June 15th Anti-US Solidarity Tribute Page:US Troops Must LEAVE Korea At Once!!!
We, the People of the US,  must DEMAND, that the US government sign a Non-aggression treaty with the DPRK, and exit it's troops from South Korea!!!
Under the Banner of June 15th, the Korean Nation Marches, 70 Million Strong, For Re-unification!!!
National Democratic Front of South Korea Tribute Page!!!
Pyongyang Mission of National Democratic Front of South Korea
Add.: Munsu-dong, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
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To progressive parties, organizations and personages of the world

   The NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang, authorized by its Central Committee, extends revolutionary and comradely greetings to you and your organization who always render warm support and solidarity to the NDFSK and the south Korean people's patriotic cause for the independent reunification of Korea.
   Soon we are going to mark the 4th anniversary of the publication of the historic June 15 Inter-Korean Joint Declaration.
   The declaration, arranged by Marshal Kim Jong Il's great idea of loving the country, nation and people, warm compatriotism and firm will of reunification, is a declaration of national independence, great national unity and peaceful reunification as well as a milestone of reunification in the 21st century that manifested to the world the Korean nation's high spirit and intention to reunify the country by themselves.
   In last 4 years after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration, the Korean nation's enthusiasm for national reconciliation and cooperation, unity and reunification soared higher than ever.
   Today a mass struggle for anti-US independent reunification is waged dynamically in south Korea while the inter-Korean relation once stained with mistrust and showdown has converted into that of reconciliation and cooperation, which has brought about a new era of "By our nation itself" in which the reunification issue is being solved by the concerted efforts of the nation.
   All these marvelous events and successes achieved on the road of realizing national reunification in last 4 years are attributable to the great Songun revolutionary leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Il .
   Kim Jong Il is the peerless patriot and great father of our nation who safeguards the destiny of our nation and brings forward the bright future of reunified nation by virtue of the Songun politics.
   The NDFSK and the south Korean people will wage a more dynamic reunification movement against all sorts of challenges and obstructive moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad under the uplifted banner of June 15 joint declaration and the slogan of faith: "Let us bring earlier reunification true to the Songun politics of great Marshal Kim Jong Il!"
   Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we express our belief and conviction that you and your organization will extend firm solidarity (including statements, letters, etc.) demanding the withdrawal of the US troops, main obstacle in the way of reunification of Korea, denouncing the south Korean anti-reunification forces' move to bar the implementation of the declaration, and supporting our nation's cause for independent reunification.
   Best regards,

Zo Il-min
NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang
Appeal to the south Korean people

   It has been two years since two young school girls were killed by GIs in south Korea.
   We once again severely denounce this murder case which made all Koreans burn with hatred and indignation as an atrocious crime exposing the bloodthirsty nature of the US aggression troops in south Korea.
   With the incident as a momentum, a sea of candlelight spread across south Korea and a nationwide anti-US struggle was occasioned.
   It was a patriotic struggle of the south Korean people awakened to the truth of history and the times that they can live no more under the US occupation and the reunification of Korea and the worthy life of people are available only when the US imperialists are rooted out.
   In spite of the strenuous anti-US struggle of the south Korean people, however, the tyrannical nature of the US aggressors and killers gets still worse than two years ago when the two young girls were killed.
   Taking no notice of the fundamental demand of the south Korean people for receiving apology from the US for GIs' murder and redressing of the unequal south Korea-US relations, the US is hell-bent on preparing a second Korean War to destroy the whole Korean nation under the pretext of the "nuclear issue".
   The situation in which the destiny of not only the south Korean people but also the entire Korean nation is seriously threatened by the US requires the Korean people in the south and north to turn out in a nationwide anti-US struggle firmly hand in hand.
   Now the Korean nation has a power to defeat the US on a nationwide scale and the situation is also ripening.
   It has been four years since the Korean nation entered the new century, holding aloft the June 15 joint declaration. Now north Korea wins victory after victory by virtue of Songun while south Korea has witnessed an amazing political event that the united power of the people aspiring after the new defeated the challenge of the US and reactionary forces tenacious of the old.
   The times urge confrontation between the Korean nation and the US. Only this leads to the victory of the south Korean people in their anti-US struggle and final triumph of the entire Korean nation in its anti-US showdown.
   We appeal to the patriotic south Korean people to rise up to put an end to the US colonial rule and finally root out the source of war on the Korean peninsula in the same spirit as they displayed to win the victory in the "general elections".
   The US troops in south Korea is a root source of all evils and disasters.
   The Iraqi people, occupied no more than one year, have driven the war group of Bush into a tight corner by waging a death-defying armed resistance against the US occupation troops. Therefore, why should not the patriotic south Korean people proud of a brave anti-US tradition rise up to finish off the 60-year-long history of occupation of US troops?
   The south Korean people should add fuel to the anti-US struggles of all kinds and focus them on the struggle for the withdrawal of GIs so as to make them feel hard to stay more in south Korea.
   Nobody is more reliable and powerful than the brethren of the same blood in driving out the US - alien power. The anti-US national cooperation is a weapon shared by the south and north of Korea, which is feared most by the US in the times of the June 15 joint declaration.
   The south Korean people of various social strata should build a solid structure of the Korean nation vs. US showdown on the peninsular firmly hand in hand with the northern brethren of the same blood, launch an all-out attack on the US and display to the full the validity of the June 15 joint declaration.
   Songun is the banner of the reunification of Korea as well as the prosperity of mankind.
   The south Korean people should support and be more faithful to the great Songun politics that defends the destiny of the Korean nation, brings about the reunification of the Korean peninsula and ensures the future of the world.
   We, the Songun followers and anti-imperialists of the USA and the UK, express our firm belief that the south Korean people possessed of a heroic tradition of anti-US struggle will surely emerge victorious in their struggle to build a new society without the presence of US troops and make a new history of independence and reunification under the uplifted banner of the great Songun politics and the June 15 Inter-Korean Joint Declaration.
   Victory to the south Korean people's valiant struggle for anti-US independence!
   Glory to the Korean nation to be reunified and prosperous!
Without the Songun Politics of the Peerless Patriot, Marshal KIM JONG IL, The June 15th Re-Unification Accords Would Be Unthinkable!!!
President Kim Il Sung's
Seoul visit - 50 years
(June, 2000)

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