We Condemn the US Aggressive Moves Against The DPRK

--- April 2006 Statement in Solidarity with the AINDF

Every now and then the US escalates tension with the DPRK(N. Korea) through aggressive war maneuvers of a provocative nature that escalate the situation in the Korean peninsula as a whole and sets up the region for a possible attack against the DPRK.

If anything it proves the sinister intentions of the US which constantly is preparing for military confrontation with the DPRK while it tells the world hypocritically that it is a peace-maker.

Continuous and aggressive the latest war drills starting March 25 have been named Reception, Staging, Onward-movement and Integration (RSOI), they involve the operation named Fowl Eagle, which has mobilized the nuclear powered naval aircraft Abraham Lincoln and a tremendous amount of fire power into the Korean peninsula.

This takes place as the US lies to its people accusing the DPRK of militarism while it uses its own military to constantly threaten and try to intimidate the DPRK.

These aggressive moves can not be but a a way to try and intimidate the DPRK to pressure it to return to the six-party talks while the US is fashioning public opinion against bogus accusations of human rights abuses in the DPRK.

The US in reality is afraid of the continuous resolve and determination of the DPRK to accomplish reunification of the Korean nation and is trying to frustrate the momentum gained by the June 2000 signed declaration between North and South for reunification.

We condemn with the strongest of language these war drills of thug like nature, and stand in solidarity with the Korean people to frustrate them!

US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF
and the South Korean People's Struggle