Three Generals of Mt. Baekduu
Three Generals of Mt. Baekdu

--- Sent From the National Democratic Front of South Korea Mission in Pyongyang to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) Via E-mail.

   The family of great Marshal Kim Jong Il revered as the Sun of the 21st century is that of great men of Mt. Baekdu.
   Most distinguished in the family of great men of Mt. Baekdu are, of course, anti-Japanese brilliant commander General Kim Il Sung, anti-Japanese woman general Kim Jong Suk and son of Mt. Baekdu General Kim Jong Il.
   These three great men, praised as "three great stars" of Mt. Baekdu in the early days, are peerless great men unprecedented in the world history.
General Kim Il Sung was the great sun of the 20th century and great leader acclaimed for the first time by our nation and mankind in the history of thousands of years. He was a great thinker and theoretician who authored the immortal Juche idea and opened the Juche era, a new historical era. He was a great strategist and practician of revolution as well as a genius of creation and construction, who with wise and seasoned leadership accomplished the cause of national restoration and defended the freedom and sovereignty of the country by defeating the U.S. and the Japanese imperialists under the uplifted banner of anti-imperialist independence, built up a socialist powerful country of independence, self-reliance and self-defense in north Korea, ensured the victorious advance of the struggle for national reunification, the overseas Korean compatriots' movement and the cause for global independence. He was a benevolent father, teacher and great revolutionary who united the entire people with all-embracing love and trust to realize the single-hearted unity of leader, party and people.
   Since he was born at the low thatched cottage of Mangyondae, Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung hewed out the path of Juche revolution at his teenage and devoted his all life to the liberation and reunification of the country, the happiness of the people and the cause for independence of mankind until his heart stopped beating on July 8, 1994. He was indeed a peerless great man and great leader.
   Kim Jong Suk was born as a daughter of an activist for national independence at Osan-dong, Hoeryong-myon, Hoeryong County of North Hamgyeong Province on December 24, 1917. She joined the revolution at the age of 14 by entering the Children's Vanguards. After joining the Korean People's Revolutionary Army at the age of 18, she fought the Japanese imperialists with arms in hands as a life guard of Kim Il Sung and became  an  anti-Japanese  woman  hero  well-known  as a dead shot. With  a  firm  belief  that  the  revolutionary  idea  and  armed  struggle line of Kim Il Sung were the absolute truth, she pioneered in implementing them and became a shield in defending the headquarters. After the liberation of the country, she devoted herself to the implementation of Kim Il Sung's line on building the party, the country and the army, while safeguarding the headquarters of revolution as an eternal lifeguard. She worked without sparing herself to reunify the divided nation, and especially, devoted her heart and sole to bringing up her son as the successor of revolution.
   Kim Jong Suk was really a distinguished heroine and great revolutionary who devoted her whole life to the liberation of the country, freedom and happiness of the people and national reunification until she passed away on September 22, 1949.
   General Kim Jong Il is a rare great man of Baekdu type who was born at Mt. Baekdu, the sacred mountain of our nation, and made an unusual growth amidst the special revolutionary education of his parents, brilliant commanders of Baekdu, as well as the practical training of the revolutionary struggle. He personifies the revolutionary spirit, trait and nature of Mt. Baekdu.
   The revolutionary spirit of Mt. Baekdu personified by him is the spirit of independence associated with the soul of Baekdu, the spirit of gun inheriting the linage of Baekdu, the indefatigable revolutionary spirit replete with the mettle of Baekdu and the optimistic spirit consistent with cheerfulness of Baekdu.
   The revolutionary trait of Mt. Baekdu possessed by him is pluck and courage of Baekdu-style giant, ever-victorious sagacity of the brilliant commander of Baekdu, broadmindness befitting a heroic man, organizing ability of leading millions of people, indefatigable attacking spirit, strong ability of execution.
   The revolutionary spirit of Mt. Baekdu owned by him is an absolute faith in the people, devotion to the revolution, warm love for comrades, mercilessness against injustice, tough spirit braving all trials and difficulties.
   Kim Jong Il was designated as the successor of the revolutionary cause of Juche in February, 1974. He assumed the commandership of the Korean People's Army in December, 1991. He was elected Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK in April, 1993, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea in October, 1997, reelected Chairman of the NDC of the DPRK in September, 1998 and September, 2003.
   It is a high appreciation of the leadership possessed and feats performed by him, and at the same time, an _expression of the firm will of the WPK and the Korean people to carry out the Juche revolutionary cause under his leadership.
   Faithful to such deep confidence and trust, Kim Jong Il put forward the guiding line of the times by formulating the revolutionary idea of Kim Il Sung as the great guiding idea of our times with an integrated system of idea, theory and method of Juche.
   Leading the revolution and construction with his gifted wisdom, unparalleled pluck and rare practical ability, Kim Jong Il foiled the imperialist aggression and pressure campaign, reliably defended the national dignity and sovereignty and the Juche-oriented socialism. He solidified the single-hearted unity of the whole society of north Korea as an impregnable fortress and provided the people with happiness by virtue of the politics of love and trust.
   Indeed, Kim Jong Il is the great leader of revolution and Sun of the 21st century who leads the times, the revolution, the socialist construction, the reunification and the cause for global independence with his distinguished ideology, leadership and noble virtue.
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