Leader KIM JONG IL salutes the Korean People's Army
 on the 75th anniversary of its founding

On the 43rd Anniversary of the Assention of Leader KIM JONG IL to the Central Committee of the Workerís Party of Korea

    June 19th, Juche 96 (2007) marks the 43rd anniversary of the start of leader KIM JONG ILís work in the CC of the WPK.  In the spirit of absolute worship and filial devotion, let us use this occasion to uphold the lessons and role of the Supreme leader of the Korean and world revolution.

    From infancy, leader KIM JONG IL always regarded the great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG as the absolute leading quarters of the revolution and construction. Never bowing or groveling to hegemonists, dogmatists, revisionists, and great power chauvinists, leader KIM JONG IL sought off from an early age to study, follow, enrich, and systematize the immortal Juche idea of the great leader and the Songun revolution pioneered by the Anti-Japanese Guerrillas.

   Forgoing the experience of spending years studying abroad, leader KIM JONG IL preferred his post-university days be spent studying the classics of Marxism-Leninism within the libraries of Korea and at the side of the great leader.

     Itís only natural that leader KIM JONG IL would become a member of the Central Committee. After all, it was he who put down into writing and practices the superiority and originality of the great leaderís Juche idea owing to the historical limitations of the previous revolutionary theory of the working class.

    As the great leader passed into eternity, socialism collapsed in Eastern Europe, and Korea faced untold hardships and natural disasters, leader KIM JONG IL rallied the people of Korea and the world to follow the path of the immortal and peerlessly brilliant great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG, the path of socialism according to the role of the masses as masters of their own destiny and the university and of each nation as the masters of their own revolution.

   Leader KIM JONG IL never made illusions about imperialism and realized that so long as there is imperialism their must be arms.  Following Songun politics and leadership method, today the DPRK is army-centered social protected by the nuke-and-lifeline stance that defies the imperialists and humbles them rather than granting concessions of national principles.

    He pioneered the June 15th inter-Korean reunification accords following the lifelong desire of the great leader to see the reunification of Korea, and is the spiritual driving force of the south Korean peopleís anti-US and anti-war struggle.

    Now the people of the world are building organizations to study, disseminate, and follow Juche idea and Songun politics, proving the correctness of leader KIM JONG IL in following, enriching, and systematizing the path laid forth by the great leader.

Long life to leader KIM JONG IL and his brilliant Songun leadership style!