Korea is One!
Let us frustrate the wild ambition of the pro-US conservative forces of south Korea to take power

Now the pro-US conservative forces of south Korea are making frantic efforts to win in the local elections to be held on May 31 to get favorable ambiance in the 17th presidential election next year.
Recently the Propaganda Bureau of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front made public a written appeal to the people to turn the local elections to punish the crimes of the Grand National Party.
It is a unanimous intention of the south Koreans to clear the GNP away from the political circle and it is an undeniable demand of the June 15 reunification era in which Korea’s reunification and common prosperity of the nation are realized by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation.
The Grand National Party is a representative of the pro-US conservative forces in south Korea and the successor of the successive pro-US military fascist dictatorial parties such as the Liberal Party and Democratic Republican Party.
If the Grand National Party takes power, peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula will be insecure and the second Korean War will break out.
The US makes base acts to set up a pro-US regime in south Korea that will back its domination over the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia and world supremacy.
The GNP is a party that works faithfully for the interests of the US regardless of the dignity and interests of the nation.
If it takes power by the support of the US and in collusion with the pro-US conservative forces, the inter-Korean relations will be jeopardized, unity, reunification and reconciliation between the south and the north of Korea will be turned into distrust and confrontation of the past.
In addition, democracy won by the south Korean people through bloody struggle for decades will be evaporated and south Korea will be turned into a medieval-like dark age of fascist dictatorship where murder and violence are prevalent.
Facts show that national independence, democracy of the south Korean society and Korea’s reunification will not be realized, if the GNP takes power.
The local elections are a touchstone whether to defend peace and security on the Korean Peninsula or to retrograde independence and progress and allow a war annihilating the Korean nation.
The south Korean people should make the elections a chance of stern judgment censuring the pro-US conservative forces including the GNP which is turning back to the nation, flattering the US, reviving fascist dictatorship and committing all sorts of irregularities and corruption.
The south Koreans should keep sharp vigilance against the US move to revive the pro-US conservative forces through the presidential election to be held next year and should frustrate it through the anti-US and anti-war struggle.
The south Koreans should foil the desperate efforts of the pro-US conservative forces under the banner of the anti-conservatism alliance and intensify the struggle to liquidate them from the political circle.
The south Korean people should give a heavy blow to the pro-US conservative forces including the GNP, henchmen of the US war policy, which is going to impose nuclear holocaust upon the Korean nation, running counter to the June 15 reunification era.