To the south Korean Soldiers:






Comrades, it grieves us to inform you, that the south Korean "Gand National Party" has choosen against the will of the overwhelming majority of the Korean nation, to send large scale additional troop dispatches to Iraq. We stand in solidarity with the south Korean people led by the National Democratic Front of South Korea, in using ANY MEANS NECASSARY,  to smash this horrific crime and to  DRIVE THE YANKEES TO THE SEA!
Enclosed on this page you will find the October 27th statement of the NDFSK, true national-liberation Communist fighters, as well as our offical statement  "To the south Korean Soliders: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!!!". This is a grave situtation, and we ask comrades to please read this material closely. We look forward to working will all genuine anti-imperialists who seek unity and independance on this matter. Please feel free to send us a statement on this, as well.

John Paul Cupp, Chairman
Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA)

Eternal PRESIDENT KIM IL SUNG and President Fidel Castro Ruz of Cuba, at a diplomatic meeting in 1986. The DPRK has always built solidarity with peace-loving independant countries, both small and large. A most notable contribution of the DPRK to this is, their work with in the Third World Non-Alligned Movement.
Pyongyang Mission of National Democratic Front of South Korea

Add.: Munsu-dong, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

E-mail:  [email protected] Fax: 850-2-381-4505

October 27

The NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang extends its greetings to you who devote yourself to the noble ideal of independence, peace.
On last October 18, the south Korean authorities, in spite of the strong protest and opposition of the south Korean people and the world peace-loving people, decided at last to dispatch additional troops to Iraq in submission to the tenacious pressure of the US.
Troop dispatch to Iraq is an irrecoverable war crime of directly joining the US-led piratical war of aggression and plunder as well as a guilty act of tramping down upon the Iraqi people's desire for peace and security.
Many organizations against the troop dispatch to Iraq including the "Emergency People's Action Opposing the Troops Dispatch to Iraq" are formed to make brisk activities now in south Korea. As of Oct. 25, 351 organizations are waging various dynamic struggles such as holding protest rallies and demonstrations, making signature campaigns, publishing statements and comments, etc to stop the additional troop dispatch to Iraq.
We hope and believe that your organization valuing the world peace and security will aid us anew by waging various solidarity activities (publishing statements, sending protest letters, etc.) pressing the south Korean authorities to immediately revoke its decision on additional troop dispatch to Iraq.
Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we extend once again our deep respect and greetings to you and wish you greater success in your work.

Zo Il-min
NDFSK Mission in Pyongyang

P.S. Attached below is a statement made public on Oct. 23 by the NDFSK spokesman in protest to the south Korean authorities' decision of troop dispatch to Iraq.



Oct. 23 of NDFSK spokesman

On October 18 the south Korean authorities decided to additionally dispatch troops to Iraq despite of the strong opposition at home and abroad.
This is a challenge to the entire nation opposing the US hegemonist arrogance and aspiring after global peace and stability.
The National Democratic Front of South Korea pungently denounces the decision as a pro-US subordinate act and heinous anti-national crime to reduce young people to cannon fodders of Yankees in disregard of the dignity and interests of the nation.
It is never justifiable with any excuse that the authorities have decided to dispatch troops again after sending troops in last April.
The Iraqi war is an unjust burglarious war of aggression the United States provoked to overthrow the Hussein government it dislikes and dominate the Middle East region abundant in oil resources.
Now the United States is left with nowhere to turn, faced with a death-defying resistance of the Iraqi people to chastise the aggressors, and many countries of the world and even Americans demand immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq.
At this time the south Korean authorities are driving young people to a pit of death in place of the United States and sinking a huge amount of taxes paid by the people in the Iraqi front in disregard of the worsening livelihood of the people. This is an anti-people and anti-national crime.
The NDFSK, together with all people, will resolutely wage a popular struggle to oppose the treacherous additional dispatch of troops to Iraq and defeat the lawmakers who support the troop dispatch in next year's general election.
The authorities should ponder over the serious consequences to be entailed by the troop dispatch and revoke the reckless and anti-national decision without delay.

October 23, Juche 92 (2003)
Born of Heavenly Mt. Baekdu, SUPREME COMMANDER KIM JONG IL,  is the  whole-world  acclaimed leader of the "Axis of Resistance",  and founder of the Songun Idea, which offers hope to the free world against US Imperialism. The Nuke-and-lifeline stance of the DPRK at the recent 6-way talks in Bejing have taught the world the importance of not giving up on even an inch of principle, and to recognize anti-imperialist struggle as a comfrontation versus confrontation affair, were the creativity of the masses must be given full play, and the Gun placed before the Hammer and Sickle!
To the south Korean Soliders:

We are crying in our hearts at the recent news sent to us by the National Democratic Front of South Korea, that the comprador " Grand National Party" has agreed to the use of Koreans as canon fodder in the unjust occupation of Iraq.

  We say to the south Korean soldiers as the gun lays in their grasp to remember the recent death to two beautiful Korean school girls at the hands to the GI Mercenary Stooges ( who quite possibly are the lowest form of boot-licking dogs in the History of the earth) to remember such occasion as well as the 4 million dead Koreans Massacre, at the hands of the US imperialists during the Great Fatherland Liberation War, when choosing which side to point their guns. The anti-US
struggle of the Iraqi people is a just one which absolutely must prevail. Even the Lowest strata of the US working class agrees with this point. We, members of the the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), are reminded of the first World War, when comrades of the Colonial Dependant countries were used as canon fodder
against one another for the interest of the Imperialists. At the potential cost of our very death and imprisonment, because so much we love the Korean and Arab/Muslim Working class, we say, as a matter of historical record,

  We are disgusted by the fact that the compradors of Korea, Turkey, and other military dictatorships have chosen to use the masses of such respected homelands to aid the US Imperialists and the Zionist Entity of "israel" in the unjust occupation of Iraq. On the other hand, we say " Unite all those who desire Independence in a Righteous Anti-US Struggle!", and " Long Live the Axis of Resistance". We say " Long Live COMRADE KIM JONG IL and the 70 million strong Korean Nation!!!", " Stop the massacres of Arabs and Muslims!!!", and
" Victory to Palestine!!! Victory to Iraq!!!".

  Comrades of Korea, who are being dispatched to Iraq to Smash Al-Hussein and the Iraqi people, please grasp the historical significance of the ramifications. The US Imperialists, who are hated by all the world's Independence seeking masses, have taken it upon themselves to use Koreans to Kill Arabs
and Muslims. This can not be. A better world is possible. We are reminded of the the example of Comrade Kim Il Sung, who led the masses to oppose and smash Japanese Colonialism and US imperialism. A world centered around the masses is
possible, and living in the form of the DPRK. In the DPRK, not one worker is without food, housing, quality employment, health care, or the loss of dignity in belonging to a " Dependant country". Comrades, even in the US, we are loving Kim Jong Il, and supporting the armed anti-US Struggle of the Iraqi masses.
What on earth would you have to gain by aiding the US mperialists and the Zionist Entity of "israel" in killing Arabs  and Muslims? Do you remember Vietnam and the use of south Koreans as cannon fodder? Did not Ho Chi Minh and Giap prevail, in leading the masses to run the US cannon fodder to the sea? It saddens us to the point of blood-sweet depression to think of the beautiful " Land of the Morning Calming" being used to occupy Iraq unjustly.

  Comrades, Korea, because of the Songun Politics and Juche example, has a future of re-unification, and prosperous nation-building ahead of it. Nothing should get in the way of that goal. We salute the efforts of the south Korean Patriotic Masses, particularly the youth, in opposing this measure, and vow all efforts, including our physical death, (which is nothing to socio-political integrity), in hating this recent development.  Because we are poor workers, we will alway hate the US  Imperialist with our wholeselves, and will always stand in solidarity with the DEAR LEADER KIM JONG IL led Democratic  People's Republic of Korea, and the National Democratic Front of South Korea. The NDFSK Pyongyang Mission Comrades,  recently sent us some solidarity materials which we plan on using to host a solidarity art and culture event. We encourage the broad masses of workers and leftists in the US to stop their anti-DPRK hang-ups and to support the KIM JONG IL led Korean nation Re-Unification efforts.

  To the south Korea Soliders: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!!!

  We avail ourselves of this opportunity to say "Congratulations!!!" to the Righteous Anti-US Resistance of the Arab and Muslim,  as well as the Korean people, respectively. It is no secret, that the Songun Idea of MARSHAL KIM JONG IL, is a treasure-sword, capable of sending the US imperialists and their GI mercenary stooges, to their just body-bags in the event of a second war of
aggression against Korea!!!

Victory to Palestine and Iraq!!!

Victory to Korea!!!

Long Live the Songun Idea of COMRADE KIM JONG IL!!!

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
John Paul Cupp, Chairman
Travis Dandy, General Secretary
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Protecting Independence with Arms
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- Independence should be
defended with arms. This is a precious lesson the popular
masses' hard-fought struggle for independence taught to
humankind, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article.
Underscoring the need to hold arms more tightly to defend
independence already achieved, the article goes on: The Iraqi
war proved once again that one should be responsible for
own destiny and independence must be defended with arms
A matchless army provides a sure guarantee for reliably
defending independence in our times whose main trend is the
confrontation between revolution and counter-revolution.
    At present the imperialists are more desperately resorting to
brigandish logic of strength. It is their trite method to turn to a
violent military attack if they fail to achieve their aim of
politically and diplomatically. Neither international law nor the
can stop them. The imperialists regard small countries with
weak armies as their targets of aggression. It is, therefore, the
only way to cope with it to strengthen one's own army. Armed
attack should be countered with arms. This alone can prevent
one from being reduced to a slave and defend one's
    Those countries with weak armies should strengthen them,
the article says, calling on them to build independent national
defence industry and develop it and build up modern defensive
and offensive means.
The Korean People's Army, and Particularly the Youth are ready to kill and die to Defend Comrade  KIM JONG IL, the leading quarters of the revolution. They are prepared to be Human bombs, and do all that is necassary to defeat mortal enemy, US Imperialsm, in a Grudge-Match Style Conflict. It is only natural that wanting Korean Re-unification and to maintain their Socialist Worker's Paradise, the Korean Comrades would unite behind the leader, for he knows it is only the masses who can determine their own destiny. If the south Korean Soldiers, dispatched to Iraq seek to smash the "GNP" plot to use Korean blood to Kill Arabs, they should turn on the GI Mercenaries, who like to kill little Korean Girls, and teach the US to behave its self the hard way. Iraq is not the enemy. In fact, we rather like to see the Independance forces with guns in their hand!!! --- SPSG (USA)

         Chairman Dermot Hudson

To the US Songun Politics Study Group.

Dear comrades,
                       on behalf of the Association for the Study of Songun
Politics of the UK,the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the
Society For the Independence of England wish to extend our
support to you and also congratulate you on issuing your statement
To the south Korean Soliders: TURN YOUR GUNS THE OTHER WAY!!!.
We support this excellent statement.
                        We share your righteous anger at the decision of the
south Korean authorities and the comprador clique in south Korea
to send South Korean troops to Iraq to fight against the Iraq people.
The US war in the Mid East is a war to suppress the anti imperialist
independent forces in that region.
                               The fascist Yankee imperialists are the two
legged wolves with whom it is impossible to co exist with,The
great leader President Kim Il Sung  said
        "US Imperialism is the most barbarous and shameless
aggressor of modern times,the main force of aggression and
war,the ringleader of world reaction,the bulwark of modern
colonialism,the strangler of national liberation and
independence and disrupter of world peace'
(Kim Il Sung September 18th 1969) .
                  We extend our solidarity and support to the US Songun
Politics Study Group in  your struggle against US imperialism.
                    yours fraternally

                 Dermot Hudson
   President Association For the Study of Songun Politics of the UK
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