Kimilsungias, a poetic tribute to his gratness!!!
President's Everlasting Achievements

   The Korean people are now celebrating the 92nd birthday of President Kim Il Sung (April 15, the Day of the Sun) during a period in which they are hastening their vigorous advance to build a strong nation.
   On this occasion, they are filled with more ardent yearning and deep reverence for President Kim Il Sung.
   During a life spanning more than 80 years he created a new history carving out the destiny of the nation and performed immortal exploits which will go down in the annals of the era of independence. Under his superb leadership, the Korean people brightened the 20th century with victory and glory. Today they feel an infinite warmth welling up in their hearts, knowing that they lived under the wing of a truly great and benevolent, fatherly leader and at the same time, evince their resolve to complete his revolutionary cause under the guidance of Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.
   President Kim Il Sung was a distinguished thinker and theoretician of the 20th century, a great master of leadership who performed ever-victorious feats, and a great sage of revolution gifted with lofty personality and virtue.
   He fathered the Juche idea, developed it in depth and led the people to bring about a revolutionary turn in their ideology.
   The Korean people successfully pushed forward with the revolution and construction in line with the ideas and intentions of the President, making the 20th century a century of prosperity in which a fundamental change was effected in the revolution and construction, and a century of glory in which the nation's dignity has been demonstrated all over the world.
   President Kim Il Sung set an example by brilliantly carrying out revolutionary tasks of various forms over many stages.
   He steered to victory the two stages of the social revolution (the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution and the socialist revolution), the reconstruction of the country on the ruins following Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule (1945 and the Korean war against the US imperialists (1950-1953), and the two revolutionary wars to liberate the country and safeguard national sovereignty. He built up a strong country of independence, self-reliance and self-defense, where man-centered socialism has been realized, by carving out the road of socialist construction in a unique way.
   In leading the Korean revolution he broke new ground: establishing a new type of working-class party, revolutionary armed forces and people's power. He also saw that an independent national economy was firmly built in this land.
   Today our people are putting spurs to the building of a prosperous socialist power by relying upon the invincible revolutionary armed forces, the power of the state and the immense potential of the economy, under the guidance of the WPK, the seasoned general staff of the revolution, unaffected by the political and economic upheaval affecting the world. This is entirely due to the revolutionary achievements of President Kim Il Sung, who provided the people with the political, military and economic muscle to complete the cause of Juche.
   The President regarded "The people are my God" as his lifetime motto and bestowed warm paternal love on the people, sharing the sweets and bitters with them. It was this that made it possible to turn the whole of society into a single, great, harmonious family based on revolutionary comradeship and a sense of duty, turning Korea into a country of single-hearted unity.
   His love for man, the nation and the country ensured that the people of south Korea and overseas compatriots were united with those of north Korea under the banner of the great unity of the whole nation, and that the 70 million Koreans were able to dynamically hasten the nationwide march for the independent reunification of the country.
   His whole life ran through with a lofty sense of responsibility for the destiny of the nation and boundless devotion to the world revolution.
   President Kim Il Sung put forward the outstanding ideas and strategy for making the world independent, and spared no efforts to put them into effect. He rendered sincere aid to the revolutionaries and ordinary people of other countries at great expense. His noble traits and obligation to their cause are cherished dearly in the hearts of progressive humankind.
   His ideas and achievements are the assets with which the Korean revolution can advance unwaveringly along the road of independence in the 21st century, too.
   The 21st century is the century of independence.
   Following the road of independence is the irresistible trend of the new century.
   The President trained the Koreans to be an independent people invested with a strong national pride and ardent patriotic spirit. To say what they want to in any circumstances and follow the road of Juche they have chosen, irrespective of the road others choose to take--these are the revolutionary traits of the Korean people. As long as there are great people fighting with the unbending conviction in independence their leader gave them, the honor of the Korean nation will be displayed more highly in the new century.
   The ideas and achievements of the President are the sure guarantee which enables the Korean people to implement the Songun policy.
   The Songun policy being carried out in an all-round way by Kim Jong Il, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, is the everlasting method of revolutionary politics and the almighty weapon for socialist construction.
   The establishment of the foundations for the Songun politics by President Kim Il Sung ensured that the KPA could be trained to be a strong army, each of whose members is a match for a hundred foes. It also allowed the all-people national defense system to be established.
   To turn Korea into a strong, prosperous country was the lifetime wish and grand vision of the President. Filled with a burning patriotic ardor, he built the foundations for national prosperity from scratch and devoted his all to strengthening the economic power of the state to the last moments of his life. His last message to the Korean people was an earnest request for them to achieve national prosperity, upholding the leadership of Kim Jong Il.
   The history of the revolutionary struggle of the Korean people in the new century will be a struggle through which a new surge will be brought about, based on the idea and great cause of the President.
   The historic path the country traveled in the 20th century, full of glory, left the imperishable traces of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il. The two leaders worked together through many years of a century dotted with storms and stresses, creating the history of ever-victorious leadership together. Always beside the President as he steered a path through the twists and turns was Kim Jong Il, and beside Kim Jong Il, under whom a new era of Juche-oriented revolution has been ushered in, always stood President Kim Il Sung.
   The leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il of the WPK, who is in the vanguard of the Korean revolution in the new century, is geared to carrying into effect President Kim Il Sung's vision.
   The achievements made by President Kim Il Sung for our people and humankind have brilliantly demonstrated their merit, accompanied by the triumphant progress of the Juche cause, thanks to Kim Jong Il. The revolutionary history of the President will be everlasting in the hearts and minds of the Korean people.
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