Saying that the country must be reunified without fail
On September 23, 1981 leader Kim Jong Il said to an official of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan to hasten national reunification, dropping a line on a boat.

National reunification will surely come. Our wisdom, will and power are motive power for realizing reunification earlier.

Impossibility is strange to a man with strong volition. A man who value tomorrow has only possibility.

Let us achieve national reunification by performing good work, the leader said.

His words resounded like a declaration of promising national reunification for the entire Korean nation.

Dismantle the Grand National Party at once!
The Reunification Solidarity called a news conference on February 22 to vehemently condemn the Grand National Party.

Lee Bang-ho, chairman of the policy committee of the Grand National Party, made absurd remarks that people of each country have two countries---their motherland and the US when addressing at a meeting for frustrating the state policy of the present government, it denounced.

It termed his remarks sheer nonsense betraying the pro-US sycophantic nature of the GNP. The GNP clearly revealed that it represents the US interests not national interests, it condemned.

Accusing Lee, lawmaker and heavyweight of the opposition party, of unhesitatingly asserting that the US is his country, it declared: This indicates what serious phase the moves of the pro-US sycophantic and traitorous forces have reached. It demanded the GNP, a pro-US traitorous party, disband itself.

Kwon Oh-chang, permanent co-representative of the Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration, condemned in his speech that the GNP and the US are the same clan and what the GNP do is similar to the US. Stressing the need to cast opposition ballot to the GNP in the upcoming local and presidential elections, the tradition of GNP was handed down from the successive pro-US and Japanese forces, he said.   

Chairman Kwon Oh-heon of the Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience under the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy said that the GNP, which supports the US move to strangle north Korea and pursues the US policy, cannot be tolerated. 

The participants shouted slogans such as “Lee Bang-ho, quit the National Assembly!” and “Immediately disorganize the GNP, south Korean branch of the US Republican Party!”
Anti-US struggle sweeping across south Korea
South Koreans opposing to presence of the US troops in south Korea
South Koreans demanding withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea
South Koreans tearing a placard symbolizing the US military base in Pyeogntaek to pieces
South Koreans staging a demonstration against expansion of the US military bases
South Korean youth and students scuffling with the police against expansion of the US bases