Savez komunisticke omladine Jugoslavije-League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (Youth organization of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia-NKPJ)
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TO: The Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League

Dear comrades!

The Central Committee of The League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth salute and congratulates your jubilee marking the 60th anniversary of  the formation of the Kim IL Sung Socialist Youth League!

  We congratulate all Korean youth which self-denyingly struggle for business of the Party and revolution in the name of prosperity and developments of the socialist Motherland, and we wish you all the best.

  Allow me to intimately welcome you on behalf of the League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth who persistently conducts struggle for revival of Yugoslavia and socialism for us, and to wish you new successes in construction of socialism.

  For the last 60 years the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League has a way covered with victories and glory, performed great feats which gold page have gone down to history to Korea.

  Korea selects the way to its future independently and unshakably goes on this way. It
goes successfully, being inspired and shining the way foward under the banner of the immortal Juche idea, under the direction of the Worker's Party of Korea and the dear head of comrade Kim Jong Il.

  LYCY wishes the working people of socialist Koreae further successes in strengthening and perfecting the rates of growth towards the  people's well-being, and ever-greater successes in the decision of the fatal problem of the reunification of the Motherland broken off by imperialists.

   The future belongs to youth!

  Long live DPR Korea!
  Long live Kim Jong IL!
  Long live brotherís organization-The Kim Il Sung socialist youth league!
  Long live the Workers party of Korea!
  Second secretary ,                                                                                                        Marijan Kubik