Lets support the AINDF and the south Korean people even more militantly than ever before!

May 21, 2005 statement by John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), and Member of the Editorial Board of the Red Banner of Songun International e-journal. 


The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front can be found on-line at:

Dear Readers and Friends,

I would like to thank you all for the attention you have given to our efforts to support the DPRK's Songun and Juche ideas as well as giving focus to the struggle of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front in south Korea and the mass of south Korean patriotic strugglers in their united drive to run out the US dogs of war and unite the Koreas peacefully under the June 15th, 2000 accords.

The south Korea people have a glorious and vibrant history of struggle against all obsticles. They fought with the northern brethern against the Japanese colonialists, against the American crusaders in the Great Fatherland Liberation war, and today they fight and fight and struggle and struggle as one.

From within the epicentre of US imperialism, there can be no greater litmus test between the opertunists who surrender to imperialism and those that do not, but the concrete support for national liberation and re-unification struggles in the perphery.

Comrades, it is none other than the AINDF who leads this drive, and this despite their clandestine existance and the oppression they face by one of the most fascistic, pro-American and anti-popular regimes in the world today. More than this the AINDF leads the struggle and refuses to recant the love and loyalty the feel to the Juche socialist brethern in the north, there status and the sons and daughters of the Korean nation who sing of "No motherland without you Kim Jong Il" in the spirit if filiat devotion and patriotic ferver.

The AINDF frequently issues statements and lettters asking the progressive organizations and personages to endorse their legitamite demands and the defense of the south Korean masses against a American imperialism, Japanese militarism, and a ruthless and cunning local comprador headed by the anti-national 'Grand National Party'. From Iraq to Sudan to Belarus to Cuba and beyond, you have seen my name on statements of support for resistance and national liberation. This solidarity must include the masses of Korea, both the glorious Songun Revolution of Juche in the north and the anti-US independence struggle in the south.

Please, based on the spirit of a united front against the common enemies of us all, and the defense of the rights of nations to self-determination, models based on the independent desires of the popular masses for independence, include the support and active involvement of your various organizations and personages in these campaigns.

Also, please feel free to regulars check out recent articles on the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) webpage and the webpage of the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle, and to forward them around to your various friends, allies, and contacts.

With a deep sense of thanks,

John Paul Cupp,

Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Chairman of the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle