Commentary of the spokesman for the AINDF


Lee Hoe-chang, former president of the Grand National Party of south Korea (GNP), formally announced his bid for the presidency on November 7.

As a result, the ultra right conservative group is in a pandemonium and the current political situation before the presidential elections began to feature an acute aspect of confrontation between the neo-conservatism and old conservatism and between the old and new conservatism and the progressive reform forces.

 The GNP that tried tooth and claw to check Lee’s candidacy since the spread of the rumor of his bid is now facing the crisis of smithereens in actuality due to the desperate rivalry between the presidential hopefuls Lee Myong-bak and Lee Hoe-Chang.

The point is why the unexpected running of Lee Hoe-chang for the presidency was materialized.

It is a commonplace that the US has been deeply involved in the consecutive presidential elections of south Korea.

In retrospect, the US has exerted big impact upon the presidential elections openly and covertly and dispatched its planning teams and advisers for the winning of the pro-US conservative forces.

It could be nonsensical if such a country as the US does not meddle in the upcoming elections.

Since early this year the US conducted the verification of the presidential candidates and taming them, elaborately mapped out the election strategy and has been observing the development of the situation.

The US could not help envisaging the event in which Lee Myong-bak is disqualified after his support rate be precipitated with the disclosure of the “BBK stock price manipulation incident” and many other scandals he was involved in.

So the US chose Lee Hoe-chang, a flagrant anti-north Korean maniac and its loyal lackey, as a makeshift countermeasure to Lee Myong-bak.

The US calculated that in case it chooses Park Gun-hye, a loser in the qualification contest of the GNP, supporters of Lee Myong-bak will rise in revolt against it and get scattered. So it picked up Lee Hoe-chang who gathered considerable votes in the last presidential elections and has a strong pro-US ultra right disposition.

For Lee Hoe-chang, still stuck on the to-be-president hope despite the two failures in the past, considered that by relying on the US he could usurp Lee Myong-bak’s “support rate” and realize his ambition for the presidency.

In conclusion, the current situation is an outcome of the US scenario to get rid of the progressive reform forces and revive the pro-US conservative regime through the upcoming 17 th presidential elections.

The fierce scuffle between Lee Myong-bak and Lee Hoe-chang according to the scenario of the US, their master, is the extreme of the dirty dogfight of the flunkeyist traitors engrossed in ambition for power and a frenzy of those countering the trend of the times.

So it is quite natural that the people raise their voices; “They are all the same.

We dislike either the old pro-US bone-deep conservative advocating the anti-north confrontation, full of scandals, or the middle-aged anti-reunification conservative involved in the economic putrefaction, disparagement of women and sex scandals.

Let us ostracize all the political and economic putrefaction and maintain the June 15 reunification era!”

All the people should pay sharp attention to the current situation, heighten their vigilance against the US moves to make a pro-US quisling a president and resolutely cope with them.

They should further intensify the anti-US and anti-GNP struggle to thoroughly smash the US moves of intervening in the presidential elections and disband the GNP, a trash can of irregularities and corruption, and open without fail a sure path for the reunification and prosperity of the nation through the overall unity of the pro-reunification progressive and democratic forces.