Marking Sun's Day with Soldiers

   Marshal Kim Jong Il always visits units of the north Korean People's Army and finds himself among the soldiers in order to defend socialist north Korea built by President Kim Il Sung.
   The Marshal climbed 1,211 Height on April 15 Juche 86 (1997) where the memory of fierce battle with the US aggressors is still vivid.
   Recollecting the past heroic struggle of the defenders of the height, he said that the immortal merits of the heroic soldiers who unhesitatingly devoted their youth and life to the party, leader and state will shine forever along with thriving socialist motherland.
   The Marshal who visited the post to bestowed them with warm love and give them matchless courage and resources even on the Sun's Day, soldiers on the Height 1,211 vowed to devotedly defend the headquarters of revolution and socialist motherland with guns.
   He said that he would be supreme commander who shares life and death with soldiers at the combat posts.
   The Marshal visited a unit of the north Korean People's Army on the front line even on the Day of the Sun, Juche 87 (1998.) Looking at the cheering soldiers, the Marshal said he came there wondering that they might yearn for the President on the Day of the Sun.
   Recollecting the significant day when he visited the unit, together with the President, he said as he came there he eagerly yearned for the President who was concerned about national reunification. He added that the President took a walk on the ground of a billet for a long time, saying that he could not sleep at the thought of the ruined countrymen hearing chirping sound of nigh bird when he fought in mountain against the Japanese army and he could not sleep at the thought of south Korean compatriots hearing that sound there near the Military Demarcation Line.
   The great looks of Marshal who spares no pains even on the Day of the Sun to bring about the reunification of the country at any cost is touches our hearts.
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