In Memory of the great leader Generalissimo Kim Il Sung

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea
Study Group of England  solemnly remembers the great leader comrade
Kim Il Sung on the 12th anniversary of his passing away on July 8th.We salute
his career and achievements.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung born into the family of a poor peasant
set out on the revolutionary road in the earliest years of his life

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung led 2 severe revolutionary wars against
  ferocious imperialist powers-the US and Japan - to victory.He achieved Korea's
independence and created a true peoples democracy.He built a socialist paradise in the land of Korea.
He fathered the immortal Juche idea the idea for achieving the independence of
Comrade Kim Il Sung fought hard for the reunification of Korea and put forward
unique lines for the south Korean revolution such as the line of the national
liberation peoples democratic revolution.
He also put forward the correct path for the world revolution and infused the
masses with the idea of anti US,anti imperialist stuggle.He fought hard
for the unity of the world revolutionary forces and raised high the revolutionary
red flag of socialism when the modern revisionists had frustated socialism
in some countries.
He will be revered forever as the Red Sun of Juche.

ASSPUK and JISGE 8th of July