Visit to the Motherland of Songun Politics in Pictures
John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) Visits Korea
Picture in front of the International Friendship Museum with Mr. Pak of the Korean Association of Social Scientists (KASS) and a friendly guide.
Monument to Party Founding
Picture with Mr.Han of KASS and our friendly driver in the southernly mountains of the DPRK
A friendly guide teaches the art of cultivating Kimjonilias, red flower beloved by Korea
Expressing feelings of warm solidarity with Comrade-in-arms Zo Il Min of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) of south Korea Mission in Pyongyang
"Cliched fists in support of the DPRK!" at the Historic Building were Negotiations Took Place During the Great Fatherland Liberation War against the American Imperialist enemy and her pupeet troops.
Friendly Exchange of Views and Historical Information with a KPA Officer at Panmunjom
KASS scholars and KPA officer in picture at Panmunjom
View of Panmunjom with Mr.Han
View of Panmunjom with Mr.Kim
Solo shot of Panmunjom with ROK pupeet headquarters in background and KPA soliders stationed for the protection of myself and other DPRK guests.
All smiles on top of Juche Tower, largest stone monument in the world with a grand view of scenic Pyongyang in the background.
A picture with friendly guide and stone praises of immortal Juche idea below tower.