The DPRK has a right to build Weapons of Mass Destruction and to Test Them

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
June 25, Juche 95 (2006)

  The Songun Politics Study Group (USA)  unanimously affirms that the fraternal Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has a right to build Weapons of Mass Destruction, to test them and to pro-actively defend the national sovereignty by any means necessary.  It is none other than the US imperialists, murders of millions upon millions of Koreans and divider of the bisected national vessel, which claims its self the arbitrary right to tell the DPRK what it can and cannot do.

  We stand by leader
Kim Jong Il, as the revolutionary center of the entire Korean nation, during this difficult period of anti-US confrontation over the 'missile testing' racket drummed up by the imperialists.  We unequivocally avail ourselves, in full, to the DPRK in the event of a war of liberation and call on the US anti-war movement to take a principled stance in defense of the DPRK's right to resist interference into its affairs.

  Today, June 25 2006 marks the start of 'Month of Solidarity with Korea' i.e the beginning of US aggression during the Great Fatherland Liberation War. Under the guidance of Great Leader Comrade
Kim Il Sung, the imperialists were defeated in that war, and would only be defeated even more so should any ensuing war follow.

  The issue of moralizing WMDs and proactive deterrence is an absurd one. The fact is, that the nation of Yugoslavia was not wiped off the map by good looks and friendly charm, nor do the brutal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan follow such patterns. In our era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle, were the gun is the primary mode,  defense of national identity means refusing to submit concession of principle to the enemy, but rather to mean threats of force with diametrically opposed force.

  The north Korean people have chosen to rally around the army in single hearted unity and cannot be defeated.  It is the army-based socialism of Juche, under the wise guidance of dear Leader
Kim Jong Il which ushers in the period of inter-Korean unity and dialog from from interference.

The Songun followers in the US affirm every inch of their blood and souls to the Korean nation, motherland and heartbeat of Juche-type socialism. By contrast, we unconditionally oppose the US imperialists and support the independence forces anywhere and everywhere they resist