Kim Jong Il, outstanding leader of socialist cause


Today north Korea is the center of the world socialist cause. It is because it has Kim Jong Il, the outstanding leader of the world socialist movement.

Kim Jong Il, with his brilliant ideological theory, is leading the independent cause of mankind, the socialist cause, to victory.

The most important mission charged upon the leader of socialism is to illuminate the way ahead of the independent cause of the popular masses, the socialist cause, by developing the guiding ideology of the revolution.

The socialist cause which had been advancing victoriously, suffered the setback at the close of last century due to the vicious anti-socialist maneuvers of the imperialists and the despicable treacherous acts of the modern social democrats. The severe situation urgently needed the emergence of a scientific socialist idea that would illuminate the way ahead of socialism. This historic task of crucial importance for the destiny of socialism and the independent cause of mankind was satisfactorily fulfilled by leader Kim Jong Il who is lighting the way of the times and mankind with his unusual acumen, scientific insight, creative thinking and energetic inquiry.

In the 90s of last century the leader, assuming the historic responsibility for the destiny of the popular masses, wrote a large number of works including ¡°The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party,¡± ¡°Socialism is a Science¡±, ¡°Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable¡± and ¡°Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism.¡±

In his works, he analyzed the cause of collapse of socialism in some countries in a serious manner, proved the scientific accuracy and truthfulness of man-centered, people-oriented socialism that embodied the Juche idea in an all-round way, and gave solutions to all matters with iron logic and gem-like propositions such as the truth of socialism as a science and the inevitability of its victory, the foundation of existence of socialism and the motive force of its development, its nature and superiority. And he systematized on a full scale all the theoretical and practical arising in the victorious advance and final completion of the socialist cause.

So the socialist ideology and theory were comprehensively developed and completed on a new high level, and the world socialist movement was put on a new track of development.

Kim Jong Il is leading the socialist cause to victory with his outstanding and seasoned leadership.

To build a powerful motive force of the revolution id essential for victorious advance and final completion of the socialist cause.

He regarded the uniting of the popular masses into a single socio-political organism with the leader as its top brain and the party as its backbone, as the fundamental method to build a powerful motive force of the revolution, and organized and wisely led the effort for the purpose. He defined the single-hearted unity as the mainstay of revolution, and by brilliantly realizing the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the masses, formed the powerful motive force of the Korean revolution, defended and glorified Korean socialism.

He clarified that the victory and failure in accomplishing the socialist cause are decided by whether there is the motive force of revolution or not, and energetically led the endeavor to make the powerful motive force of the world socialist movement.

Under the situation in which the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialists and the reactionaries was unprecedentedly intensified and socialism was collapsed in some countries, he elucidated that the urgent task of the revolutionary parties at the moment was to strengthen the unity and solidarity and reactionary offensive. This is how the effort to strengthen the independent motive force of the socialist movement went ahead vigorously on a worldwide scale.

When the world socialist movement was at a critical moment, he saw to it that north Korea developed into an impregnable bulwark of socialism. He saved the progressive people from the ideological confusion and vacillation by making public a large number of works for the completion of the independent cause of mankind, the socialist cause, thus establishing a secure of the movement of socialist reconstruction.

On April 20, 1992, a declaration ¡°Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism¡± was adopted in Pyongyang which was signed by a lot of parties of the world. This is unthinkable apart from his outstanding and seasoned leadership.

The declaration made it clear that socialism is the ideal of mankind and a genuine people¡¯s society that represents the future of mankind, and convinced the progressive people of the validity of the socialist cause and inevitability of its victory. The revolutionary parties and progressive people of the world that are aspiring after socialism actively carrying on the struggle to defend the socialist cause and to rebuild the socialist movement under the banner of the Pyongyang Declaration.

At present, socialism is secure from the vicious counter-revolutionary offensive of the imperialists and the reactionaries and a new change is taking place in the world socialist movement. This is historic exploits for the promotion of the socialist cause. The international community id speaking highly of him as ¡°great master of ideology and theory of the present times¡± and ¡°great leader of the world independent cause.¡±

As it is led by leader Kim Jong Il the independent cause, the socialist cause of mankind, has a bright future.


Kim Jong Il defends socialist cause


The socialist cause is vigorously advancing on a world scale in spite of the unprecedented trials and challenges.

The socialist cause underwent serve trials in the closing years of the 20th century. In 1989, socialism collapsed consecutively in some east European countries followed by breakdown of the USSR in December 1991, which was the first socialist country on the earth and existed as the socialist great power for 70 years.

Many people who yearned for socialism fell into an ideological confusion, vacillation and pessimism. The traitors to socialism excused themselves for their acts as the ¡°ideological error of socialism,¡± and the apologists of imperialism hastily declared the ¡°end of socialism¡± and the ¡°victory of capitalism.¡±

In this situation, leader Kim Jong Il warded off the crisis of the world socialist cause by himself.

He explained the basic reason and lesson of the ruin of socialism in some countries, the inevitability of its victory, and the way to rebuild the socialist movement.

His important works were published and distributed throughout the world community which had been swept over by anti-socialist propaganda. ¡°The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party¡± (January 1992), ¡°Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable¡± (March 1993), ¡°socialism Is a Science¡± (November 1994) and ¡°Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing socialism¡± (June 1995)

In his works, he made it clear that the socialist cause is the just cause for realizing the independence of the popular masses, that it is the unpreventable law of historical development that mankind advances for socialism, that the collapse of socialism and revival of capitalism in some countries are a partial and temporary phenomenon from the point of view of the main trend of social development, and that politico-ideological factor was the main factor was the main reason for the collapse of socialism. His works which clarified the truthfulness and scientific characters of socialism and inevitability of its victory became the ideological and theoretical weapons of victory for revolutionaries and progressive mankind, and the hard blow at the imperialists and the traitors to socialism.

Leader Kim Jong Il made strenuous efforts to rehabilitate the world socialist movement.

In April 1992, the declaration ¡°Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism¡± was adopted in the name of a large number of political parties of the world in Pyongyang, the capital city of Korea. With this as a turning point, the world socialist movement got on a new track of its development. In March 1997, in the run-up to the 5th anniversary of the Pyongyang Declaration, he gave very important instructions for a great upsurge of the world socialist movement. Saying that the parties which signed the Pyongyang Declaration should build mass pass parties and strengthen international unity and solidarity in the spirit of the declaration, he explained concrete ways to this end. The imperialists¡¯ strategy to destroy the socialist movement one by one collapsed and the world socialist movement entered a new period of upsurge. Today the number of political parties that have signed the Pyongyang Declaration has increased to 260 from 70 at the time of its adoption.

Leader Kim Jong Il¡¯s Songun leadership holds an outstanding place in his exploits to defend the socialist cause.

Taking advantage of the collapse of socialism in some countries, the imperialists concentrated on strangling north Korea, the bulwark of socialism. It was too heavy pressure for the small country to withstand alone. To make matters worse, the north Korean people suffered unprecedented natural disasters one after another so that they found themselves literally at the crossroads of life or death.

In the mid-1990s when the fate of the world socialism depended on socialist Korea, the leader held up ever higher the banner of Songun politics. The north Korean people were seeing in the new year of 1995 in sorrow from the sudden demise of President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the socialist Korea. On the New Year¡¯s Day the leader paid a visit to an army unit, and expressed his determination to defend the socialism of Korea and contribute to rebuilding world socialism by relying on the powerful military force. One early January day a few years ago, he said that the strengthening of the army was the fundamental matter for the destiny of socialism. Then he emphasized that under the condition in north Korea which was exposed to constant military threats from the imperialists forces, there could exist neither the people nor the socialist state and party without a powerful army. The arms guarantee peace and socialism---this is his faith and will.

With such a faith and will, he has continued his long way of Songun. When he was on his continuous inspections to the front, climbing over steep mountains and sailing a rough sea, his mind was filled with the feeling of his historic mission to defend the anti-imperialist independence cause and the world socialist cause of mankind as well as the destiny of socialist Korea with the Songun politics. Thus he has defended not only the socialism of Korea but also the overall socialist cause of the world.

The exploits of leader Kim Jong Il who has defended the socialist cause will shine forever in history.  


Patriotic movement that will promote Korea¡¯s Reunification

 Since Korea¡¯s division into south and north at the end of the Second World War, efforts to reunify the country have been intensified without letup. In June 2000, the historic Pyongyang summit was held for the first time in 55 years of division and the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration, the milestone of Korea¡¯s reunification, was adopted. After that, the reunification cause of the Korean people has entered a new stage. Last year dialogues, contacts and exchanges have been actively made in all fields: the grand reunification festival functions which were attended by not only non-governmental persons but the authorities from both sides for the first time in the history of national division were held and the national writers¡¯ conference and the joint seminar of the historians were held. But the United States which does not like the increasing zeal for reunification in the Korean Peninsula is applying the brake to the well-developing south-north relations by putting pressure on the south Korean authorities in every way. And is leading the situation in the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war by intensifying the military threat against north Korea under the pretext of the ¡°nuclear issue¡± and the ¡°human rights issue¡± behind the curtain of six-party talks. And a handful of pro-US conservative forces in south Korea are dancing to the tune of the US by their anti-reunification maneuvers. In consequence, a dark cloud is hanging over the way ahead of the Korean reunification. North Korea, therefore, has held up the slogan ¡°Let us vigorously forward the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity under the banner of by ¡®by our nation itself¡¯!¡±

Independent reunification is the principle maintained by north Korea in the reunification movement for a long time.

Korea was divided by foreign forces, not by any internal contradiction. The 60-year-long history of division of the Korean nation clearly proves that neither the independent development of the nation nor the national reunification can be achieved unless the domination and intervention of the foreign forces are terminated. The successes achieved in the reunification movement in the Korean Peninsula under the ideal of ¡°by our nation itself¡± after the adoption of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration proves the fact that national independence is the correct path of Korea¡¯s reunification movement and ensures the shaping of the destiny of the Korean nation. That is why north Korea called upon the people in this year¡¯s joint editorial to make it a tradition to commemorate June 15, the day when the South-North Joint declaration was adopted, as the ¡°By-our-nation-itself Day¡± every year, to display the nation-first spirit and to raise the hurricane of independent reunification everywhere the Koreans are living.

The main obstacle to the Korean reunification is the US. Due to the US, which keeps its troops in south Korea for over 60 years and infringes upon the sovereignty of the Korean nation, the homogeneous nation that has 5,000-year-long history is suffering from national division and the unified development of the nation is restrained. Today, the Korean nation has a will to live and develop independently as well as strong power to defend its dignity and sovereignty. When the intervention and domination of the US are thoroughly rejected and the confrontation structure of the entire Korean nation against the US is established in practice, the Korean nation¡¯s desire for independent reunification will be realized.

To kindle the flames of defending peace against war is the key to the reunification of Korea.

The cloud of war is now hanging over the Korean people who are aspiring after reunification. The US is planning a second Korean war, shipping up-to-date weapons into south Korea and making and circulating the dangerous war plans, talking loudly about ¡°military reorganization¡± in and around the Korean Peninsula. The US will not hesitate to impose a nuclear holocaust upon the Korean nation to dominate Korea. If the war is not prevented in the Korean Peninsula, not only the process of reunification will be postponed but the existence of the Korean nation will be jeopardized.

Peace cannot be realized merely by wishing. The whole Korean nation must turn out in the struggle to frustrate the US maneuvers to unleash a new war to defend peace and security in the Korean Peninsula and to remove the root cause of war by means of pan-national struggle for the withdrawal of the US forces.

Great national unity is no more pressing for reunification movement now than ever before.

The master who is to solve the reunification problem in Korea is the Korean nation itself, and the reunification movement is the national one that should be carried on by all the members of the nation regardless of the difference in the ideology and ideal, system, party affiliation and political grouping. So the joint editorial calls on the nation to continue to intensify the atmosphere for national reconciliation and unity and to further strengthen solidarity between the reunification movement organizations.

In realizing the reconciliation and unity of the nation, the pro-US conservative forces in south Korea such as the Grand National Party are the great obstacle. In fact, they do turn blind eyes to the aspiration for reunification and destiny of the nation, but only seek for their factional interests.

All the successes which have been achieved in the reunification movement will be vanished and no progress will be expected unless the tie-up and provocations of the ¡°neo-conservatives¡± that are running amuck to turn the well-developing south-north relations back into the past age of confrontation and to realize their lust for power are frustrated and unless the pro-US conservative forces are smashed.

Unity means victory. Only by realizing the great unity of the progressives can the anti-reunification conservative forces are wiped out and the process of reunification in the Korean Peninsula be successfully developed in keeping with the ideal of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration.

The patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity of the Korean nation that will open a new period of the reunification cause this year is greatly expected.