Statements of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
The Korean People's Army is shown here, smashing the war moves of the US Imperialists, and of conducting vigilant Anti-GI struggle. The Songun Defense Stance of the DPRK, should make any US citizen think twice about joining the US Imperialist Mercenary Military.
New Year messages to NDFSK
from Progressive organizations of different countries

Greeting the New Year 2004, progressives organizations of different countries sent New Year messages to the NDFSK.

Here read some of them.

? New Year message from the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Dear Comrades-in Arms of the National Democratic Front of South Korea,

Juche-Type Communist Liberation Fighters in the Songun-based Re-unification Struggle,

On behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), and the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), I avail myself of the opportunity to thank you for your warm greetings as the coming New Year approaches. No doubt Juche 93, will be an even more glorious year of gun-based anti-imperialist class struggle, than Juche 92.

It is our intent and purpose to pick up your call for greater solidarity and to unite still further with Juche Korea, the Korean workers' paradise, and the illuminating leadership style of the brilliant iron-willed supreme commander, Comrade Kim Jong Il, marching in solidarity with the Songun Idea, which places the gun back at the heads of human scum occupiers and baby-killing fascists like Bush Jr. and Rumsfeld. May it lead to the unity of the worker-based popular forces of the US and Korea!

A war with Korea would end in the military defeat of the US imperialism more soundly than it has previously experienced. In the event of a war of aggression against the Korean nation, and the masses' cause of socialist independence, even in the US, their will be a fight to the last drop, and to the last Juche follower standing, by any means necessary!

We are confident the Songun idea of Marshal Kim Jong Il will be further coupled with the efforts of the NDFSK-led popular forces in the south, and the US imperialists and their stupid trash GI mercenary occupation troops will be run to the sea!

It is our hopes to stand with our true comrades of the National Democratic Front of South Korea until death, and we fully endorse the anti-US show down splendidly led by the Workers' Party of Korea!

Militant Greetings,

John Paul Cupp


Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

? New Year message from the Socialist Arab Coalition in North America

Dear comrades of the NDFSK,

We, greeting the upcoming 2004 year, look forward to the inevitable victory over the imperialist monsters in the United States to smash their arrogance with the fierce resistance and steadfast principles of Marx and Lenin and those who follow in their footsteps.

We understand that our struggle is an internationalist one and we stand shoulder and shoulder with you our Arab fists with your Korean fists to destroy the enemy of all humanity that of US and Anglo imperialism.

In Iraq the US imperialists are in great trouble and they want Japanese money and Korean blood to be spent to save them from the resistance.

Like the Korean nation that is eager for reunification and has suffered so long because of US colonial occupation, the Arab nation also is much eager for its reunification and to kick out the Yankee imperialists and to move on with its development.

Today just as the revolutionary potential exists in Korea with the leadership of the DPRK it also exists in Iraq and in Palestine and we are marching on the same anti-imperialist path.

Forward, comrades, and we look to a more revolutionary year in the year 2004.

with much appreciation for your camaraderie.

Death to Imperialism

Long Live Marxism-Leninism

your comrade,


Socialist Arab Coalition in North America

? New Year message from the UK Korean Friendship Association, the Society for Friendship with Korea UK, the Association for the Study of Songun Politics of the UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England

Dear comrades, on behalf of the UK Korean Friendship Association, the Society For Friendship with Korea UK and also the Association For the Study of Songun Politics of the UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England I would like to send greetings to you on the occasion of the New Year.

2003 saw many great victories of Songun Korea under the wise leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

The struggle of the south Korean people and the people of the world against US imperialism grew more intense.

The people of the world are struggling against US imperialism and its dominationism, neo-colonialism, hegemonism and intervention.

Under the leadership of the NDSFK the vanguard of the south Korean popular masses the south Korean people are struggling to achieve independence from US imperialism and to achieve reunification.

We salute your struggle to achieve independence, popular democracy, the right to live and to achieve reunification of the divided motherland and to build socialism and communism throughout a reunified Korea.

  With best wishes for 2004



Dermot Hudson
Anti-imperialist solidarity committee (USA) issued letter titled

"Message to the GI mercenaries on the further deployment of US troops"

(Published in the NDFSK News Report for Decemeber Juche 92)

On last November 27, the Anti-imperialist solidarity committee (USA) made public a letter titled "Message to the GI mercenaries on the further deployment of US troops".

The letter contains the mind of the US people who admire the ever-victorious KPA, pillar of the great Songun politics and invincible power of our nation, and wish our south Korean people to resolutely repel the US pressure for additional troop dispatch to Iraq.

It also contains the vivid voice of the US working masses who pungently criticize the nefarious invasion of Iraq by the US imperialists, aimed at the world supremacy and the interests of the US oil monopolies. 

Considering it to be a great encouragement, too, to the patriotic south Korean people in their anti-Bush, anti-war struggle, the NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang introduces the full text of the letter.

Message to the GI mercenaries on the further deployment of US troops

We are witnessing the further militarization of the occupation of Iraq, and the unjust national liberation squelching neo-con fascist designs to subjugate the entire region to imperialism and Zionism. As the direct and hired guns of the imperialists, you are the bullets of the enemy and the presence necessary to maintain this unjust occupation. 

For this reason and because of the war crimes (the occupation itself being a war crime) you are committing, whether directed from central command or of your own individual and collective sadism, we do not support you either as individuals or as a collective, as well as refusing any aid and comfort to the cannon fodder of the US boot licker countries.

It is well established that the attack on Iraq was an act of unprovoked aggression, and as such whether they be Baathist, communist, or Islamic, Kurdish or Arab, Sunni or Shia, we stand with the Iraqi people to resist this occupation by force of arms. 

The right to armed struggle for the sake of national liberation and for the rights of a free and equal people to self-determination are the highest form of genuine collective human rights, the rights of mankind which strives for unity and independence.

You have witnessed this week the attacks in Mossul, where the GI cannon fodder had their throats slit and their heads smashed in with concrete blocks. No doubt this fills your heart with fear as it should. 

The Iraqi People are waging a just anti-US, anti-occupation struggle which involves wide range of ideological groupings and encompasses the entire popular masses which desire for their homeland to maintain its self-determination. We will not lie to you. To hear that the GIs were killed in such a manner is beautiful music to our ears. Our only sadness is that there were not 10, 20, 20,000 more who perished. May the despicable be despised!

No military operation the US government has engaged since WW II has been just, and each have been aimed at stifling by force those countries, mainly former colonial countries who wished to go their own way, free of US imperialist dictates. Every US military base on foreign soil is an injury to the national spirit of the people it occupies, and hence the dynamic anti-US, anti-GI struggle being waged in the periphery (Third World).

We have already sent a message to the south Korean troops entitled "To the south Korean soldiers: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!", telling them to remember the school girls that your fellow GI racists murdered in cold blood, when deciding which way to point their guns, and reminding them it is the US imperialists and you, their hired GI mercenaries, which need to die! If we are able to obtain the chance, we will say as much to the Polish, Albanian, Serbian, Italian, Spanish, and any other boot licker cannon fodder. US imperialism is the enemy of us all, even of the working poor in the US itself! 

It is an honorable thing to be willing to die for something, to place it above one's own life. In fact, it is none other than socio-political integrity which separates humanity from the beasts of this world. That said, what is their to die for the imperialists, the fascist neo-cons, the stranglers of liberation struggle, the enemy of the world's workers, including the US working class? Do you really believe you are contributing to "freedom" in the US, and by "freedom", oh wayward ones, what do you mean? 

Every major gain, from Race Relations to health care improvements, have been the struggle of the people building a movement and wrestling these gains from the government, and not from the government out of its noble love of humanity. 

Do you think the 4 million dead massacres of Korea and the 2.75 million dead massacres of Vietnam somehow contributed to free speech, to the livelihood of working families, to a world of peace and justice? What is the pathology which motivates you to murder the innocents, like cows following orders from a commanding officer who couldn't give a shit if you lived or died?

In the US, the Zionist lobby and its neo-con war hawks have quite literally mapped out an agenda for "regime changes" around the world, for the purposes of geo-political supremacy and plunder. Through its control of finances and the media, the Zionist enemy has set America on a course of death and destruction. 

That said, the US is a country whose origins and roots lie in the destruction and genocide of the indigenous aboriginal people (native Americans) and the enslavement of the African Diaspora (blacks). The US in its own right, even without the Zionist enemy to collude with, is a nation of and founded by terrorists, and in fact every star for every state on the US flag is the symbol of stolen and occupied ground. 

While on one hand preaching the rights of man, on the other it is engaged in global conquest. The Arab and Muslim people are furious over the enormous aid and comfort we give to the Zionist entity of " Israel", an illegitimate product of colonization of Arab soil (Palestine) whose existence as a nation is not recognize, and rightfully so by Arabs, Muslims, and their Progressive Allies. Is this worth you death to defend, you backward ones?

In the US, problems abound. The rate of homelessness is growing rapidly. Millions of people, in every city in the US are little better off than beggars. The Unemployment rate has sky-rocketed. Racism is thriving. The US has the highest prison incarceration both in terms of per capita and total population. It has more weapons of mass destruction than the total number it even alleges other so-called "rogues states" own combined. Just last week the fascist Rumsfeld threatened to nuke the DPRK (north Korea), despite the fact that the DPRK has never ones attacked US soil or attempted to do so. 

More and more people are living in less and less tolerable poverty and depression. If you must pick up the gun, pick up the gun and point it at the White House. 

Many in the anti-war movement will tell you that they "support the troops". We support the troops, that is the Korean People's Army, the Palestinian Intifadah, the Fedayeen, etc. We support our troops when they shoot their commanding officers, when they refuse to be discharged to Iraq, when in Iraq, they refuse to fight, of better yet, WHEN THEY TURN THEIR GUNS THE OTHER WAY AND FIGHT FOR IRAQ!!! 

The Iraqi resistance is growing. Its tactics and strategies are full of genius due to their adaptive nature, and popular character. In the end the Iraqi resistance is going to win. It has the demonstrated support of the Iraqi people with nothing left to loose. 

No doubt countless more killing will go on, but in the end the US will be forced to cut its losses. Do you want your throats slit and your heads bashed in with concrete? Would that feel nice? Is that what you need to stop licking the boots of the common enemy? 

Comrades, those of you with ear to hear, minds to think, remember the beloved HassanAkabar, who sent the grenades in the tents of his commanding officers, killing two, wounding more than a dozen more? 

Does that seem extreme to you, more extreme than the order to carpet bomb civilian area? More extreme than the GI's who locked woman and children into a house in Sinchon County, north Korea, and lit the house on fire to terrorize the population into not supporting the popular resistance? 

To the GI's stationed in Iraq: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!!!

We stand with all of "our troops" who on some level resist, and ONLY IF THEY RESIST! We make ourselves available to all who resist by legal or extra legal means this unjust occupation, and call on the worker-based international leftist/anti-US popular forces to do the same. Through these means we can aid in the defeat of US/UK imperialism and Zionism in Iraq and build fraternal ties to our brethren in Iraq, who gun in hand are waging a heroic anti-occupation struggle to the death!

While you go to your barracks, tonight soldier, remember it is better to be called a " terrorist" ( that is anti-Imperialist freedom fighter) than to have your children, the children of Iraq, the children of the world inherit a world of war and poverty. Each generation is judged not by words alone, but by deeds, history recording for the future the decisions we made today.

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity (USA)

November 27, 2003
Songun Politics Praised as Greatest Political Mode

Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- It has become a worldwide trend today
for the world progressives to deeply study and apply to practice leader Kim
Jong Il's Songun politics. Seminars, lectures and round-table talks on
Songun politics were held on more than 500 occasions in over 70 countries
last year.
Wide-range activities to study and disseminate Songun politics are now
underway in all parts of the world including Italy, India, Belarus,
Democratic Congo and Ecuador. Typical of them is a seminar on the Juche idea
for the independence of Europe in the present world which was held with
grandeur, bringing together chiefs of groups for the study of the Juche Idea
and personages of all social standings of 17 countries and a joint seminar
of political parties of Balkan countries .
Celebration meetings, photo exhibitions and film shows were held
thousands of times worldwide on the occasions of major anniversaries of the
It was stressed at the seminars and functions that Kim Jong Il's Songun
politics is all-powerful politics, the greatest political mode in the world
as it helps turn adversities into favorable conditions.
The Lao People's Revolutionary Party, the Peruvian Communist Party and
other progressive political parties and organizations published brochures to
disseminate it among members of the organizations and personages of various
social standings. Their organs and other influential newspapers carried
articles introducing the validity and the might of Songun politics.
Brazilian newspaper Hora do Povo, Guinean newspaper Horoya and other
organs of parties and governments of various countries said the DPRK was
throwing light as the bastion of socialism and a lighthouse for the
progressives. More than 100 pieces of poems praising Songun politics of the
DPRK were created and published in Russia, Syria, Japan, Egypt and other
countries last year.
A special note should be taken of the fact that the Peru-Korea
Friendship Association for the Study of Songun Politics of Juche was formed
in 2002 to be followed by the formation of the Association for the Study of
Songun Politics in Britain and the Group for the Study of Songun Politics in
the U.S. last year.
Support to DPRK Called for
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Group for the Study of Songun Politics sent a letter to the Central Committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea and organizations of Britain and the U.S. on November 19 as regards the south Korea visit of the U.S. defense secretary. The letter said that some time ago international terrorist Rumsfeld toured south Korea and disclosed again the U.S. hostile stand toward the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the absurd pretext of "southward invasion", threatening to make a nuclear attack upon the DPRK.
    We fully support the DPRK stand to have and maintain a powerful nuclear deterrent force and demand that the U.S. conclude a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK, the letter pointed out, and went on:
    The United States is forcing the south Korean authorities to dispatch armed forces in a bid to put down the anti-U.S. struggle of the Iraqi resistance forces. We will extend full support to the anti-U.S., anti-war struggle of the south Korean people for national reunification and their labour movement and further strengthen ties with the NDFSK.
    If the U.S. imperialists dare to invade socialist Korea of Juche, they will sustain greater defeat again before the Korean people rallied close around leader Kim Jong Il.
    The letter called upon the working class of the U.S. to denounce human scum such as Bush and Rumsfeld and support the DPRK in firm solidarity with all the Korean people.
Many Organizations for Friendship with DPRK Formed
   Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- This year witnessed the appearance of many organizations in different countries reflecting the desire of the progressive people of the world to deeply study the greatness and immortal exploits of the three generals of Mt. Paektu and actively support the Korean people's Songun revolutionary cause and cause of national reunification. In January, the Group for the Study of the Exploits of the Three Generals of Mt. Paektu was formed by officials of national institutions in Democratic Congo and the Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism and "Kim Jong Il Club" were inaugurated in Mexico and Jordan.
    The Egypt-DPRK Friendship Association opened an Internet homepage "Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il e-library" and the British Association for the Study of the Songun Policy put on its Internet homepage an article commemorating the birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, in which it introduced her brilliant revolutionary life and immortal exploits.
    Organizations for the study of the Juche idea were inaugurated in India, Thailand, Guinea, Norway and Mexico.
    The Association for the Study of the Songun Politics was inaugurated by adherents to the Juche idea in Britain in August to be followed by the formation of a group for the study of the Songun politics in the U.S.
    This year saw the appearance of organizations for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people in different countries. The Hauz Giang Branch of the Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association was formed and the British-DPRK group of parliamentarians of political parties formed in the Parliament to further develop the dialogue and actively cooperate with the DPRK. It comprises parliamentarians from different political parties including the vice-president of the House of Lords.
    New friendship organizations were also inaugurated in Philippines and Mexico to deepen the friendly and cooperative relations with the DPRK through activities to introduce the DPRK and voice solidarity with it.
    A committee for supporting the Korean people in their anti-U.S. struggle was formed in Syria.