Some time ago, at the request of Comrade Wendy Binion, a pro-DPRK activist, enviromental scientist, and women's studies personage, I had the opertunity to request of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, information related to the life of women in Socialist Korea. This was part of a college level international studies project, and the ongoing efforts of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) to better understand what the Juche Idea of KIM IL SUNG and the Songun Idea of KIM JONG IL mean in terms of Women's Liberation.

A letter From the NDFSK dated May 4th Juche 93 stated as follows :

"As you requested in March 26 e-mail: " 4.. About Life in the DPRK for Women  A Comrade of mine is requesting information about women in the DPRK. Would it also be okay if to put her in Contact with the Korean Social Scientists, or Women's leagues.", we made contact with the staff members of the Central Committee of the KDWU(Korean Democratic Women's Union) and asked them to give an eye to our US comrades' earnest desire.

They are very pleased at the news that even the US progressive women are deeply interested in the worthwhile life of women in the DPRK ensured by the three generals of Mt. Baekdu.

Here are some presents(Introduction of the KDWU and  Brief on the Status and Role of the Women in the DPRK) from the KDWU comrades to your female comrade, a practicing  communist and Songun supporter of the US."

The Songun Followers in the US are thankful for this gift and display these interesting articles for the progressive masses in the US and the world, as part of our on-going solidarity with the DPRK and NDFSK, united as one as Soldiers of the three great generals of Mt.Baekdu in the US.

--- John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Korean Democratic Women s Union

Brief Introduction on the Status and Role of the Women in the DPR of Korea