Songun politics, great banner of the cause of independence 

 --- Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) of south Korea Mission in Pyongyang

September 12, Juche 95 (2006)

The Songun politics of north Korea is an independent line of the new century and a banner of all victories to foil all forms of domination, subjugation, aggression, and war moves of the imperialists and reliably defend and materialize the independence of the popular masses.

Now when the imperialist reactionary forces have put forward the policy of strength as the major strategy for realizing their ambition for domination over the world, it is imperative to take the road of Songun in order to meet the popular masses¡¯ demand for independence and resolutely defend the basic interests of the nation.

Neither concession nor comprise can prevent the US moves for aggression and war as they are a product of the US policy, which is turning extremely reactionary, and of the serious crisis of its economy. To give priority to military affairs to increase the national capacity for self-defense and make political, military and material preparations to frustrate the US aggression, this is the most right way of defending the security and peace of the country and the nation.

The Songun politics is the great revolutionary line and the mode of struggle whose vitality and might have been proven in the 80-odd year-long glorious road of the Korean revolution.

It is the unshakable faith and will of the army and people of north Korea to foil the imperialists¡¯ aggression and war moves and accomplish the popular masses¡¯ cause of independence, the cause of socialism under the banner of Songun. North Korea is now becoming an epitome of worldwide fierce standoff between socialism and imperialism and between independent forces and the reactionaries of history. The US is spearheading their attack on north Korea which is invariably holding high the banner of socialism. The north Korean army and people, however, are full of pluck and they are firmly convinced of the victory of the socialist cause.

They will as ever advance under the banner of Songun that has brought the dignity and honor of the independent people and will not concede even a step in the path of struggle chosen by themselves until they win final victory.

It is the invariable revolutionary stand of the Korean army and people to react to the imperialists¡¯ hard line with the toughest line.

The Songun politics of north Korea which represents arms plus the do-or-die spirit will remain undeterred before any pressure, threat, sanctions and blockade by the US.

The army and people of north Korea are overflowing with the spirit to destroy the fortress of aggression if the US recklessly ignites a war. They will not show mercy to the arrogant and ferocious aggressors.

The army and people of north Korea will increase the national capacity for self-defense in every way and react to the enemies¡¯ hard line with the toughest line unless the US renounces their hostile policy toward north Korea. They have keenly realized in the crucible of the fierce anti-imperialists struggle that only Songun is a way out and it guarantees the nation¡¯s dignity. They will, therefore, more tightly hold arms and defend their ideology, system and cause at the cost of their lives under the Songun leadership.

It is the fixed will of the Korean army and people to strengthen the Songun revolutionary unity with the headquarters of the revolution as its core in every way.

No nuclear weapon can overwhelm the might of their single-minded unity with which the army and people form a fortress as strong as an iron wall around leader Kim Jong Il in the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the spirit of human bombs.

They will unswervingly advance along the path of independence, the path of socialism under the banner of Songun in any storm and stress to eternally glorify the victorious history of the Korean revolution and actively contribute to realizing the cause of global independence.


Songun politics based on Juche idea


Songun politics is an independent one based on the Juche idea, which displays an invincible might in revolutionary practice.

It is the fundamental principle of the Juche idea to defend and realize the independence of countries, nations and popular masses in a most thoroughgoing way.



 This requirement of the Juche idea is materialized by the Songun politics. the politics demands to solve all the problems arising in the revolution and construction on the principle of giving a preference to the military affairs and carry on the socialist cause as a whole with the People¡¯s Army as the motive force of the revolution and in reliance on it.

Independence is the lifeblood of the popular masses as well as a country and nation.

The revolution for independence of people is accomplished by fierce confrontation of strength with counterrevolutionary force, and thus the victory or defeat in the struggle depends on military power.

The Songun politics makes it possible to strengthen the army as an invincible force so that it can frustrate any aggressive moves of the imperialists at a stroke and defend the sovereignty of the nation with credit.

The justice and vitality of the Songun politics have been proved in the practice of the Korean revolution and are becoming more pronounced as the days go by.

It is entirely thanks to the Songun politics that today the Korean people are vigorously building a thriving nation, resolutely smashing the US moves to stifle north Korea.

Inviolable is the sovereignty of north Korea guided by the Songun politics based on the Juche idea, the most thorough independent idea.


US, ringleader of state-sponsored terrorism



The United States is the ringleader of state-sponsored terrorism. It defends Israel in its state-sponsored terrorism against Palestine and Lebanon under the motto of ¡°anti-terrorism.¡±

Israel¡¯s military invasion against Lebanon was an inevitable product of the double-dealing policy now being pursued by the US under the pretext of ¡°anti-terrorism.¡±

Israel¡¯s¡¯ state-sponsored terrorism against Palestine and Lebanon is unthinkable without the US backing and patronage.

It is the US Middle East policy to help Israel boost its position in the region and thus retain its grip on it. By exercising its influence on the Mideast issue the US seeks to expand the sphere of its influence on the region and create conditions favorable for using Israel as a shock brigade for carrying out its strategy to dominate it.

The US has always stood by Israel in the Mideast issue while putting pressure on Palestine, instructing it to do this or that under the pretext of ¡°aid.¡± It is the demand of the US that Palestine lay down arms, recognize Israel and submit to its fate.

The US, while acting as a ¡°mediator¡± of Mideast peace, took much pain to have a Palestinian government that might join hands with Israel be formed in Palestine. However, its hope was snuffed out. As Hamas, a hard-lined military outfit of Palestine, took power, the US resorted to a sinister trick.

The US has worked hard overtly and covertly to topple down Hamas by branding it as ¡°a terrorist organization¡± though it came to power through a democratic election.

The US has supported and protected its allies and other followers in their actions against independence and peace, applying double standards over series of issues including ¡°human rights issue.¡± But it has put blatant pressure, sanctions and threat and blackmail upon those countries incurring its displeasure. This is clearly proved once again by the grave situation in the Mideast.

What is happening in the Mideast shows that a country without capability for self-defense can neither beat back enemy invasion nor protect the security of its people.

National sovereignty can be defended only by powerful self-defensive forces.

The current Mideast situation teaches this serious lesson once again.


Lesson shown by Lebanon war


The United States sustained shameful defeat in the Lebanon war.

What the US pursued in the war was to wipe out the Hezbollah force at a blow according to its strategy of ¡°anti-terrorism¡± and to expand the American-style ¡°democratization¡± in the Middle East region.

However, any positive situation for the American-style ¡°democratization¡± has not been created in the region but its prospect become gloomy.

The Middle East countries came to realize clearly the aggressive nature of the ¡°anti-terrorist war¡± of the United States and the bellicosity and brutality of the Bush administration through the war and held higher the anti-US banner. It eloquently proves the political fiasco of the United States in the war.

The Syrian President stated that the ¡°conception for new Middle East¡± conceived by the United States and Israel is a delusion and on the verge of bankruptcy owing to their defeat in the war.  

The United States and Israel also suffered ignominious military defeat.

In accordance with the scenario worked out by the US, Israel mobilized tens of thousands of armed forces and latest war equipment for 30-odd days to launch vigorous attacks on Hezbollah in the air and on the ground and sea.

The Hezbollah guerillas, which had neither tanks nor aircraft, were very poor, but gained the supremacy over the Israeli army with their stubborn resistance and tactical advantage.

The war showed Israel could not subdue the Hezbollah force and the escalation of the ¡°anti-terrorist war¡± through the Lebanon war resulted in further tightening the windpipe of the US.