Solidarity with Joint New Year's Editorial

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

January 5, Juche 96 (2007)

  The Songun Politics Study Group (USA) announces its solidarity with the DPRK Juche 96 (2007) joint New Year's Editorial entitiled: '"Usher in a Great Heyday of Songun Korea Full of Confidence in Victory", and will further implement our own Juche Songun studies and Korea solidarity activities full of confidence in victory.  Having such a brillaint commander as Marshal
Kim Jong Il at the reigns brings glory to the Korean revolution and admiration from we the Songun admirers of the world.  Korea in the past year truly showed its dignity and strength.

   Songun idea has demonstrated itself as the ideology of the times, smashing enemy aggression and defending the revolutionary Juche path via placing priority in military affairs in all circumstances.  Surely the DPRK will further speed up the building of a strong prosperous society under the banner of Songun politics.
  Now this year is special year that sees the 95th anniversary of Great Leader Comrade
Kim Il Sung, immortal Sun of Juche idea and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army. Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung leading the anti-Japanese resistance started the path of Songun which blazed a trail of unity and indepence throughout the world.  The Songun Politics Study Group will do all that is in its power to celebrate these events in a dignified way.

Having brought ruins to imperialist mongering against Korea through the testing of various missiles and nuclear weapons, we wish the Korean people great victories in maintaining socialism and the cause of reunification of their motherland, and will maintain firm veneration of the three generals of Mt. Baekdu.