Handing over Heritage of Gun

   Generally speaking, heritage means a property that a predecessor hands over to the next generation. As for the revolutionaries, money or material wealth is by no means heritage.
   What is the most precious heritage for the revolutionaries will be the one that should be useful for the revolution. As the greatest means of revolution, the gun which is the weapon of class, revolution and justice is the most precious and wonderful heritage.
   The Juche revolutionary cause pioneered by new generation of revolutionaries with President Kim Il Sung as the core of leadership is laid its foundation on two pistols that was handed over by Kim Hyong Jik, father of the President.
   Kim Hyong Jik handed over the two pistols to the President as a heritage when he passed away in June 1926 without attaining his aim for the country's independence.
   It meant that resistance should be waged through armed struggle in order to smash the Japanese imperialism armed to the teeth and if his son, the great President, could not accomplish the cause of the country's independence, his grandson should fight till they win the nation's independence.
With the two pistols as assets, the President proclaimed the anti-Japanese armed battle to smash the Japanese imperialism, achieved the cause of national liberation, and accomplished the cause of founding the party after the liberation, founded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and defended it.
   Marshal Kim Jong Il received a pistol out of the two from President Kim Il Sung on July 1952.
   That day the President left meaningful remarks.
   …Your grandfather handed down the two pistols that have profound meaning of "Aim High" as a heritage when he passed away. I organized the armed ranks the first of its kind, with two pistols as an important asset, proclaimed the anti-Japanese war and liberated the country. Our revolution, however, have remained unfinished. I give you the pistol to you. You would better take it as a heritage of revolution and keep it throughout your life as it was handed down from the three generations of Mangyongdae family. The enemy you will confront with is not common enemy. The US and Japan make desperate efforts to invade our country as they did in the past and present. You, therefore, should not lay down the gun. You can smash them only by the gun.
   President Kim Il Sung handed down the gun of revolution as a heritage which is just like the vitality that have led the anti-Japanese national liberation movement, the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and the anti-US fatherland liberation war, the greatest revolutionary struggles in the modern history of our nation, to victory.
   Marshal Kim Jong Il received the gun which is the most invaluable one for a revolutionary.
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