Kim Jong Il, Songun and peace


Humankind aspires to peace and it has become one of pressing issues facing the world political arena to ensure the peace and security of the world.

There is no country in the world that does not advocate peace and peace has been popularized as a political ideology and a reason for existence of state and political parties across the world.

Peace, however, does not come of its own accord, nor is it secured easily. Strength is essential for achievement and maintenance of peace---strength, the military power strong enough to deter the imperialists¡¯ aggressive and war-provoking moves to trample on the sovereignty of other nations and claim world supremacy.

The Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea provides an ample example.

The United States emerged as a world¡¯s only ¡°superpower¡± with the end of the Cold War. The DPRK, however, was the greatest obstacle to the US then. Even after the former Soviet Union and other East European socialist countries had collapsed, the DPRK remained faithful to the socialist banner, demonstrating to the world its formidableness in the cause of socialism and independence and fighting resolutely against the US attempt to dominate the world.

The United States resorted to all sorts of vile means and maneuvers to stifle the DPRK, the main barrier to the realization of its world supremacy strategy. With the end of the Cold War, the US intensified political and military pressure on the DPRK, while kicking up a racket about the ¡°nuclear issue of north Korea.¡± in particular, the Bush administration, from the beginning of its rule, designated the DPRK as an ¡°axis of evil¡± and a ¡°rogue state¡± and openly advocated the preemptive strike on north Korea. A war seemed inevitable.

The point was that it wouldn¡¯t be a war between the DPRK and the US alone. Korea is surrounded by great powers whose interests were entangled with each other. And The Washington Post once commented that the Korean Peninsula was the very heart of the Northeast Asia., one of the most important and active regions in the world. Therefore, a breakout of a war on the Korean Peninsula would lead to a Third World War.

Leader Kim Jong Il rescued the world from the unprecedented threat. The leader clarified that a strong war deterrent should be prepared to defend peace and security in the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia and the world and held higher the banner of Songun. Under his Songun leadership the Korean People¡¯s Army developed into a powerful force matchless in idea and faith and fully prepared for both offensive and defensive through the implementation of the economic construction line of Songun era giving priority to the development of defense industry. The DPRK is provided with perfect military deterrent that can neutralize the aggressive threat of the US. In other words, a powerful guarantee is secured for the defense of peace on the Korean Peninsula and the world.

The arbitrariness, high-handedness, hegemony-seeking and aggression of the world¡¯s ¡°only super power¡± cause gross infringement on sovereignty and humanity in some countries and regions in the world. Nevertheless, peace is secured in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, where the military and political situation is more acute than anywhere else and that is absolutely attributable to the Songun politics administered in the DPRK.

Kim Jong Il prepared the strong war deterrent with his Songun politics, and is now actively engaged in creating a favorable atmosphere for the security and peace in the Northeast Asia and the world.

Entering the millennium, he provided a historic June 15 South-North Joint Declaration in 2000, thus leading both parts of Korea from 50-odd-year-long antagonism and confrontation to the new era of reconciliation, cooperation and reunification. He visited Russia and China, neighboring countries, on several occasions and promoted the traditional friendly relations with them to meet the requirement of the new century. He also met the former Japanese Prime Minister on his Pyongyang visit in September 2002 and adopted the Korea-Japan Pyongyang Declaration, accepting apology on Japan¡¯s past crimes committed against the Korean people and providing an opportunity for the normalization of state relations.

His Songun politics and energetic diplomatic activities ensured a concrete guarantee and favorable condition for peace in Northeast Asia. It elevated the position of the DPRK on the international arena and changed the policies of many countries towards the DPRK from their hostile attitudes, blindly following the US. In 2001 alone 13 countries established diplomatic relations with the DPRK, sure sign of international recognition and praise for the DPRK¡¯s influence on the world peace and security.

The world political and social figures speak highly of Kim Jong Il as a great defender of world peace.

Kim Jong Il, defender of peace with Songun politics, will exalt the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea as the fortress of independence and peace.             


        Source of invincibility of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea


The Workers¡¯ Party of Korea has led the Korean people to victory, meeting all challenges of history for over 60 years since its foundation (October 10, 1945).

Its invincible might is inconceivable apart from its Songun idea.

The Songun idea has strengthened the WPK into the powerful guiding force that can withstand whatever storm.

The world clearly saw the sate of socialist ruling parties which had no army under their control. The parties, which had given up their leadership of the army, talking about an army ¡°free from ideology, free from politics,¡± collapsed under attack from foreign imperialist forces and domestic anti-socialist elements.

In Korea, however, the army was founded first to win victory in the anti-Japanese war and the party was founded with the vanguard fighters as its backbone, on the principle of Songun that the army is the party, the state and the people. The WPK has consistently adhered to the revolutionary line of Songun. The party has regarded the establishment of its leadership of the army, but as a question of realizing its single-hearted unity with the army so as to share the same destiny and put primary effort into this work.

Therefore, the Korean People¡¯s Army has got the integrity of the No.1 defender of the WPK and the No.1 follower of its line and policy. It is self-evident that the WPK which is backed up by such a strong military force will not waver in any political adversity.

The WPK is able to defend socialism solidly on the strength of the Songun idea.

In the present world where the imperialists wield power politics, the parties which build socialism must firmly maintain the strategic line of Songun. Only strong military power can defend peace and security of a country and the security of a country can guarantee the building of socialism, the economy and culture for the people.

The defense of socialism in north Korea in the late 1990s proved in practice the validity of the Songun idea. The situation in and out of Korea was very complex at the time. Many people expressed concern for her destiny and the western media reported, ¡°collapse of socialism in north Korea is a matter of time.¡±

At this moment, the WPK held up the banner of Songun. As it united the army and people under the banner of Songun and cemented national strength as a whole mainly on the basis of military force, the imperialists attempt against north Korea failed. North Korea demonstrated its might as the unshakable fortress of socialism to the world, lived out the 20th century brilliantly by upholding the slogan of building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation and entered the new century with great pride.

Thanks to the Songun idea, the WPK has been able to lead socialist construction to victory in spite of many difficulties and trials.

In the past, it seemed to be a formula to regard the working class as the main force and build socialism by relying on them. But the formula does not work in the present situation where a great change has taken place in the socio-economic status of the working people and where the US power politics has been undisguised. To meet the new demand of the times, the WPK put forward the principle of army before the working class. It has held the army as the driving force to implement the socialist cause, the army which is stronger in fighting efficiency, unity and revolutionary spirit than any other social groups. Under the Songun politics of the WPK, the KPA has played a leading role in defending the country and building socialism. The soldiers, upholding the slogan of ¡°Let us undertake both national defense and socialist construction!¡± have made a breakthrough in economic construction, taking upon themselves the most difficult and important projects. In implementing the projects such as the nation-scale land realignment, the construction of power stations, factories of light industry, poultry farms and fish farms meeting the demand of the new century, the army has been the model of the society. The noble and indefatigable spirit of struggle displayed by the soldiers has spread through the whole society to achieve miraculous successes in the socialist construction in north Korea.

The WPK will emerge victorious with its Songun idea in the future, too.       



Philosophy on arms


The successful advance of the Korean revolution is firmly guaranteed by the great Songun politics, the philosophy on arms.

The arms philosophy is a unique one advanced by Kim Jong Il, Songun commander of Mt. Baekdu, with the viewpoint on the arms that the arms are the permanent companion and comrade of the revolutionaries.

The philosophy is based on the principle that the revolution for the independence of the popular masses is initiated, advanced and accomplished by force of arms.

If they want to make a revolution, the popular masses should not only be awakened to rise up but also firmly take rifles in their hands.

This is because the revolutionary exploiting classes, counter-revolutionary forces, violate and restrict the independence of the people in reliance upon the counter-revolutionary violence.

The path for the revolution is explored by the people only when they make a breach in the counter-revolutionary violence by force of arms.

The arms also play an important role in the whole period of progressing and carrying out the revolution.

It is a serious lesson of the history left by the former socialist countries. A party, with millions of party members, ceased to exist as it failed to seize the army and some countries had socialism collapsed as they weakened military strength.

The arms philosophy also includes the principle that the army is precisely the party, state and people.

The party, the general staff of the revolution and the guiding force, can ensure its leading position under the protection of the army and demonstrate its invincible might.

A Party with a long history and tradition met its tragic end in the consequence of ¡°depoliticizing¡± the army and neglecting ideological work within it. But the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea has made a victorious advance of the revolution by seizing the army under difficult conditions. These instances contrastingly show that the party with powerful revolutionary armed forces is invincible.

The revolutionary army and the people¡¯s government share the destiny with each other proceeding from the commonness of their characters and basic mission. The independent and creative life of the people is unthinkable apart from a strong army.

The unique philosophy on arms of north Korea testifies to its correctness and vitality in the revolution thanks to the Songun politics based on the philosophy.


On Songun idea


Songun idea is an idea of giving importance to the army and military affairs as it clarifies the position and role of the army in the revolutionary struggle for independence. Juche idea considers it as its basic requirement to fully realize the independence of the popular masses and the Songun idea indicates the way of most thoroughly meeting this requirement of the Juche idea.

The Songun idea overcame the limitations of the preceding theory which viewed the conditions of the social revolution with main emphasis on its objective and economic factors and clearly elucidated the profound truth that revolution means army building and vice versa. A rifle serves as the most treasured sword to be held tightly in the whole course of revolutionary struggle to realize the independence of the masses.

A rifle serves as a powerful weapon for achieving the social and political independence of the people by rejecting national and class subjugation and an effective treasured sword to smash the imperialists¡¯ policies of aggression and war and advance the masses¡¯ cause of independence.

It is the immutable truth of revolution clarified by the Songun idea of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea that tremendous military power alone guarantees the sovereignty and independence of the country and the nation and a victory of socialism and attaching importance to the army is the best way of achieving the popular masses¡¯ independence and carving out their destiny.


Revolutionary principles and the destiny of revolution


It is a very important issue concerning the destiny of revolution to maintain the revolutionary principles consistently.

It is the way of defending the basic interests of revolution and advancing revolution to victory without vacillation to maintain the revolutionary principles consistently in accomplishing the cause of independence of the popular masses, the socialist cause. On the contrary, to shrink back from the revolutionary principles means surrender and ruin.

To take one step back from the revolutionary principles means to take two steps, ten steps back from them. Finally, it means to lose national dignity and the sovereignty of the country and face the miserable destiny of subordination and slavery.

This has been proved by the situation of some countries. Those countries which were building socialism in the past deviated from the revolutionary principles with no faith in socialism when facing difficulties and ordeals. And they were afraid of the threat and blackmail by the imperialists and yielded to them.

A state which is strong in the revolutionary principles does not go to ruin and the people who keep the revolutionary principles are not conquered. This is the truth verified by history.

The Workers¡¯ Party of Korea has always firmly maintained the principles of independence, the working class and socialism in the revolution and construction on the basis of the basic interests of revolution, worked out revolutionary lines and policies of Juche and carried through them consistently. It has consistently defended the basic interests and principles of the revolution, stepping up the revolution and construction with ceaseless creation and innovation as required by the developing reality and positively countering the rapidly changing situation. The WPK and the Korean people know neither compromise nor concession in the revolution and construction. This is the revolutionary spirit and ideological and mental characteristics of the WPK and people.

As the WPK has maintained the revolutionary principles, line, and policies, the Korean revolution could victoriously advance along the road of socialism without vacillation even under the arduous conditions.

The world revolutionary political parties and people should staunchly maintain the basic interests and principles of revolution in accomplishing the cause of independence against imperialism.