President Kim Il Sung, Eternal Sun

   History of humankind records millions of years.
   Recollecting the long history of mankind, there are many renowned great men. However, it has never recorded such a peerlessly great man as President Kim Il Sung.
   President Kim Il Sung is the peerlessly great man who is endowed with an unparalleled disposition in terms of ideological and theoretical wisdom, leadership and virtue.
   He is the great leader whom the Korean people have acclaimed for the first time in thousands of years of history.
   The great leader Marshal Kim Jong Il said that the founding father of the state of our nation is King Dangun but the father of socialist Korea is the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. Without the President it is impossible to talk about today's Korea which is highlighted throughout the world, and is inconceivable about high dignity, honor and pride of our nation. Indeed, he said, the President is the great father of our nation who makes our nation the most dignified and happiest people in the world.
   President Kim Il Sung is the great leader possessed of extraordinary disposition.
   He also is a great man possessed of extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom.
   He founded ideas and theories which are run through with encyclopedic knowledge, originality and national character through revolutionary struggle.
   He is a great man endowed with outstanding leadership ability.
   His leadership is the wisest and scientific leadership and the greatest one with which he turned adversity into a favorable condition and misfortune into a blessing.
   He realized a general leadership over the revolution and construction and a popular one of solving all problems relying on the people.
   He is the true leader of people and the peerlessly great man possessed of noble virtue.
   He is an incarnation of comradeship who has boundless love for the comrades, a benevolent father who embraces the entire people without distinction and a great man who devoted his all life to the people.
   The President is a great leader who rendered immortal feats in carrying out the independent cause of people.
   He created the immortal Juche idea which serves as guiding idea for the people to shape their destiny, founded the Juche-type political organization which assumes responsibility and takes care of the destiny of the people and built the genuine revolutionary armed forces that defends freedom and happiness of the people. He trained north Korean people into revolutionary one with strong spirit of independence.
   He built the people-centered north Korean style socialism and put forward Marshal Kim Jong Il by providing firm guarantee for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche.
   He is the lodestar of human emancipation and great leader of the world revolution.
   Indeed, he is an outstanding great man who embodied all quality and character of great man on the highest level and the peerlessly great man who left idea, exploits and virtue the best one in the world for the nation and humankind.
   President Kim Il Sung is immortal as the sun of Juche along with his immortal idea, feats and virtue.
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