in January 1950 on the instructions of US president Truman and approved at the US National Security Council on April 2.

This shows that after its occupation of south Korea the US made the unleashing of the Korean war a
fait accompli and scrupulously drew up a plan for north-targeted attack beforehand.

The US imperialists organized the south Korean army by making public a "law on the formation of the south Korean armed forces", and shipped in war equipment in a big way to arm the south Korean army under the guise of military aid.

Acheson, the then Secretary of State, said in May 1951 that before the outbreak of the Korean war south Korea had kept an army 114,000 strong. A member of the US Senate said on September 22, 1950, that the US gave nearly 110 million dollars of military aid to south Korea in 1949, and added that included in this aid were 105,000 US-made rifles and carbines, 40,000 Japan-made rifles, plenty of guns and shells, various kinds of armored cars, communications apparatuses, 5,000 motorcars of military use, 79 vessels of war and 20 airplanes.

Prior to their launching of an all-out armed attack on the northern half of Korea the US imperialists massed the south Korean troops along the 38th Parallel and egged them on to perpetrate armed provocations in that area on more than 2,600 occasions in 1949 alone.

Meanwhile, they made their aggressor troops stationed in the northeast Asian region get ready for the Korean war and drew Japan into maneuvers for triggering off the war.

A book published in the former Soviet Union,
US imperialists' Aggression of Korea, pointed out: "The US government … has specially trained commanding personnel of Japan for a war. In April 1950 alone it sent 230 high-ranking officers of the former Japanese army to military schools in the United States."

In order to use international public opinion favorably for them after the provocation of the Korean war the US imperialists concocted a plot as if the war had broken out inevitably because the DPRK had launched an attack without any previous warning before the launching of the war.

In addition, they had gone so far as to work out even a draft resolution to be presented to the United Nations and had prepared documents necessary for it.

Having made every war preparation, they saw to it that Dulles, a special adviser to the US Department of State, was dispatched to south Korea as a special envoy to make him finally check up and ascertain its preparations for war provocation and give it directions as to triggering off a war.

After worming his way into south Korea on June 17, war-monger Dulles inspected the front line and gave a signal for the start of an offensive action for northward invasion.

The book
A War Without Victory published in Japan says that Dulles ordered Syngman Rhee to carry out such counter-propaganda as north Korea had invaded first and to launch simultaneously an attack against north Korea.

Having received an order to mount an attack for northward invasion from Dulles, Chae Byeong-dok, the chief of general staff of the south Korean army, issued order No. 29 to the south Korean troops, thus making them to start a north-targeted attack early on the morning of June 25th.

Referring to this, Han Su Han who had been a staff officer of the 17th regiment of the south Korean army at that time, gave evidence, saying: "June 24th 1950 was Saturday. But the officers were confined to the barracks and were given directions to remain on standby. On the night of the 24th of June we were given secret orders to break through the 38th Parallel and start military action against north Korea early on the morning of the 25th."?

In this way the US imperialists launched an all-out armed attack on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea less than two years old on the morning of June 25, 1950.

However, the US imperialists who were trying their hardest to seize the whole of Korea at a stretch and realize their avaricious desire for world supremacy were compelled to fall to their knees before the Korean people and sign the armistice agreement in the three-year long Korean war, bringing disgrace upon their heads and leaving behind a great many corpses.

Today, too, they, oblivious of the lesson of blood at that time, are resorting to all manner of machinations in an attempt to swallow up Korea at any cost.

If the US imperialists unleash another war on the Korean Peninsula the Korean Army and people will make it impossible for them to return to their country alive by meting out merciless punishment and will accomplish the historic cause of national reunification without fail