Koreans Unite Against south Korean Troops
Being Dispatched to Iraq!
Thoughts from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
World Public Protests S. Korea's Troop Dispatch Moves

  Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Organizations of various countries strongly denounced the scheme of the south Korean authorities to dispatch combat troops to Iraq at the request of the U.S. The U.S. All Anti-Imperialists Wishing to Build Solidarity with the DPRK in its statement on Sept. 25 said it could hardly repress towering rage at the moves of the south Korean Grand National Party to massively dispatch troops to Iraq in order to plunge south Korea deeper into subjection to the U.S.
    The statement called upon the international leftist forces and all the people desirous of freedom to unconditionally support the righteous anti-U.S. resistance of the Korean people and the Arab people and demanded that the U.S. administration promptly stop mud-slinging at the DPRK, sign a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK and withdraw its troops from south Korea.
    Saying that the "nuclear issue" of the DPRK is as plain as noonday, the statement stressed that the global community should support the right of the DPRK to build its strong military deterrent without the slightest illusion about the U.S. which killed millions of Koreans.
    The British Association for the Study of the Songun Policy in letters of protest to the U.S. president and the south Korean leading authority on Sept. 25 strongly protested the moves to send south Korean combat troops to Iraq.
    On the same day, Alejandro Cao de Benos, chairman of the Association for Friendship with Korean People in Spain, in an open letter to the south Korean people said that the south Korean youth should look forward to a peaceful future of the reunified nation free from the colonial domination of the U.S. and not fall a worthless victim to the U.S. President Bush. Meanwhile, Polish and British personages in protest letters to the U.S. administration and the south Korean authorities condemned the scheme to dispatch troops to Iraq and urged the south Korean people not to support the U.S. criminal acts in Iraq but strive to drive the U.S. troops out of south Korea and achieve Korea's reunification.
S. Korea's Humiliating Act under Fire

  Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of National Defence of south Korea begged the United States' side to cut down some of costs to be paid by south Korea according to "memoranda" signed in 1990 at the 5th meeting of the "Policy Plan of Future Alliance" held between south Korea and the U.S. in Seoul a few days ago. Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun today says:
    We, as the fellow countrymen, feel national disgrace at the south Korean authorities' humiliating attitude toward the U.S. Recalling that the "memoranda" are submissive documents as they stipulate that south Korea shall entirely bear a colossal amount of nearly 110 trillion won for removal of the U.S. military base in Ryongsan of Seoul, the paper goes on:
    It means that south Korea gives money to the aggression troops to fire at the Korean nation.
    South Korea cannot free from the bridle of submission as long as it keeps dependent relations under the U.S. occupation. South Korea is well advised to make a bold decision for independence.
Thoughts From the People of south Korea

September 15th Letter From the Pyongyang Mission of the NDFSK:
Statement on the Further Deployment of south Korean Troops to Iraq

Pyongyang Mission of National Democratic Front of South Korea

Add.: Munsu-dong, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Fax: 850-2-381-4505


Sept.21, 2003

Upon the authorization of the Central Committee, the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang extends militant greetings to you.

The statement attached is published the spokesman for the NDFSK on Sept.15, 2003, to denounce the south Korean authorities' move to dispatch combatant force to Iraq.

We appeal to your organization to wage various solidarity activities (publishing statements, sending protest letters to the US and the south Korean authorities, rallies etc) to foil the south Korean authorities and the "Grand National Party"'s criminal plot to dispatch combatants to Iraq under the pressure of the US.

If you inform us readily on your solidarity activities conducted in protest to the south Korean authorities' dispatch of combatant force to Iraq, we will widely introduce them through our propaganda means and other mass media.

Here follow for your conference the websites to which the protest letters might be sent.

The White House (USA)

The Blue House (south Korea)

Best regards,

Zo Il-min


NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang




[Data 1]

Sept.15 statement of the NDFSK's spokesman

The US pressed by the ever-increasing anti-US resistance of the Iraqi people recently demanded south Korea to dispatch combatant troops to Iraq.

The Iraqi war provoked by the US was an utterly unjust aggressive war motivated by the wicked purpose to overthrow the legitimate government of Hussein and dominate the Middle East region abundant with petrol.

The aggressive war against Iraq unilaterally ignited by the atrocious and brazen-faced US imperialists in disregard to the international law and institutions, plainly exposed the highhanded nature of the US imperialism obsessed with the ambition for world hegemony and aroused strong protest and condemnation even in the US as well as in the entire world.

The bellicose US Bush administration is now trapped in a dilemma because its troops are being killed almost everyday by the ceaseless anti-US resistance of the Iraqi people even after the declaration of the end of the Iraq war and the outlay to maintain the occupying forces in Iraq is skyrocketing.

The US in a hopeless plight tries nail and tooth to cope with the situation and achieve its dirty goal by all means and, as part of it, demands other countries to dispatch combatant troops to Iraq.

Now such demand of the US has met a serious opposition of the international community which is strongly condemning and rejecting it and is even rebuffed by its allies.

However, the south Korean authorities under the coercion of the US are clamoring about considering a large-scaled dispatch of combatant troops.

It is an unpardonable US-sycophant submission that the authorities are planning the dispatch of military force which is even scrupled now by the US itself in view of the fact that last April they scarcely managed to dispatch the troops to Iraq amid strong internal and external opposition.

Still worse, the Grand National Party is working hard to realize the dispatch of troops to Iraq, claiming that it should be considered ¡°positively¡± with an ill intention to toe the US line as a cat¡¯s paw.

The GNP is in reality a group of unparalleled traitors who exist only for the US but not for our nation.

The NDFSK bitterly denounces the US move to coerce south Korea into dispatch of more troops to Iraq and the pro-US sycophants plot to dispatch combatant troops additionally in submission to the US request, branding them as criminalities against the world peace and our nation.

The authorities should meditate upon the grave consequences to be entailed from the additional military dispatch to Iraq and behave with discretion.

Our people can never tolerate the disgrace of our youngsters' being cannon fodders of Yankees in an alien land.

The patriotic people of all social strata should turn out determinedly in the nation-wide anti-US, anti-war struggle to keep the peace and security of the world and the Korean Peninsula, bring the troops already deployed in Iraq back to home at once, and decisively check the additional dispatch of combatant troops.

The Central Committee

National Democratic Front of South Korea

September 15, Juche 92 (2003)

[Data 2]

South Koreans against sending combatants to Iraq

Now the south Korean people are strongly resisting the US move to coerce south Korea into dispatch of combatant troops to Iraq.

¢Â On Sept.15 the Solidarity for Participation made public a statement, in which it decried that the US demand of dispatch of troops aims at laying the blame for its inhuman and aggressive war on the international society.

¢Â On Sept.16 more than 30 progressive organizations including the Solidarity for Participation and the Federation for Environmental Movement held a press conference in front of the government office building to declare that they will turn out actively in a campaign against the dispatch of combatant troops to Iraq. Meanwhile they denounced that the present government is trying to put the finishing touches to the unjustifiable aggressive war by dispatching militants to Iraq.

The above-mentioned organizations vowed to contact with foreign organizations of anti-war movement, too, in order to carry out their protest against the dispatch of troops.

At present they intend to make "opposition to sending army to Iraq" as a key theme of the large-scaled anti-war rally to be held unanimously worldwide on Sept.27.

Besides, they decided to hold a demonstration to stop the dispatch of combatant troops to Iraq before the National Assembly building in case a bill on it is passed in the Assembly of south Korea.

¢Â "Daehanmaeil"(Korea Daily), a daily newspaper published in Seoul, asserted that "the US demand of dispatching combatant troops is unreasonable" in its Sept.16 editorial.

It said: "It is reported that the US demanded our government to dispatch combatant troops additionally on a scale commensurate with the "Polish Division" possessed of independent operation capability. The Polish Division is composed of 5000~7000 soldiers. So it is made clear that the US pressed our government to dispatch troops on a larger scale than the formerly reported brigade about 3000 strong or regiment 2000 strong.

We judge that it is unreasonable for the US to compel its ally to dispatch additional troops to the Iraqi war which has already been concluded as an unjustifiable one."


[Data 3]

South Korean authorities plot to dispatch combatants to Iraq

For keeping public peace after the Iraqi invasion that have been concluded as an unjust aggressive war the US asked 10-odd countries including south Korea, Turkey, Japan, India, Pakistan, etc. to dispatch a multi-national force. It is reported that it urged south Korea to dispatch combatant troops on a scale of a division.

Irrespective of the unanimous objection at home and abroad the south Korean authorities are now plotting to dispatch additional troops to the extent of a division including 800 combatants of special warfare division in submission to the US.

The authorities are reported to decide the time and scale of the dispatched troops before the south Korea-US annual security meeting slated for late October, this year, especially before the south Korea and the US presidents' meeting in the APEC Summit to be held in Bangkok from October 20.

Since their barbaric invasion into Iraq, the US troops have been killed almost everyday by the incessant anti-US resistance of the Iraqi people. It is none other than a traitorous act to dispatch a lot of youth to such a place as canon fodders of the US and scapegoats of the proxy war of aggression in submission to the one-sided demand of the US.

Civil organizations and peace-loving people of various social strata including the Solidarity for Participation, the Federation of Environmental Movement, the Unified Solidarity for the Implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration and Peace on the Korean Peninsula are waging dynamic campaign against the government and the ultra-rightist conservatives like the "Grand National Party" who are scheming to send young people to the unjust battlefield as scapegoats of US aggressors.

In order to put their objection into effect, these organizations are planning to contact with foreign anti-war movements and intend to make "opposition to sending army to Iraq" as a key theme of the large-scaled anti-war rally to be held unanimously worldwide on Sept.27.

Besides, many countries including Russia, Germany, France, India, Canada, etc. and anti-war, peace-loving forces are unanimously objecting to the dispatch of troops to Iraq and even the allies of the US are now opposing, evading and refusing the demand of the US.
Briefs on the anti-US anti-war struggle

¡âSouth Korea

9.3-Several organizations including ¡°Those Opening Peace and Reunification¡±, the Council of National Reconciliation and Independent Reunification, the Headquarters of the Movement for returning the Yongsan US military Bases, The Democratic Workers¡¯ Party and the Solidarity for Implementing The June 15 South-North Joint Declaration staged a mass struggle to oppose the 4th ¡°conference of planning the policy of the future S. Korea-US alliance¡± in front of the gate of the Defense Ministry building.

They demanded the stop of the arms buildup of the south Korean and US combined forces and the withdrawal of the US troops.

9.4- The south headquarters of the Beomchonghakryon issued an appeal under the title ¡°Let all the youth and students bend joint efforts in the anti-US anti-war struggle to maintain peace for defending the national dignity and peace¡±.

-The 285th candlelight rally in front of the Gate Gwanghua under the auspices of the All People Measure Committee for the Death of the Schoolgirls. The participants expressed their support to the students who waged a surprise demo in a USA shooting range and denounced the humiliating behavior of the judicial authorities.

9.6-The 11th-term Hanchongryon issued an struggle resolution entitled ¡°Let¡¯s realize independence and peace on the Korean Peninsula with the anti-US anti-war struggle upholding the banner of the June 15 joint declaration in the second half of the turbulent 2003¡±.

9.8-A mass rally to cleanse the 58 years of south Korea occupation by the USA and strengthen the determination to maintain peace against the US and war was held under the sponsorship of the Headquarters of the Movement for Anti-US Anti-war and the Conclusion of North Korea-US Non-Aggression Treaty in Myongdong region, Seoul.

An ¡°announcement to the UA troops, occupiers of south Korea¡± was made public.

-The Headquarters of the Busan Movement for the Conclusion of a Non-aggression Treaty between North Korea and the US published a commentary titled ¡°The 58 year-long occupation of the USA, smudged with blood, spotlighting it today¡±, calling for the struggle of the anti-US independent reunification.

-The All People Measure Committee for the Death of the Schoolgirls demanded the liquidation of the unequal S. Korea-US relations.

9.15-The Reunification Solidarity for the Implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration and for the Peace on the Korean Peninsula issued a statement to resolutely reject the dispatch of the troops.

-An absolute majority of the south Korean people rejected the Iraq dispatch.

The opposition reached 73.26% by the Neighbor survey, 72.1% by the Porta Site Daum survey, 56% by the Portal Site Yahoo and 62.2% by the Yonhap News Site survey.

9.16-Ssome 30 civic and social organizations involving the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy held a press conference to announce their opposition to the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.17-Mr. Jong Hyong-chan, chairman of the ¡°General Confederation of the National Farmers Councils¡± published a statement to reject the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.18-19 MPs belonging to the parliamentary group for anti-war peace held a press conference and issued a statement to oppose the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq in the Parliament building.

-21 religious organizations including the ¡°Catholic Human Rights Committee¡± and the ¡°National Catholic Priests Group for the Realization of Justice¡± issued a joint statement to oppose the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.21-the 300th candlelight rally was observed in front of the Gate Gwanghua. The participants claimed the revision of the SOFA, the stop of the US threat of war in the Korean Peninsula and the opposition of the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.23-The 48th anti-US solidarity rally was held I the Citizens¡¯ Open Plaza beside the US Embassy, Seoul, under the auspices of the People's Action to revise the unequal SOFA and the Headquarters of the Movement for Returning the Yongsan US military Bases.

-¡°The People's Emergent Action to Oppose the Additional Dispatch to Iraq¡±, comprising 351 civic organizations, was formed.

It held a press interview to announce an ¡°appeal to all the people¡± and its 5-point plan including a nation-wide signature campaign, all-people meeting and a campaign to pressurize the Parliament.

9.24-The Busan Headquarters of the People's Movement for the USA Withdrawal published a commentary entitled ¡°Let¡¯s wage an all-people drive to refuse the tax payment if the additional troops dispatch is enforced¡±.

-6 members of the Iraqi anti-war peace team and the Medicare Team who returned Iraqi territories, held a press conference to declare their strong opposition to the Iraq dispatch.

9.25- 5 civic organizations involving Episcopal University, Seoul National University, Hanyang University, women¡¯s organizations and the Social Progressive Solidarity, staged in Seoul a joint action protesting against the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.27-A mass rally with the participation of more than 5,000 citizens was observed in Seoul National University under the sponsorship of the organizing committee of the September 27 International Anti-war Joint Action, consisted of some 410 organizations including the National People's Solidarity.

Mass rallies were also held in Busan, Incheon, Jonju and other cities.

¡â The world

8.28-A anti-war rally was held in London, Britain, to denounce the crimes of the US and British governments which launched the Iraq war with the concocted information.

-Clark, the former Commander in chief of NATO condemned the reckless policy of the US administration toward Iraq.

-An Iraqi resistance force conducted an ambush attack on the US troops on Ramadi city, killing one GI and wounding several others.

A GI was killed on the spot in the suburbs of Baaqubah city by a rocket attack of an Iraqi resistance force.

-Jacques Chirac, President of France, demanded the US to deliver the sovereignty to the Iraqi people, stressing that he rejected the US unilateralism.

-An anti-US rally was held in Ankara, Turkey, to strongly demand the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq.

-Iran condemned the US in relation to the bomb attack incident in Iraq.

Recently the Swiss newspaper ¡°Le Tang¡± carried an article titled ¡°The US caught in the Iraqi trap¡± stressing that the Bush administration fell in dilemma by the Iraqi problem.

9.2-Anti-US rallies with participation of more than 400,000 people were observed in Baghdad and Najaf to denounce the Iraq occupation of the USA. They demanded the immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq stressing that Iraq will never be left occupied by the USA.

9.3-Hamzah Hajj, Indonesian vice President banded the US ringleader of terrorists and war maniac.

9.4-Schoreder, German Prime Minister and French President dismissed a new US draft resolution in regard to the Iraqi problem.

9.5-Foreign Ministers of Russia and France and spokesman for the German government urged an immediate restoration of the sovereignty.

9.6-Schoreder, German Prime Minister rejected the sending of troops to Iraq, emphasizing that Germany had no plan to intervene militarily in the Iraqi question and that stance will remain intact.

-The spokesman for the Iran foreign ministry dismissed the US Defense Secretary, Rumsfeld¡¯s claim that his country allowed the terrorists to enter Iraq.

Some time ago China, Panama, Bangladesh bitterly denounced the ¡°the annual report on the human rights¡± issued by the US State department as an interference in their internal affairs.

9.6-Jordanian Foreign Minister held a press conference to condemn the Israeli assassination operation against the Palestinian people.

9.8-Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed the charge of the US national security adviser to the President that his country had a connection to the terrorists and Iran was one of the troubles in the world.

-A GI was injured in Balad city, north of Iraq, by an attack of an Iraqi resistance force.

-German government spokesman clarified the government¡¯s opposition to the dispatch of troops to Iraq.

-70% of the Spanish strongly demanded the withdrawal of their troops from Iraq.

9.9-French Defense Minister rejected the false report on the issue of the dispatch of the French troops to Iraq.

-A USA truck was destroyed and several GIs were wounded in the suburbs of Falujah city, western part of Iraq, by an Iraqi resistance force.

-In the suburbs of Baghdad a GI was killed on the spot by an attack of an Iraqi resistance force, and in Erbeel city, north of Iraq, 6 GIs were injured by a bomb attack of another Iraqi resistance force.

-Canadian Defense Minister clarified his government¡¯s opposition to the dispatch of troops to Iraq.

9.10-German Prime minister dismissed in a speech made at the Parliament the US claim that more countries should send troops to Iraq.

9.11-Several GIs were wounded in Falujah city, Iraq, by a rocket attack of a resistance force and 2 US military cars were destroyed in Khaldya city.

9.12-Mohammad Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President denounced the foreign occupation of Iraq.

-An Iraqi resistance force attacked the US troops in Ramadi city, killing 2 of them wounding 10 others.

In Falujah city 2 GIs were injured.

-French Foreign Minister denounced the administration policy by the occupying forces in Iraq, being enforced by the US government.

9.14-An Iraqi resistance force attacked the US troops in Falujah city, killing one of them and wounding several others and destroyed a military car and a helicopter.

9.15-Iranian President Seyd Mohammad Khatami condemned the US of its pursuing extreme and expansionist policy.

-European military experts exposed the data of the US losses in Iraq.

Accordingly, the GIs who returned home due to the wound, psychopathy and other diseases accounted at more than 6,000 at present, the severely wounded among them were 1,500.

- A rocket attack of an Iraqi resistance force occurred, left a GI killed on the spot.

9.16- Cuban Foreign Minister, Roque condemned the US blockade imposed on his country.

9.17-Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed the US charge that Iran ¡°was threatening the US national security¡±.

-General Secretary of the Arab League and Egyptian Foreign Minister denounced the US which patronizes Israel.

9.18-In a highway in Khaldya city, Iraq, 8 GIs were killed and a GI was wounded by an attack of an Iraqi resistance force.

9.20-Former chief of the UN Weapons Inspection team denounced the US illegal aggressive acts against Iraq.

-Members of the Japanese civic organizations staged a sit-down strike to protest the US pre-critical nuclear test in Hiroshima.

-3,000 Russian citizens held a rally in Moscow against the US war policy on Iraq.

9.22-The European Union decided to take trade retaliatory steps protesting against the US unjust anti-dumping act.

9.23-French President, Chirac, condemned in the 58th UN General Assembly the US unilateral action.

-UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, dismissed the US ¡°preemptive strike theory¡±.

9.26- Iraqi Shiite and Sunni Islamist leaders urged the withdrawal of the US troops in a prayer meeting with the participation of some 100,000 people.

9.28-An Iraqi resistance force conducted armed attacks in Taaz city and Al Iskandarya city, wounding 4 GIs.

9.29-Some 500 Iraqi people held an anti-US demo in Kirkuk, north of Iraq.

-Iraqi militants attacked a US patrol in Hafanya city, Iraq, killing one GI and wounding another one.

6 GIs were killed in Falujah region.

-Syrian President, Assad, claimed that the Anglo-American occupation on Iraq should be terminated.
On How US Imperialism Uses Korean Blood to Kill Arabs
Ziad Shaker elJishi

One of the fundamental failures in the Arab world today is the lack of theoretical understanding of imperialism and the necessity to build united anti-imperialist fronts to face US imperialist aggression in specific.

As we celebrate the great successes of the Iraqi guerrilla movement against US imperialist occupation forces in Iraq, that is now scoring at least one US imperialist causality a day; we also admire and recognize the principled stance of the DPRK in the face of US imperialist advance.

Nowhere is the link between US imperialism's mechanism for operation of its aggression evident like in the case of Iraq.

The US tactics have struggled all along to involve the sacrifice of blood of others to serve its desires and benefits. Today we see its request for troops from South Korea to be sent to Iraq to serve as guards at the outposts of US imperialism. In essence to use Korean blood to kill Arabs.

It has further created an Iraqi comprador ruling council and is training Iraqi police and Iraqi army soldiers to kill Iraqis on its behalf. This happens urgently as more pressure inside the US mounts to pull US soldiers out of Iraq.

Previously in its aggression against Iraq, in the first Persian Gulf War, it asked the bourgeoisie of the oil nations of the Arab gulf to finance the war on Iraq.

Later in Afghanistan it asked the Japanese capitalists and the bourgeoisie European Union to pay for the cost of destroying Afghanistan.

Would the destruction of Iraq in the second Persian Gulf War would have been possible if it wasn't for the collapse of the Soviet Union, the neutrality of China, the sanctions on Cuba, the passivity of Iran and Syria, and the launching of US imperialist planes from Kuwaiti, Qatari, and Turkish bases?

Today US imperialism seeks Turkish, South Korean, Italian, German, Albanian, Polish, Spanish, Danish and even Arab gulf troops to do its dirty work in Iraq. To spend blood for it!

It also seeks desperately political cover from these nations to give it legitimacy in its plans in Iraq. It must be denied this international political cover!

We understand fully that the number one terrorist in the world today is George Bush. That US imperialism and its expansionist plans represent the number one threat to all peoples of the world. For that reason we call for a united anti-imperialist front.

We call for support of the DPRK and Cuba who are being threatened by US imperialism through escalation of war moves and war rhetoric and threats of economic sanctions.

We call for unconditional support for Syria, the Palestinian intifadah, and the Lebanese Hizbullah who are standing strong against the Zionist enemy of "israel", this instrument of US imperialist penetration and oppression in the Arab homeland.

US imperialist plans for our world must be stopped whether its economic strive for globalist domination or its flat-out military aggression and occupation.

We say an international united anti-imperialist front is in order; and that the DPRK and Cuba must lead it!!

We say unity amongst the Korean peoples in the North and South against US imperialism; and unity of the Arab people around Iraq, Syria, and Palestine.

That to strengthen the DPRK is to weaken US imperialism, to strengthen the liberation struggles of the oppressed people all over the world. To strengthen the Arab resistance to imperialism is to strengthen the DPRK and Cuba.

AlTajamo3 AlTaqadomi Al3arabi fi Amreykah AlShamaleyah
Arab Progressive Coalition in North America
For A Socialist Future
A Liberated PALESTINE--->Arab Unification---->SOCIALISM
Workers of the World Unite-Ya Omal Alalam Itahedo
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