Savez komunisticke omladine Jugoslavije-League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (Youth organization of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia-NKPJ)
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To His Excellency, the Leader of the International Communist Movement, and the Greatest Example of Anti-US Independence, Marshal KIM JONG IL

The Central Committee of the League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (SKOJ) extends the greatest honor and warmest congratulations to you, the great leader Marshal
Kim Jong IL, sun of the Korean nation and lodestar of national reunification, with respects.

The SKOJ Central Committee wishes good health of you, the great leader Marshal
Kim Jong Il.
  We are with you and the people of the DPRK. Congratulations on defending the working masses and their gains, of leading the charge of single-hearted unity and filial devotion to a single great idea, which has resulted in the glory of Korean-Style Socialism, based on the masses as the DPRK goes its own way free of Imperialist dictates!!!

   We most warmly support  to implement the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration provided by you and exert all our efforts to open an epochal phase of national reunification of Korea, frustrating anti-reunification moves of the US imperialism and pro-US conservative forces under the ideal of “By our nation itself.”

  Korea selects the way to the future independently and unshakably goes on this way. Goes successfully, being inspired and shining the way immortal ideas Juche, under the direction of the Workers party  of Korea and dear head of comrade
Kim Jong Il.

   Down with the lies and the smear campaigns against a people and a government that have only had the tenacity to be completely independent, loyal to socialism and not wanting to give in to the imperial appetite that wants to take away its achievements and its freedom.

   We support the process of reunification of the Korean Peninsula, against all attempts of sabotage and interference.

   SKOJ wishes the working people of socialist Korea of the further successes in strengthening and perfection of rates of growth of a people's well-being, successes in the decision of a fatal problem of reunion of the Motherland broken off by imperialists.

   Long live comrade
Kim Jong Il!!!
   Long live DPR Korea!!!
   Long live socialism!!!
  The Central Committee of the League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (SKOJ)