Savez komunisticke omladine Jugoslavije-League of Yugoslavian communist youth (SKOJ)
(Youth organization of the New communist party of Yugoslavia-NKPJ)
Nemanjina 34,11 000 Belgrade, tel/fax +381.11.2642985

The 8th of July 2006 marks 12 year since the sudden death of the President Kim Il Sung, the head of state of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The people across the DPR Korea respect the memory of the leader comrade Kim Il Sung with mounting longing and boundless reverence for him.
Comrade Kim Il Sung liberated Korea, founded the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and provided his people with happy life. He passed away at his office, while energetically working to accelerate socialist constriction in Korean, to advance the national reunification and to safeguard the world peace and security until the last moment of his life.
Indeed his whole life has been embroidered with the glorious and brilliant epic of full dedication to his people and country.
Today, Korean people replaced the bitterest grief of the loss of President Kim Il Sung with vigor and courage and fight forcefully to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and accomplish mankindís cause of independence, uniting firmly around the leader comrade Kim Jong Il as was wished by president Kim Il Sung during his lifetime.
While the surrounding countries also possess threatening military arsenals, only when it is talked about DPR of Korea are weapons of mass destructions ever mentioned. This is clearly a case of hypocrisy on the part of foreign powers. DPRK has the right to protect itself in these conditions of constant threats and blackmail.
Independence, peace and friendship are the consistent ideals of the WPK and the DPRK Government in foreign relations.
We call all progressive people from all worlds to extend positive support and encouragement to the Korean people s nationwide struggle for peace and reunification.