To all progressive parties and anti-imperialist solidarity organizations

Respected friends and comrades,

On behalf of the C.C of the AINDF, the Reunification Committee sends you its warm comradely greetings and high appreciation.

As you know, the South Korea-US Combined Forces Command announced on July 27 that it would stage the large scale joint military exercises codenamed “Ulji Focus Lens” from August 20 to 31 in south Korea.

Some 10,000 US troops and a great number of south Korean forces, and a huge amount of the latest military equipment are to be committed into this war rehearsal.

Lurking behind these dangerous drills are the vicious plots of the US and south Korean warmongers to threat the DPRK by means of force and to test and wind up the operational capabilities for the preemptive nuclear attack on north Korea on an all-out way.

Now the Korean nation and the world conscience wish the realization of the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula at an early date through the successful implementation of the June 15 joint declaration.

However, such aggressive war exercises aimed at preemptive attack on north Korea by the US and south Korean belligerent forces are a severe military provocation against the north and a wicked challenge to the Korean nation and the world’s progressive humankind desiring of peace and reunification.

Moreover these war drills, for being staged at a time when the measures to implement the February 13 Agreement on realizing the denuclearization and peace of the Korean Peninsula are being carried in actuality, feature more criminal and dangerous.

And the participation of the south Korean military in them is an intolerable crime which would stir up the US ambition of aggression on the north and drive the situation of the peninsula into the threshold of war, laying grave obstacles in the way of peace and independent reunification of the country, and courting disastrous consequences to the inter-Korean relations.

The US and the south Korean authorities can never evade the responsibility for driving the situation into a brink of war and torpedoing the six-party talks and the inter-Korean relations by staging the provocative joint military drills “Ulji Focus Lens”.

Now the broad segments of the south Korean people are dynamically conducting the anti-US anti-war struggle to check and frustrate the joint war drills, branding them as moves of negating dialogue, peace and reunification and liquidating the June 15 joint declaration.

The AINDF and the patriotic south Korean people will more vigorously wage the anti-US anti-war struggle to drive the US aggressors, the main stumbling block to Korea’s peace and reunification and the very root of war, out of this land.

The US is well advised to drop the anachronistic thinking of the cold war and confrontational attitude, and stop at once the aggressive war exercises and pull out its troops and war equipment from south Korea without any delay in line with the expectation of the Korean people and the peace-loving people over the world.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we express our firm belief that your esteemed organizations that have extended positive support and solidarity to the Korean people's just struggle for peace and reunification, would actively conduct the solidarity activities in denunciation and protest of the aggressive war drills projected by the US and south Korean belligerent  forces.

They could include publishing statement, press release and sending protest letter to the White House and the Blue House (south Korean presidential residence).

Your solidarity activities will render a great inspiration and strength to the Korean people in their patriotic struggle for peace and reunification, without doubt.

Comradely yours,


The Reunification Committee, Anti-imperialist National Democratic Front

August 9, Juche 96(2007)