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  The National Democratic Front of South Korea, is the Vanguard of the south Korean Revolution to smash and destroy forever the world-wide hated U.S. Imperialist Occupation, and allow for the Peaceful re-unifcation of the 70 million strong Korean nation along the universally accepted June 15th accords. The National Democratic Front of South Korea, is a party of the south Korean patriotic masses which deeply admire
COMRADE KIM IL SUNG, and COMRADE KIM JONG IL, founders  of the  Juche Idea  and Songun Politics, respectively. The South Korean Country-selling Comprador Party, "Grand National Party" , a hated dictator clique, has  repeatedly harrassed and  persicuted Revolutionary and Progressive south Korean patriots including the NDFSK comrades. Recently, The Grand National Party, in a treasonist US bootlicking move has further expanded the use of south Koreans as cannon fodder for the US/ UK Imperialist occupation of the beloved Iraqi Arab people. We Stand with the NDFSK, and the south Korean People as they reject this treason, and stand with the just anti-US resistance of the Iraqi  People.

  The National Democractic Front of South Korea, have been our true comrades, helping the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee in its efforts at forming a Songun Politics Study Group, and teaching the US working class how much the south Korean people are venerating the Songun stance of Marshal Kim Jong Il,  which safeguards the Korean nation from total destruction, and defends the Human-centered Gains, of the DPRK in building and maintaining socialism. We can not express enough our love and respect for the heroic example of the NDFSK, and we thank them with all our hearts for what they have done to help us better understand Songun Politics,  and what it means to be a Communist Revolutionary!
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Along the Road of June 15th,  the Korean nation marches, 70 million strong for re-unification!!!
Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee [USA]
interview with the National Democratic Front of South Korea
[NDFSK], 31 July 03


Anti-Imperialist Solidarity [USA]
July 31

Dear comrades,
The NDFSK extends its heartfelt comradely greetings to you who render warm support and solidarity to our nation's cause for anti-imperialist independence and independent peaceful reunification of the country. We regard it as a great honor to have comrades-in-arms like you who are the vanguards with firm anti-imperialist spirit and ardent love for justice and peace in the United States, den of imperialism.
Especially we are greatly encouraged by your active support to the invincible Songun policy of Marshal Kim Jong Il, sun of the 21st century, to our national reunification and to the patriotic cause of the NDFSK and the south Korean people on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 month for the joint anti-US struggle as well as your expression of willingness to help us by any means.
Still more, we are honored to receive your July 24 e-mail: "Letter of Solidarity With the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the 50th Anniversary of the Defeat of US Imperialism in the Region" and July 22 e-mail about your solidarity activities to be conducted with your friends at Militant Artists and your plan to distribute small tracts of Kim Jong Il's works. Your recent letters and activities have been highly appreciated by the NDFSK Central Committee and informed, too, to our brothers in north Korea: the WPK.
With a firm determination to fight together with the comrades of the Anti-imperialist Solidarity USA in the common front against the US imperialism, we send you heartfelt thanks as well as a written reply to your interview questions.

Written reply to the interview questions
raised by the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity [USA]

[AIS]: Comrades of the NDFSK, Perhaps the best place to start is for you to explain just exactly what the NDFSK is, when it was founded, why it was founded, and perhaps you could discuss the conditions under which progressives and revolutionaries dedicated to national liberation and re-unification are forced to operate?

[NDFSK]: The National Democratic Front of South Korea [NDFSK] guided by the immortal Juche idea is the Party representing the south Korean people's desire and will and the patriotic vanguard of the south Korean reform movement of the south Korean reform movement. Its socio-class foundation is the extensive strata of the south Korean people including the workers, farmers, students, intellectuals, small and medium businessmen, patriotic soldiers, clergymen and national capitalists.

The NDFSK's program is to set up a national independent government after abolishing the US colonial rule in south Korea. It wages concurrently the struggles for democracy and national reunification under the slogan of anti-US independence.
ts predecessor is the Revolutionary Party for Reunification founded on August 25, 1969. The RPR renamed itself into the NDFSK on July 27, 1985 to cope with the changing situation and requirement of the Party's development. Thus it has developed into a mass party. Hardly coerced by the US imperialism and its stooges who regard the entity of the NDFSK as a thorn in their flesh, the NDFSK vanguards are in underground condition. They, however, have their representative missions in Pyongyang where they are protected by the northern brethren of the same blood, same idea and aim as well as in Japan where a naked suppression of the south Korean authorities is impossible. You may keep your contact with the NDFSK via our missions in Pyongyang and in Japan.

[AIS]: Comrades of the NDFSK, thru very clear and blunt statements, Comrade Kim Jong Il and the Workers Party of Korea have describe the thoughts and feelings, as well as tactics and strategies they are using when facing this latest threat of aggression. What is not clear, at least to comrades over here in the United States, is what is going thru the minds of comrades in The south. It must be very horrible and stressful, no doubt, fighting plagues caused by capitalist exploitation, and at the same time having this constant reminder that a very huge war of aggression could be launched any day? Please tell us about the Comrades in the south, and what we can do to best defend them, as well as maybe frankly, describing South Korea to us.

[NDFSK]: It is a consistent stand of the NDFSK that the independent reunification of Korea, genuine democracy and worthwhile life of the people is unavailable without terminating the US colonial rule. Please see how the US Bush administration stands in the way of our nation who have turned out to reunify the country in a peaceful way by our nation itself under the banner of the June 15 joint declaration. It is hanging a dark cloud of war over the Korean peninsula yeaning for the peace and reunification and, still worse, plotting to colonialize Korea in whole by invading even north Korea, socialist bulwark of anti-US independence. The reality shows that the US imperialist are none are than the true axis of evil and greatest enemy of the peace-loving mankind.
In this context the NDFSK and the south Korean people is rising up in the death-defying Korean nation v. US showdown, backing the Songun policy, most powerful weapon of the anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle. We are now greatly inspired by the world progressives' warm solidarity extended to our south Korean people's struggle for anti-US independence and national reunification. So the NDFSK attaches great importance to intensifying the international solidarity in the anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle.
Last year a nationwide anti-US struggle was occasioned in south Korea by the GIs' murdering of two schoolgirls with an armored car. You might have witnessed our US visiting team's struggle waged in front of the White House. If the revolutionary comrades like you and progressive forces in the United States had pooled their efforts to patronize the team and helped them stir up the US public opinion, the team's protest struggle might have been more fruitful and dealt a stronger blow to the Bush regime. If you assist the south Korean people's anti-US struggle waged in the United States in various possible ways, it will be a great help for us.

[AIS]: Many Comrades from Arab Countries, Latin America, and other places where struggles of National Liberation are being waged have often talked with great zeal about The DPRK and its willingness to stand behind the principals of national Sovereignty. What is of curiosity, is how the NDFSK relates the Korean Re-unification struggle to national Liberation struggles around the world. Do you have any thoughts on the matter, and any insight you could kindly provide us with?

[NDFSK]: Reunification of Korea, in essence, is to terminate the foreign domination and intervention to establish the sovereignty on a national scale and to reconnect the bisected blood vessel of the nation and realize the reconciliation and unity of the Korean nation. As regards that it is to put an end to the US colonial rule over south Korea and realize the sovereignty on a national scale, our nation' reunification struggle can be described as a national liberation struggle. And since it is a struggle against the US imperialism - a boss imperialism that stretches aggressive tentacles all over the world, our national liberation struggle is linked up with the anti-US national liberation struggles of different countries.

The US imperialism is the enemy of our nation and, at the same time, of the world oppressed nations. And all anti-US national liberation struggles of different countries share successes and victories in opposing the US aggression and exploitation. In view of it the great President Kim Il Sung, our nation's eternal Sun of Juche, set forth the idea of dismember the US imperialism in all parts of the world. We deem it that his idea implies how the NDFSK relates the Korean reunification struggle to national liberation struggles around the world.

We will always promote closer ties with the world anti-imperialist independent forces including the comrades in the United States as you in the struggle against the US imperialism, the imperialist arch-villain.

[AIS]: In the United States, their are plenty of social ills, including mass homelessness, unemployment, killer police officers, severe racism, Jails full of petty property offenders, the destruction of Trade unions, large numbers of political prisoners, and a chronic believe that there is no future in the current way we in the United States are living. What sorts of insights would you provide to the disillusioned masses of the United States, and in particular to the youth?

[NDFSK]: All social ills prevailing in the United States are attributable to the reactionary and rotten ruling system. We think the corruptness of the US society: its reactionary political life, deserted mental and cultural life, malformed material life is more obvious to you. Still worse, the US ruling class is hell-bent on imposing its reactionary doctrines and values on the rest of the world to build a unipolar world of US style. What is necessary is to call the US working people's attention to the reactionary nature of the US imperialism and rally them into an organized political alternative defeating the imperialist ruling system.
We think such a heavy and responsible task is laid on the shoulders of the pioneers like you and the revolutionary and progressives forces of the United States. The great Juche idea, our nation's guiding line, teaches us that people are the masters and driving force of revolution and construction. Therefore we believe that the US people are the masters of their own destiny and they have the ability and power to carve our their destiny. We sincerely hope that US working masses will be brought up as a stronger power overcoming the imperialist ruling system under the influence of the US pioneers like you.

[AIS]: Anyone who has studied the Songun Politics, or as its often referred to the  " Army centered policy"; invented by Kim Jong Il, to ward off and smash any attempts at fascist minded aggression, knows that it is a treasure sword, and capable method thru force of arms, should need be, to defend the rights of the Korean Nation to Self-Determination and re-unification without interference. Do you think that the Songun idea could in some form be implemented in other places such as Iraq, and Palestine, were we see the masses struggling to defeat imperialism. If so what would be the required steps necessary to implement it?

[NDFSK]: Today the US imperialists are rampant for hegemonist war irrespective of even the UN and international laws. The reality of Iraq proves that the showdown against imperialism is a confrontation of power against power and that a concession to imperialism leads to final ruin. The US imperialists, having occupied Iraq militarily, are bringing the Middle East situation tenser by stretching their aggressive and menacing claws out to neighboring countries.
In this context, it is too natural that it has become the trend of the times to follow the Songun policy that overpowers imperialism. It is our opinion that in case of implementation, they had better learn the steadfast spirit of anti-US imperialist independence based on the strong self-defensive armed force.
The Songun policy of north Korea manifests that the safety of the nation can be kept from the imperialist aggression war only by defying the enemy with a strong self-defensive deterrent and a death-defying spirit.
Another to learn is the idea of single-hearted unity devotedly defending the centre of revolution. The Songun policy is not a policy that only attach weight to the military affairs and rely on armed forces alone. It aims at fortifying the driving force of revolution with the revolutionary army as its core.
In other words, the strongest point and power of the Songun policy is in that it has brought up the people and the army into a single-heartedly united entity centering on the leading quarters of the revolution. What the US imperialists fear the most is the single-hearted unity of north Korea as well as its invincible military power. Victory is unavailable for the people not united. Those who want to win the anti-US showdown should build up their own self-defensive power and, at the same time, unite their people and army as one with a single idea and spirit.

[AIS]: Comrades in the US, genuine revolutionaries are tired of US Imperialism, and genocide, and the thought of a war against Korea, whose 4 million sons and daughters perished the last time the US Imperialists fascists, what steps should we do to build solidarity ties with the Korean masses, and combat the national chauvinistic attitudes against Asians, as well as Arabs, Africans, Latinos , and others, that runs rampant throughout the United States. In short, what can we do best to consolidate gains with the Korean Masses, both North and South, and to combat the defeatist attitude that plagued the United States During the Second Gulf War? Also lots of Very Stupid Trash And slander have found their way into the minds of genuine comrades in the US, causing a disinformation campaigning against the Socialist achievements of the DPRK, and the Anti-Imperialist stance of the Korean Masses in General. What would you say such people, and what can best be done to defend the Korean struggle to build socialism and to re-unify the homeland peacefully without interference?

[NDFSK]: Now the trigger-happy US Bush administration is driving the Korean peninsular situation to the brink of war disregard of the world public opinion requiring the DRPK-US talks and conclusion of a nonaggression treaty.

In this situation, we think the best solidarity activities you may conduct in support of us are to foil the Bush administration's war move and put pressure on it to accede to the nonaggression treaty.

A second Korean War will not be like the second Gulf War. If the US imperialists dare to commit an aggression upon north Korea, Songun power, it will bring a catastrophic ruin to the United States and numerous American youngsters press-ganged as canon fodders of Bush's war will be inflicted wholesale deaths. Thus it is vital, too, for the US people themselves to stop Bush's anti-DPRK hostile policy.

It is by no means accidental that the anti-Bush, anti-war feeling is gathering in the United States recently and people are voicing denunciation of Bush's reckless north Korea policy.

In late June alone Bush denouncing rallies were held with the attendance of 3, 000 people in New York on June 25; 5, 000 people in San Francisco on June 27; 10, 00 people in Los Angeles on June 27. The masses hold fierce protest rallies, chanting slogans as "Bush, liar, where is WMD in Iraq?"  "Bush-hypocrite""Arraign Bush", etc. The Korean residents in the United States, too, joined them with slogans like "The Korea War must be ended" "Bush: peace treaty with N Korea"  "End economic blocks against N Korea" "U.S. out of Korea",etc. The above-mentioned facts show that Bush's war policy is also strongly rejected in the United States and the US masses are not standing idle. We believe that the US working masses and conscientious forces will be aroused more broadly by you to extend warmer international solidarity to our nation's cause for peaceful reunification.

[AIS]: Is their any closing remarks you would like to make, anything which perhaps was not touched upon that you would like to mention?

[NDFSK]: Your initiative and active suggestions are greatly inspiring and timely in need for us.

We hope you to be our true comrades and reliable friends that introduce to the US masses how warmly our south Koreans are venerating Marshal Kim Jong Il, sun of our nation and lodestar of reunification, and follow his Songun policy; how earnestly our nation desire reunification; how ardently our people are struggling to put an end to the US colonial rule over south Korea.

And we wish you to tell the US workers and youth the true, reactionary and dangerous nature of the US imperialists' anti-DPRK policy and war moves in a logical, persuasive way with sound materials. We will be grateful if you conduct, in keeping with your detailed conditions, various solidarity activities including announcement of statements, video or photo shows, solidarity or protest rallies, internet propagation, etc. on different occasions.

We are ready to provide you with pamphlets, multimedia, photos, documents, etc. needed for your solidarity activities regularly by mail or DHL.

To this end, it is necessary for us to know in more detail about each other. Now we know about your e-mail address only, so we hope to be informed about your home address or ordinary mail address to which we are able to send our letters and DHL materials(multimedia, photos, pamphlets and so on). Besides, we will be glad if you are kind enough to introduce us about what the Anti-imperialist Solidarity USA is, when and why it was founded, who are the members of it and under which condition it is working, etc.

Next, we hope to be readily informed about your solidarity activities and the anti-Bush, anti-war campaigns conducted in the United States. Then we will introduce the US working masses' struggle against the imperialist ruling quarters and your solidarity activities for supporting us to our south Korean people through the NDFSK propagation media like publication, radio, websites and so on.

Believing that our mutual cooperation and ties will be further promoted, we wish you health and success in your worthwhile activities.

P.S. Enclosed please find our written appeal to the US progressives and working masses. We will be grateful if you deliver it to your people through internet.


NDFSK Appeal to the Workers of America, 31 July 03

";Peace should be won by struggle, not by petition."
Quote of President Kim Il Sung, eternal Sun of Juche

Appeal to the US people

The NDFSK and the south Korean people extend fraternal greetings to the progressives and working masses of the United States who are waging a dynamic struggle to punish Bush's war regime that is driving the United States into catastrophe.

Today the unilateralism of the US Bush administration ignorant of even the UN and the international laws is brutally violating the world peace and international orders and bringing dark cloud of war and feud over the world.

Especially the Korean peninsular situation is now in peril due to the frantic "nuclear racket" and reckless anti-north Korea nuclear war moves of the US and its sycophants.

While egging its sycophant forces on to form an international encirclement for stifling north Korea, the Bush administration is going to reinforce the USFK on a large scale by investing over 11 billion USD and redeploy its military bases in south Korea to suit its nuclear preemptive attack strategy. Moreover, it is plotting to place around the Korean peninsula a rapid mobile force armed with up-to-date weapons including 130-odd tanks, armored vehicles and 1,100-odd military trucks.

Since North Korea and the United States are the warring parties in a truce state, sanction or blockade, military buildup means break of ceasefire. Accordingly the Bush administration is deliberately creating a pre-war situation on the Korean peninsula.

It is thanks to the strong physical deterrent of the Songun policy that a war has not yet burst out on the Korean peninsula in spite of the touch-and-go military tension. The Songun policy of Kim Jong Il can be described as an invincible treasure sword protecting the 70 million Korean nation and keeping the peace of the Korean peninsula, the northeast Asia and the world.

Now the NDFSK vanguards and the patriotic south Korean people unanimously support the Songun policy with great national pride, replete with a firm determination to join the nationwide anti-US death-defying war side by side with the compatriots of the north, if the US imperialism dare to unleash a second Korean War.

Korea is not Iraq and a war is merciless.

If the US imperialists provoke an invasive war against north Korea, a military power of Songun, the war will not be confined to a regional war limited to the Korean nation and it is so certain that the war started under the US nuclear preemptive attack strategy will go as a conventional war. Numerous US youngsters thrown into the battle fields of the second Korean War will be given wholesale deaths and even the US proper as well as the whole northeast Asian region will suffer the flames of war.

Therefore it is vital, too, for the US people themselves to terminate Bush's anti-DPRK war policy that forebodes a destructive ruin of the United States.

It is by no means accidental that the anti-Bush, anti-war feeling is gathering in the United States recently and people are voicing denunciation of Bush's reckless north Korea policy.

The growing anti-Bush, anti-war movement in the United States shows that the US people do not remain silent and those thirsty for war are not the US people but the Bush administration, mouthpiece of munition monopolies. We appeal to you, progressives and working masses of the US, to wage the anti-Bush, anti-war struggle more dynamically to deal a hard blow to the war policy of the trigger-happy Bush regime, violator of the world peace and axis of evil, and thus, contribute to the building of a world of peace, justice and international cooperation.

We wish you to extend greater support and solidarity to the Korean nation and the south Korean people striving to build an independent, peace-loving and prosperous reunified country by terminating the domination, intervention and war moves of the US imperialists and implementing without fail the historic June 15 inter-Korean Joint Declaration.

The 70 million Korean nation's struggle to reunify the country by themselves under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Songun, and the uplifted banner of the June 15 joint declaration will surely emerge victorious! [NDFSK]

Support to Songun Policy and  Call for Pullout of Yankees from south Korea

(Materials Kindly Provided by the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang)

   On the occasion of the period of the June 25-July 27 anti-US joint struggle Comrade Narayan Man Bijukche, President of the Nepal Workers & Peasants' Party doubling as Co-chairman of the Nepalese Forum for Solidarity with the NDFSK and the south Korean People made public an article titled "Support to Songun policy and call for pullout of Yankees from south Korea".
   His article renders great support and encouragement to the NDFSK vanguards and the south Korean people turned out in the struggles for anti-US independence and reunification.
   Here goes the full text of the article.

   Now the US, perking itself up as a "sole superpower" with high-handedness and arbitrariness, is driven to the wall in one place, i.e., the Korean peninsula.
   In the peninsula -- forefront of the anti-US, anti-imperialist struggle-- the US hegemonist strategy for world domination is being disabled and the conclusion of the north Korea-US nonaggression treaty and withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea that have not been realized over half a century is becoming inevitable.
   The change of situation on the Korean peninsula is an unheard-of great event made possible by the Songun policy of Comrade Kim Jong Il, great leader of the Korean nation.

1. Might of Songun policy and struggle to drive out Yankees

   The US troops' pullout from south Korea serves a key to the solution of the Korean peninsula problem.
It is because the origination and deterioration of the Korean issue is in close relation with the US troops' stationing in south Korea.
   As of now GIs are deployed in several other countries including Germany and Japan, etc., but they are not for dominating those countries. The USFK(US Forces to South Korea) alone, however, not only lords over south Korea in a political and military way but also assumes the capability of deciding even a nuclear war on the peninsula.
   The fact shows that the Korean issue derived from the US occupation of south Korea and the root cause barring the peace and reunification process of Korea boils down to the US hostile policy towards north Korea.
And the growing threat of the US based on "force" manifests that the aggression troops of the US imperialism can only be pulled out of Korea by the overwhelming pressure of the military power of justice.
Penetrating deep into the historic and realistic requirements, Comrade Kim Jong Il set forth the unique Songun policy to bring up the Korean People's Army into the strongest army of the world.
   Now the KPA is strong with its military power able to destroy even the US mainland as well as the USFK. By shooting down of the US helicopter in 1996 and launching the artificial satellite "Gwangmyongsong 1" north Korea vividly proved that if the aggressors dare to ignite a war, they will not survive.    All political, military, economic and diplomatic pressures of the US and its war threats against the DPRK were made helpless before the might of the Songun policy that replies to toughness with ultra-toughness and counters "punishment" with merciless revenge. Meanwhile, the USFK has turned into a "hostage" to be reduced into ashes by the first strike of the KPA.
   The 2000 north Korea-US joint communique can be described as an instrument of surrender whereby the US recognized that its over-half-a-century-long anti-north Korea policy resorting to force was defeated by the might of Songun. The communique clearly showed that the Songun policy is the very policy that corners the US into a fix and the best option that drives out Yankees in the fastest and most perfect way.
   The Songun policy is a strong anti-US policy accelerating the withdrawal of the US troops by turning the struggle for it into a conflict between the entire Korean nation and the US.
Those who are suffering domination and plunder of the US most in the world are none other than the south Koreans. Nevertheless, they did not wage a hot struggle against the US in the past. It was because they were too weak to defy their rulers.
   At present, however, south Korea that once known as the doldrums of the anti-US struggle has turned into the eye of the strongest anti-US typhoon. Such a change is decisively attributable to the Songun policy.
   The successive victories of the Songun policy obtained in the anti-US showdown convinced the south Korean people that the Korean nation is a powerful nation, and by forming a strong supplementary axis: improvement of south-north relations, inspired them to turn out in the nationwide joint struggle to root out Yankees.
   People witnessed its might when the situation was dramatically changed on the Korean peninsula by a single historic meeting and document.
   The June 15 inter-Korean joint declaration is the milestone of reunification of Korea in the 21st century, and at the same time, can be described as a south-north joint declaration of resistance war warning the US that they will drive out Yankees to achieve the national independence by the concerted efforts of the nation.
   The Songun policy has switched the inter-Korean relations from distrust and hostility, antagonism and jealousy into reconciliation and cooperation, unity and mutual assistance to open the sluice of reunification, and thus, dropped the USFK: source of division of Korea into a pressing danger. Thanks to the policy the air, land and sea routes are opened for the people of the south and north to visit each other across the wall of division. Such grand sights are unfolded just under the nose of the US troops.
   After all, the US's plot for perpetuating the stationing of its troops by abetting inter-Korean antagonism went amiss and its colonial ruling system began to shake to the foundations.
   The Songun policy is a mighty anti-imperialist policy that has turned the struggle for the withdrawal of the US troops into an internationally common struggle for the peace and security of the northeast Asia.
   It is not only a problem for the Koreans themselves but also an international task related to the safety of the northeast Asian countries to check the US threat of unleashing a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and pull the US troops-- root cause of war-- out of south Korea.
   By frustrating the US political and military pressures and laying a stable track for the Korean peninsular situation on the strength of its mighty military power, the Songun policy made a remarkable development in the foreign relations for the peace and safety of the northeast Asia with its independent diplomacy.
   The DPRK-Russia, and DPRK-China relations are developed to meet the requirements of the new century. Many countries that once followed the anti-DPRK pressure campaign of the US are normalizing their relations with north Korea nowadays. Such a change of situation brought about a huge rupture in the US's encircling net around north Korea.
   The international support to and solidarity with north Korea's active efforts to expel the USFK from the country, prevent the outbreak of nuclear war and keep the peace and security of the northeast Asian region by the might of the Songun policy are growing day by day. On the contrary, the US strategic plot aimed at dominating the northeast Asia, basing on its troops in south Korea, is receiving strong opposition from the international society.


2. US troops' withdrawal is matter of time

   The struggle to drive out the USFK is now in real earnest on the Korean peninsula.
   What is important and decisive here is north Korea's strong political offensive against the US.
   It is now making tougher response to the US Bush administration that totally scrapped the bilateral relations established by the former administration, dubbed north Korea a "part of an axis of evil" and imposes a threat of "nuclear forestalling attack" on it.
   Its withdrawal from the NPT last January did not aim at menacing the US with its nuclearization. Instead, it aimed at forcing the US to accede to the nonaggression treaty and pull out its troops from south Korea and thus realizing the full independence of the nation.
   It is so obvious that the US which is stationing its troops in south Korea and is a party directly concerned in the Korean war and the truce should come out as a party concerned in the conclusion of the nonaggression treaty. If the nonaggression treaty is concluded, war state will be transferred into peace state on the Korean peninsula and the US troops should pull out in the result.
   The US is recently plotting to put the "nuclear issue" even on the table of the UN, talkative about north Korea's threat of "nuclear development". But its ulterior intention is to evade the conclusion of the treaty decisive of the future destiny of the USFK. But it can never escape it.
   North Korea has already firmly collared the US by bolting the NPT. Its separation from the NPT gives a telling blow to the US strategy for world domination based on the NPT, aftermath of which will be more lethal for the US as compared with the withdrawal of the USFK.
   The US is advertising about "multilateral talks" but such a hanky-panky is a vain attempt, because it will meet tougher counterattack from the Songun policy of north Korea.
The anti-US independence struggle vitalized in south Korea, too, is adding greater pressure to the withdrawal of the USFK.
   Some typical aspects have been witnessed in the south Korean situation since the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.
   First, the south Korean's worship of Comrade Kim Jong Il as the leader to reunify the country and defender of the national independence is making a rapid boost. They eulogize Kim Jong Il who has safeguarded the national sovereignty and right to live by leading the north Korea-US showdown to victory, improved the inter-Korean relations to open a decisive phase of reunification as the peerless patriot and legendary hero. Besides, they speak highly of the mighty Songun policy as the entire nation's policy for independence and peace that benefits not only the north but also the south.
   Second, a notable change is made in their understanding of the US, and hence, the struggle to drive out Yankees has begun in earnest.
   Since the inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation are given impetus and the anti-north antagonism of the Cold War time diminishes, the true color of the US aggressors begins to be spotlighted.
Last year an explosive and nationwide anti-US struggle was occasioned by the GIs' killing of two schoolgirls, which well manifested that the protest against war and demand for the reunification and the withdrawal of the USFK has become an irreversible trend of the times.
   The south Koreans people are now waging a dynamic anti-US independence struggle with the firm determination to expel Yankees and reunify the country by means of a nationwide death-defying resistance side by side with the north Koreans.
   Embarrassed by the fierce political offensive of the Korean nation, the US military are clamoring about the "removal of its troops to the south of River Han" and "partial retreat". The fact helps us estimate the might of the Songun policy.
   North Korea's strenuous struggle now enjoys warm support and solidarity of the international society. The international community appreciates that the political and military response of north Korea against the arrogant threat of the US is quite justifiable and reasonable. Meanwhile it strongly urges the US to conclude the nonaggression treaty with north Korea and pull out its aggression troops without delay from south Korea. Its allies, too, demand the north Korea-US bilateral talks.
   Even in the United States the Bush administration's reckless anti-north Korea policy is strongly rejected by the people. Those of the US political, public and press circles repeatedly blame the Bush administration's DPRK policy, describing it as "an inexperienced, tactless policy mistaken in the concept and unskillful in practice", and urge it to have a direct dialogue with north Korea. Even some of the White House and Pentagon argue that the "nuclear issue" of north Korea can be solved without recourse to war and the USFK must be evacuated.
   The US soldiers, well aware of the fact that the USFK is simply the "hostage" of the KPA, are more reluctant to be dispatched to south Korea than to be deployed in the Middle East or Kosovo region. According to the USFK command, about 60, 000 US soldiers refused to be posted to south Korea in the three year period since 1998.
   Since war or domination is no longer available on the Korean peninsula, the withdrawal of the US aggression troops from south Korea has become a matter of time.
   With his almighty Songun policy Kim Jong Il is driving the US into the last ditch in the acute north Korea-US showdown, inspires the entire nation to the anti-US showdown and wins the international support and solidarity.  Thus, he brings earlier the final day of the US troops' withdrawal from south Korea by means of all-round offensive.
   Though the US which has occupied Iraq is on its high horse as if it has dominated the whole world, the anti-US, anti-war unity front and joint action are activated on an international scale, contradiction between the US and several powers grows more intense, and the anti-war public opinion in the United States itself is driving the Bush administration to the wall.
   Hence, in order to keep the NPT system and save itself, the US has no other choice but to accede to north Korea's demands: conclusion of the nonaggression treaty, withdrawal of the USFK and abandonment of its intervention in the peaceful reunification process of Korea.
   It is really a north Korean-style of expelling the US troops to defeat the "strong" enemy by virtue of great idea, great policy and great leadership in the hardest adversity without even a gunshot. Here lies the true might of the Songun policy.
   To cap it all, Comrade Kim Jong Il is a great statesman and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander who leads the world by having the US under his thumb.
   I conducted solidarity activities supporting the Korean people for many years but it is really unusual for me to feel pride and confidence like nowadays. It is thanks to the great Comrade Kim Jong Il and the powerful Songun policy.
   To warmly support the great Songun policy and strongly demand the withdrawal of the USFK has become the main trend of the international society.
   Firmly believing that the Korean nation's independence cause will surely emerge victorious with their great leader and great policy, I am determined to conduct more vigorous solidarity activities in support of the Korean people's struggle.
   Long live the great Comrade Kim Jong Il and the Songun policy!
   Victory to the Korean nation's struggle for the full independence and reunification of the country!
   US troops, get out of south Korea at once.
50 years of the south Korea- US Mutual Defense Treaty

and the towering struggle to drive the US troops out of south Korea

Statement of the National Democratic Front of South Korea

50 years have passed since the conclusion of the S. Korea-US MDT.

At all points, it is an aggressive and subordinate pact for the eternal occupation of south Korea and the enforcement of the War policy of the US troops.

The US troops, under the pretext of this treaty, have occupied south Korea for half a century, suppressed freedom and rights of the south Korean people and trodden down the aspiration of peace and reunification.

What can help describe the 50 years interspersed with the US crimes?

To reunify the country by our nation itself and lead a peaceable and harmonious life in the country without the US troops, a curse to peace and reunification, is an irresistible aspiration of our 70million nation.

And it forms the main current that is flaming more fervently today.

According to a public opinion survey in early this year, 43.2% of the respondents branded the US troops in south Korea as a ¡°stumbling block to the reunification¡± and ¡°shock troops of the US colonial policy¡± and claimed that they no longer need the US troops in south Korea.

The magazine ¡°Mal¡±(digital version) reported on April 30 that ¡°76.8% of the new generation favored for the withdrawal of the US troops¡±.

The daily ¡°Segye Ilbo¡± (Dec. 20, 2002) wrote that ¡°the anti-Americanism has spread in our society from a certain time and even the claim of the withdrawal of the US troops is openly discussed¡±.

The anti-US fighting spirit of the young generation gets more enthusiastic.

They penetrated the US military base, unhesitatingly climbed the armored vehicle and outcried the withdrawal of the US troops, chanting slogans ¡°We are the masters of this land. The US troops, go home!¡± and ¡°We¡¯ll live happily without the US, US troops go home!¡±.

The magazine ¡°Minjok 21¡± reported on the anti-US storm prevailing among the south Korean people as follows.

¡°Now, the anti-American sentiment reached the peak. No question whether it is he or she, old or young for it. Now, the day dawns and draws to a close amid the anti-US struggle, unprecedented in history.

Today the anti-Americanism became a part of our people's life.

For all of them, the top of their topics is anti-Americanism.

The croons the pupils hum in the way to schools, the signal of the mobile phones are also anti-American songs.

When dancing, they tramp down the Stars and Stripes, stamping their feet, sing the anti-US songs fervently.¡±

An analyst of the situation wrote as follows.

¡°The Korean Peninsula may have been a paradise of the US troops till now, but it would be a hell for them after now.

The US will eventually be expelled wretchedly, in remembering the defeat in Vietnam.¡±

In reality, the struggle to expel the US troops from south Korea is rapidly spreading and intensifying today.

The development of the anti-US movement is witnessing its acceleration.

The fate of the US troops in south Korea is on the wane in real sense.

This is the south Korean people's appraisal as regards the 50 years of the S. Korea-US Mutual Defense Treaty.
The Songun Politics of Marshal Kim Jong Il, not only defends the Korean-style Socialism of the DPRK, but it aslo acts to defend the south, bringing dignity to the whole people.
Message from the Anti-imperialist Solidarity Committee USA

Message of solidarity to the National Democratic Front of South Korea
on the 34th anniversary of its glorious founding

Comrades of the NDFSK,

On the occasion of your 34th anniversary, we avail ourselves of the opportunity to send our most heartfelt feelings of appreciation and militant solidarity. We cannot say enough what an honor it is to have you as our comrades. We thank you for brilliantly answering our questions, publishing our Juche-oriented interviews, sending a formal appeal to the US working class, and offering to send copies of your materials. Together we have created an inseparable bond between the National Democratic Front of South Korea and the US working class. Together we can defeat and destroy the US imperialism, the common enemy of us all.

We share with you deep appreciation for Comrade Kim Jong Il, and in particular the Songun policy. The Songun policy of Comrade Kim Jong Il truly is a treasure sword of the 70 million strong Korean nation in particular, and the international communist movement in general.

Coming from the United States, a detestable police state full of poverty, degradation, and floundering opportunism, the  Kim Jong Il-led DPRK and the NDFSK truly are examples of principled stances to hold dear. By militantly confronting our common oppressor, you bring tears of joy upon our faces.

We believe that it is the duty of all revolutionaries and progressive minded people in the US to demand that the US imperialists sign a nonaggression treaty with the DPRK, and immediately remove its military occupation out of Korean soil. Also the US imperialist must not interfere in the reunification efforts of the 70 million strong Korean nation. It is a known fact that the Songun policy of Comrade Kim Jong Il is capable of uniting the entire 70 million Korean nation and militarily defeat the US imperialists. This should be kept in mind at all times by the human scum US imperialists, should they even think of dirty tricks.

We stand with the National Democratic Front of South Korea in their struggle to drive the US imperialism and its GI mercenary stooges to the sea. We know and revere the NDFSK as our true comrades and brethren in the fight for socialism and communism. It is understandable to any objective person that Korea, land of morning calm, should strongly desire to be reunified as it has been for centuries.

We recognize the international significance of the Korean workers' paradise in the North and seeing it as a proud bastion for the worldwide liberation of humanity. 

The Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee USA solemnly swears to use all resources at its disposal to ensure the military defeat of US imperialism in the event of an unprovoked war. Our very blood is nothing for socialism, the very meaning of human dignity.

Comrades of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, in the spirit of Comrade Kim Il Sung, we wish you still further victories and hope to strengthen even greater our fraternal ties.

The Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee USA
"Lightning" and "thunder" open the June 15 reunification era

By Zo Il-min, Representative of NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang

It is the June 15 reunification era now.

The situation on the Korean peninsula is changing at speed and in depth beyond imagination.

The day of reunification is being brought earlier now on the Korean peninsula with the boost of the spirit of national independence and cooperation.

I would like to compare this great upheaval of the times figuratively to the fall of a "rotten wood" by a "lightning" and a "thunder".

"Lightning"— Songun policy

  Let us build the Korean peninsula free from the US domination and intervention.

This is the theme of the acute conflict between our nation and the US created on the peninsula in the 21st century.

The political "lightning" that hits the "rotten wood": the US splittist strategy for domination flashes from north Korea. And the "lightning" is the Songun policy which has destroyed the US splittist strategy for domination and opened the upheaval of the national reunification with its bold offensive.

The "lightning" of Songun heralded its power when Marshal Kim Jong Il gave on-spot guidance to the Dabaksol post(post dotted with small pine trees) of the Korean People's Army early in January 1995.

Having demonstrated the power of the Songun policy by dealing a telling blow to the US moves for stifling north Korea with the successful launch of the artificial satellite "Gwangmyongsong No.1" aimed at safeguarding the sovereignty and dignity of the nation and the boom of "the building of a powerful nation",     Kim Jong Il made a great decision for the national reunification in the 21st century early in January three years ago.

He greeted the first day of the year 2000 on the peak of Mt.Baekdu, ancestral mountain of the nation, where a blizzard was raging at that time. When he looked down the mountains ridges of the country stretching from Mt. Baekdu to Mt. Hanna, a flash of firm decision glittered in his eyes. "The tragedy of the national division left by the 20th century shall be ended as early as possible."

The "lightning" created by the brilliant commander of Songun from the peak of Mt.Baekdu brought out at last the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration.

Since the publication of the June 15 declaration, the south-north relation once blotted with mistrust and confrontation has been converted into reconciliation and cooperation, and a new history of shaping the nation's destiny and developing the reunification movement confidently by our nation itself had been opened.

Scared by that their divisionist strategy for domination was shaken to its foundation by the June 15 reunification era, the US ran amuck to draw down the curtain of the June 15 era.

Kim Jong Il strongly lashed the US that went recklessly against the trend of the times with the "lightning" of Songun.

The US which spawned the second nuclear crisis turned pale with fear, hit hard by the strong "light" of the "bolt" of Songun: "The DPRK is entitled to have a nuke and even a more powerful one."  The White House and the Pentagon were "shocked" by the Songun "bolt" of over "several hundred billion volt". The entire US was seized with panic by the ultra-tough punitive declaration: "There is no limit to our range of strike and no place anywhere to escape our strike."

What the Songun policy aims at in the north Korea-US showdown is not for keeping peace only. Its intention is to put an end to the intervention and domination of the US and solve the national problem in an independent way.

The north Korea policy of the US at last lost its direction and is collapsing with the lapse of time. While trumpeting war, it is being dragged out into talks.

The Songun "lightning" pours a ruthless shower of fire on the anti-reunification war hawks within and without the country while bringing a spring rain of love to the fellow countrymen.

Kim Jong Il's Songun policy is a broadminded policy that trusts, embraces and takes care of all who are desirous of reunification and patriotism in disregard of their past.

Though he was busy on the long trip of Songun, Kim Jong Il met readily and had open-minded talks with the south Korean people of various parties, factions and strata to give lucid answers and valuable teachings to be followed in solving the national problem.

The south Koreans who were honored with the audience of Kim Jong Il unanimously said that "Leader Kim Jong Il is a man of strong and easy character" and "the cordiality and hospitality shown by Kim Jong Il is a strong expression of the same blood incomparable with the diplomacy of the leaders of the international society.

In spite of the grave situation, the air, land and sea paths are opened for the first time in the history of division along the road laid by the Songun "lightning". Meanwhile, meeting, cooperation and exchange made brisk headway in Seoul, Pyongyang and Mt.Geumgang.

On the road opened up by the Songun "lightning" the era of division gave its place to that of reunification and a great migration from "cooperation with foreign forces" to "cooperation with the same nation" began.

"Thunder"— national cooperation

Lightning is followed by thunder.

Since the publication of the June 15 joint declaration, the "thunder" of the south in response to the Songun "lightning" has finally changed all.

The greatest change in the June 15 reunification era is the unprecedented boost of "Kim Jong Il hot wind": warm worship of Kim Jong Il.

Amid the "fresh Kim Jong Il wind", endless praises of Kim Jong Il are heard from the south Korean people of all ages and both sexes irrespective of affiliation, religious belief, political view and everywhere including university campuses and working sites, villages and cathedrals, mass media and internet, even the Presidential office of Chong Wa Dae and the "National Intelligence Service", the ¡°National Assembly¡± and the "Ministry of National Defense", etc.

They extend active support to the Songun policy of Kim Jong Il, arguing that "the north Korea-US showdown will end in the victory of north Korea at all events since north Korea under the distinguished Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il is possessed of a 'terrible combat capacity' unimaginable for the US".

Amid the growing desire to have Kim Jong Il as the leader of reunified Korea, south Korea is resonant with the voices of highly praising him as "the world leader that can hardly be produced by our nation even in a millennium period".

Another fresh change in south Korea is the loud roar of "thunder": "By our nation itself".

The "thunder" of national cooperation effected a broad expansion of the feeling of national independence and great unity and popularization of the anti-US struggle. According to an opinion poll conducted by the newspaper "Hangyorhe", people agreeable to the "withdrawal of the US troops" which once had been regarded as a harmful opinion reached more than 80%.

Lee Dong-soo, the cartoonist who held an "anti-US cartoon show" towards the end of last year, insisted: "It is a pity to use even the letter 'Ú·'(means rice in Chinese character) in translating the 'United States' into Korean. The letter 'Ú­'(means tail in Chinese character) should be used."  The second-year primary school kids joined the anti-US rally with bills where words like "We are one." were written in blood.

The US military bases which have enjoyed an exclusive prerogative of forbidden sanctuary until now are seized with panic in south Korea shaken by the anti-US battle cries and rallies day and night

The "thunder" of "By our nation itself" is rapidly developing the south-north reconciliation, cooperation and mutual assistance within the nation.

Amid the "thunder" of national cooperation anti-north ideology faded away into history and the north Korean people turned up as "close friends" and "next-door neighbors".

Visit to north Korea ended in imprisonment once in south Korea, but now they vie with each other in visiting the north.

Last year when the US pressed south Korea where a strong anti-US feeling was erupted by candle-light rallies with such request: "Take a choice. The US or north Korea?", the south Korea people chose the alternative of cooperation with the north.

The south Korean people assert that "if the north has a nuke, reunification will be brought earlier" and "in case a war is provoked by the US nuclear racket on the Korean peninsular, the government must aid the north".

The "thunder" of national cooperation is neither biased in favor of ideology nor factiously prejudiced in favor of a special faction. It can be described as a fatal and even instinctive outbreak of national independence and great unity of the south and the north for keeping the nation's life and dignity and peace of the Korean peninsula.

The south Korean people shout:" Let us bring earlier the independent reunification by our nation itself without believing the Yankees." in response to the appeal of the north:" Let us bring earlier the independent reunification by the concerted efforts of our nation."  When a "lightning" of the revolutionary spirit of soldiers flashes from the north, the youth in the south respond with a "thunder": "We the youth should play the role equivalent to the KPA soldiers in south Korea."

Really "By our nation itself" is a war deterrent force keeping peace on this land, consummate target, action program and reunification strategy of the 21st century that turn adversity into prosperities.

  "Let us achieve the final victory of national reunification by replying to the Songun 'lightning' of Marshal Kim Jong Il with the 'thunder' of national cooperation."— this is the spirit of the era opened by the June 15 joint declaration and the call of the history.

As the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung brought about the Aug. 15 national liberation, the independent reunification struggle waged by our nation itself under the Songun leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Il will realize without fail the second national liberation.

Songun "lightning", lash harder the US to inspirit our nation!

"Thunder" of national cooperation, roar louder to make the Yankees panic-stricken!

Moderator of Proletariat Group Sends Solidarity to south Korean Juche-Type Freedom Fighters!!!

Comrades of Anti-Imperialist Class Struggle.

On behalf of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), I am proud to inform you
that we have recieved newsfrom Comrade Andrew Kahn, the moderator of the
Communist-Liberation Internet News Group
[email protected], which confirms his strong solidarity ties to the
NDFSK Vanguards. This evidentally proves that even i the the US, more people are
wishing to build solidarity with the DPRK, and the NDFSK Vanguards in the south.
As the US, is a filthy hell-hole of violence, racism and a giant ghetto from
coast to coast, it is just perfectly correct that comrades in the US, would
desire the Juche-style Socialism of the Masses, which the DPRK enjoys and
defends at gun point. The Single-hearted unity and death defying pride of the
whole 70 million strong Korean nation under the Banner of dear Leader KIM JONG
IL will surely find themselves, re-unified under the June 15th Accords, and
smashing each and every US War move.
Following this letter is a splendid letter for Comrade Andrew, which will be
addded to the Website of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) without haste!

Juche Greetings!!!
Songun Stance!!!
John Paul Cupp
Chairman, Songun Politics Study Group

Comrade Andrew
Revolutionary greetings to all comrades from the NDFSK!

November 15th, Juche 92 (2003)

I write this letter to you from the United States to
express my warm feelings for the revolutionary work
being done by you.

Korea must be one! A split Korea is the goal of the
capitalists, whether these capitalists are in the
United States or in Europe or other country. Korea
must be one and independent and must be in the
vangaurd of the defeat of imperialism. Just as the
heroic freedom fighters defeated US imperialism in the
early 1950s during the so-called "Korean War" (which
was nothing more than US intervention to prevent a
united Korea), so too should the Korean masses (those
in the DPRK as well as the revolutionary comrades in
South Korea) be on the front lines in the fight
against imperialism and capitalism in the current day.

The Songun policy must be continued for while
offensive militarization is not in the interests of
the people, defensive militarization, as has been
undertaken with the Songun policy, is crucial to the
survival of a nation such as Korea. If not for the
strength of the DPRK's military, what would be the
present state of the DPRK? The DPRK would have been
mercilessly attacked by the forces of imperialism,
just as happened in Iraq.

From the belly of the beast in America, I salute my
Korean comrades and I look forward to the day when the
DPRK and South Korea will unite and be the one,
united, and revolutionary nation that this world so
greatly needs!

With revolutionary and comradely feelings,
Comrade Andrew

SPSG(USA) congratulated firm solidarity  between NDFSK and APCNA

The Following Message Comes From the NDFSK News Report, Juche 92  Issue #11. On November 14th the APCNA Changed its name to the Socialist Arab Coalition of North Amercia. The Prospect of Strong Bonds between the Korean and Arab People Remains the same.)

On last Oct.22 John Paul Cupp of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) sent a message to the NDFSK in congratulation of the growing solidarity between the National Democratic Front of South Korea and the Arab Progressive Coalition of North America.

Here goes its summary.

Congratulations to the NDFSK Pyongyang Mission and the APCNA!

On behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA) and the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), I would like to congratulate the efforts of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, particularly its mission in Pyongyang, as well as the Arab Progressive Coalition of North America, on uniting the just Anti-US struggles of the Arab and Korean people, respectively, around issues of Iraqi sovereignty and opposing the use of south Koreans as canon fodder.

The Arab Progressive Coalition of North America, have often spoke publicly at progressive venues on the Principle Army-based Stance of the DPRK, led by Marshal Kim Jong Il, helmsman of the Songun Era. We are pleased to read that the Korean Central News Agency, known for its splendid analysis and partisan stance has detailed for the world the efforts between the APCNA and the NDFSK.

The National Democratic Front of South Korea has been our truest comrades from the very beginning. I often remind comrades of how much the example of the south Korean fighters have taught me about being a true Communist.

They have shown their dedication to building genuine solidarity with anti-imperialist working class organizations in the United States, such as providing material assistance and theoretical guidance to the Songun Politics Study Group.

Like the NDFSK, we are deeply venerating Marshal Kim Jong Il, and fully support the just nuclear stance at the last 6-way talks in Beijing.

Like the Militant John Brown, who helped to end slavery in the United States, via blood and sweat, we stand with the DPRK against US Imperialism, the enemy of us all, may it die in a hell fire or misery!

The Arab and Korean People's just national aspirations are the joy of all people. We thank the Arab Progressive coalition for their willingness to work with the NDFSK to put our hands around the Korean Worker's Paradise and stand with the Songun military deterrence to Keep it safe from aggression.

Let those who desire Independence Unite!

John Paul Cupp

Information Coordinator, AISC (USA)

Chairman, Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
NDFSK website linked to KFA website!

(The Following Message Comes From the NDFSK News Report, Juche 92  Issue #11)


In last July the Korean Friendship Association formulated a peculiar link to the NDFSK website on its website.

It can be described as a precious fruition of the devoted solidarity activities of the comrades of the Korean Friendship Association including its Chairman Comrade Alejandro Cao de Benos who warmly admire Marshal Kim Jong Il, great sun of the 21st century, and actively support our nation's reunification cause and the patriotic struggle of the NDFSK and the south Korean people.

The KFA members are true internationalist faithful to Marshal Kim Jong Il and genuine comrades of the NDFSK, who are waging dynamic solidarity activities such as sending congratulatory messages and odes to Kim Jong Il on various occasions and publishing statements denouncing the US war rackets and the south Korean authorities' sycophantic and servile move for troop dispatch to Iraq.

Comrade Alejandro Cao de Benos, in particular, acts now as a Special Counselor of the NDFSK.

The NDFSK fighters and the patriotic south Korean people are deeply moved by the faithfulness to the international duty and warm solidarity shown by the comrades of the KFA.

The KFA's website run by its Chairman Alejandro is one of the world-famous and recognized pro-DPRK solidarity websites.

To learn more, refer to
Young KIM JONG IL, following in the Communist Footsteps of His father and mother.
¡¶The struggle slogans of the youth fighters¡·published on July 27.2002 by the ¡¶Tong-il ryumyong¡·editorial, affiliated to the ¡¶Baekdu Youth Society¡·, a south Korean movement organization, in the name of the ¡¶Ranks of the Southern youth Jucheists in the van of the revolutionary struggle for the reunification under the great marshal Kim Jong Il¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s arm ourselves more thoroughly with the revolutionary ideas of the great Leader Kim Il Sung !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s hold the great Leader Kim Jong Il on the platform of reunification at an early date!¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s embody the spirit of the indomitable revolutionary fighter Kim Jong Suk for the devoted defense of the leader!¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s be the youth Jucheists believing by heart in the immortal Juche idea!¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s actively apply the education system of the Juche idea through the Internet CDs !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s widely disseminate the Internet homepage <Mt.Baekdu> !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s stage the practical campaign for the PDF <With the Century> !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s advance holding the propaganda on the greatness of the 3 great Generals of Mt. Baekdu as the prime task !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s defend the purity of the Juche idea at the cost of our lives !¡·

¡¶ Let¡¯s take on the people-bound train following the example of the great President !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s embody the example of the front inspection by the great Marshal !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s work with the revolutionary spirit of Mt. Baekdu and on the model of the anti-Japanese partisans !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s strengthen the main agent of the reunification revolution and heighten its role !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s realize the solidarity between the workers, farmers and students of the South and the North ! ¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s gain early the legalization of the General Association of the South Korean Student Councils !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s strengthen the tripartite solidarity of the North, South and the overseas !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s advance holding the struggle for realizing the June 15 joint declaration as the central axis !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s closely combine the struggle for realizing the June 15 joint declaration with the struggle against the US and war !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s condemn the US Army, the murderers, massively and thoroughly !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s drive out the US military bases and abolish the unequal treaties !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s thoroughly denounce the top traitor Lee hoi-chang !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s dismantle the Grand National Party, a den of the anti-reunification warmongers !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s dissolve <Joson-ilbo>, the biggest hackwork schemer daily ! ¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s sternly oppose the destructive globalization policy !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s sing aloud <the Song of the General Kim Il Sung > imbued with the spirits of the predecessor martyrs !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s valiantly advance singing <the Song of the General Kim Jong Il > !¡·

¡¶Push ahead through the thorny path in high spirits !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s all become the strongmen in faith and will ! ¡·

¡¶Live not merely for today but for tomorrow !¡·

¡¶Let¡¯s become the youth heroes of the 21st century devotedly defending the authority of great Marshal Kim Jong Il !¡·¡¡
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