NDFSK Stands on the Side of Iraqi Anti-US/ Anti-Occupation Armed Struggle

Comrades, the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang, ran a recent article I helped conduct, with the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance. This does not to claim the ideas expressed in the NDFSK News Report are the thoughts of the Iraqi leadership, merely we are posting this here, in hopes of forming an international "Axis of Resistance" based on mutual aid and defense of all those who stand up to the common hated enemies.

The article appeared in 
NDFSK Pyongyang Mission News Report No. 12   December, Juche 92(2003).

John Paul Cupp
Chairman, Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
Information Co-ordinantor, Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA)


Interview between the Anti-imperialist Solidarity Committee and the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

Recently there was an e-mail interview between John Paul Cupp, Information Coordinator of the Anti-imperialist Solidarity Committee and Awni al Kalemji of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

Regarding that it may be useful for the patriotic south Korean people in their struggle against the pro-US traitors' additional troop dispatch to Iraq, the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang introduces part of the interview.

Interview with comrade-in-arms,Awni al Kalemji, of the Iraqi 

Patriotic Alliance, conducted via e-mail by John Paul Cupp, 

of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA)

Letter to the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA)

First of all, I would like to thank you very much forsupportingour struggle to defeat the occupiers and liberate our country .We are sure that this day will come soon. Here are my answers for all your questions. But first, I apologize about my English, because its not enough to express my thoughts.

Awni al Kalemji

Question: Comrades of the Patriotic Alliance, freedom fighters of Iraq, would you please detail for the anti-imperialist popular forces in the US, the history of your organization, it activities, ideological make-up, long and short term goals, and any activities you feel comfortable sharing? 

Answer: The Iraqi Patriotic Alliance contains many Iraqi parties from the right to the left, and this IPA was established in June 22, 1992. Now then, our short and long term goals are to liberate our country and establish a democratic regime.

Question: What in your opinion are the main reasons for the imperialist occupation of Iraq? Do you see any divergences between the goals of the Zionist entity and US imperialism? If so what? 

Answer: Briefly, the first goal behind the invasion of Iraq is the oil. The second is to protect Israel and help it to end all the rights of the Palestinian people. The third goal is to change the map of the Arab region to make it more compliant to the American designs. If the USA gets these goals, then there are no longer any obstacles to leading the world ten years, or more. I do not think that there is a divergence between the goals (US imperialism and Zionism) except in the details.

Question: In the US, it is hard to figure out who the armed resistance forces are in Iraq. Would you talk about this for us please? 

Answer: Simply, I can assure that all of the Iraqi people from the right to the left resist the occupiers.

Question: Around the world, principled anti-imperialists are engaged in a "10 Euro campaign" to support the national liberation struggle in Iraq? What do you make of this, and what other things can comrades, particularly in the US and other imperialist countries do to concretely support the people of Iraq, their leadership, and just anti-occupation resistance, principally armed resistance? 

Answer: We support every offer made to the resistance.

Question: When we look at the various countries that Bush Jr. singled out as the "axis of evil", why do you think he chose Iraq?

Answer:Iraq was an American target for more than 50 years ago, as he who controls Iraq can dominate all the region.

Question: When you look at the DPRK (north Korea) and then look at pre-occupation Iraq, you notice that the DPRK maintains a nuclear deterrent force, and overwhelming military capacity. It has refused to co-operate with attempts to stifle it by force. 

On the other hand, we see clearly that Iraq's leadership, whatever its reasons, was legitimately cooperating with the inspections and decisions of the great powers. Do you think that the US for this reason attack Iraq, that is because it was seen as in a weakened position, or do you think the US would still have attacked Iraq?

Answer: Because N. Korea is not considered a threat against Israel.

Question: What would you say to countries such as north Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya, , etc that are facing threats of war, including nuclear attacks from the US imperialists and Zionists? Also, what should the anti-imperialists in the US and other imperialist countries do to prevent from happening to these countries, what happened to Iraq?

Answer: I recommend all these countries, say no to America, because it can not open another front as long as the resistance in Iraq is continual.

Question: If you were to make an appeal to the countries involved in the aggression of Iraq, as boot-lickers to the US, such as Albania, Poland, south Korea, and possibly Turkey, what would you say, how would you say it, and why? 

Answer: I say to them that they are slaves of the USA.

Question: If you were to make a formal appeal to the masses of the US, what would such appeal be, and why? 

Answer: The best way is for you to leave Iraq immediately, otherwise you will leave it by force.