Kim Jong Il paid unofficial visit to China
Kim Jong Il shakes hands with Hu Jin Tao
A Chinese woman presents a bouquet to leader Kim Jong Il
Red-carpet welcome to Kim Jong Il in Guangzhou
An appeal to the countrymen

A joint meeting of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK was held in Pyongyang.

The appeal called for waging a vigorous nationwide movement for independent reunification, noting that what is essential for this movement is to hold high the banner of “By our nation itself.”

It underscored the need to grandly celebrate June 15, the day the south-north joint declaration was adopted, as the “Day of By Our Nation Itself” by bring together Koreans in the south, north and abroad and demonstrate the will and stamina of the nation for reunification.

Calling for a dynamic movement for peace against war to make the sky over Korea clear and blue forever, the appeal continued;

There is no internal factor of sparking a war within the nation. The danger of a war of aggression in Korea is always posed by outsiders.

As far as the issue of war and peace is concerned, the south and the north are a community linked with the same destiny.

They should go united to foil the US imperialists’ moves to ignite a new war on the Korean Peninsula.

Holding that the arms buildup and exercises for a war of aggression against north Korea that threaten the countrymen should be halted unconditionally, the appeal called for waging a more dynamic struggle to force the US troops, a harasser of peace and the root cause of war, to quit the Korean Peninsula.

The pro-US conservative forces’ seizure of power in south Korea is little short of igniting a train of a nuclear war, the appeal said, calling on the south Koreans from all walks of life that love peace to resolutely frustrate this group’s plot to usurp power.

It also underscored the need to strengthen the June 15 Joint National Committee, a nationwide solidarity organization for reunification, so that it may increase its function and role as a central body for national unity.

The “National Security Law” in south Korea is a stumbling block lying in the way of great national unity, the appeal pointed out, calling for pulling down the last barriers in the era of the confrontation including the NSL.

It earnestly called on all the Koreans to set this year as a year of the three-point patriotic movement and come out as one in the struggle to attain a goal.

Struggle slogans for 2006

Independence is a life of the nation and a fundamental principle of national reunification. Let us open a wide avenue for reunification movement through national independence and carve out the destiny of the nation!

Let us vigorously advance along the road of independent reunification with concerted efforts of the nation!

Let us solve national and reunification issue, giving top priority to the national dignity and interests!

Our nation is the best. Let us demonstrate the spirit of giving top priority to the nation and the nation-first manner throughout the world, rejecting the foreign forces!

Let us flatten division wall on the Military Demarcation Line through ardent enthusiasm of independent reunification!

Let us make it a tradition to celebrate June 15, the day of the publication of the South-North Joint Declaration, as the “by our nation itself day.”

Let us drive out the US, the main obstacle to national reunification, from this land and reunify the country!

Let us terminate the US intervention and domination through strong national cooperation!

Let us give a crushing blow to the treacherous acts of the anti-reunification forces!

Peace against war is the main way for peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and a prerequisite of peaceful reunification.

People of all social standings who love the country and nation, turn out in the struggle for peace against war!

Let us resolutely defend the existence of the nation, peace and security of the Korean Peninsula!

Let us drive out the dark cloud of nuclear war hovering on the Korean nation by frustrating the nuclear war maneuver of the US against north Korea!

Peace does not come naturally. Let us realize peace through a decisive resistance of the nation!

Let us resolutely thwart a new war move of the US that threatens the existence of the Korean nation!

Let us totally eliminate the root cause of war in this land through a nationwide struggle for the withdrawal of the USFK!

The anti-north Korean nuclear racket of the US is a prelude to war against north Korea. Let us foil the anti-north Korean nuclear fuss of the US by the might of national cooperation!

Let us decisively frustrate the pro-US warlike forces’ move to reinforce the military strength in collusion with the foreign forces!

A nuclear war will break out in the Korean Peninsula if the Grand National Party becomes next occupant of Cheong Wa Dae. Let us disunite the GNP and defend peace!

Let us positively support north Korea’s Songun politics, an omnipotent sword of peace!

The great national unity is a firm guarantee for national reunification. Let us hasten national reunification by the united efforts of the Korean nation!

People of all walks of life, let us unite under the banner of the South-North Joint Declaration irrespective of ideology, ideal, system, political party and affiliation!

Let us achieve unity on the basis of patriotism and the spirit of national independence!

Let us accelerate pan-national movement for reunification, holding high the banner of great national unity!

Let us continuously heighten an atmosphere of promoting national reconciliation and unity, holding aloft the banner of “By our nation itself”!

Let us strengthen solidarity between pro-reunification organizations!

Let us break the pro-US conservative forces, an obstacle to great national unity and reunification, into pieces by forming the alliance against the conservatives!

Let us disorganize the GNP, which makes frantic efforts to rehabilitate the past period of confrontation in the past, with united strength of the people!

Let us give a fatal blow to the conspiracy and challenge of “new conservatives” with the strength of the progressive alliance!

Let us give final ruin to the GNP which runs counter to the June 15 era!

Central Committee,

Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front


January 19, Juche 95 (2006)
Elimination of GNP called for
The Information Bureau of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front on January 21 made public an open questionnaire addressed to the Grand National Party. It lashed out at the GNP for having staged a fascist charade aimed at deceiving the popular mass under the motto of “defense of liberal democratic system,” and “champion of democracy” as a successor to the ill-famed “Yushin” dictatorship.

The “liberal democratic system” which the GNP claimed would defend at the risk of its life means the revival of the “Yushin” dictatorial system, the questionnaire noted, and continued: The GNP, the most savage violator of democracy in the world, the descendant of the fascist dictator and the successor to the “Yushin” dictatorial regime and the “Republican Party,” should tell the people what is its real intention.

The GNP never misses the chance to trumpet about “political coloring” such as “crisis of security.” This is nothing but a political farce intended to fool the people for the purpose of usurping power.

The GNP is raising the same hue and cry over the “crisis of security” as the “Yushin” dictator did. This is nothing but a sinister design to seize power by fanning up confrontation and an atmosphere of war among Koreans in utter disregard of the interests of the country and the nation.

The rowdyism kicked off by the GNP outside the building of the National Assembly, chanting “Repeal revised law on private schools” is nothing but an arrogant and high-handed act of ignoring and threatening the people.

If the law that passed through the National Assembly with an approval of the overwhelming majority of the people and by the agreement of the ruling and opposition parties should be regarded as a “law railroaded through it in a brigandish manner,” how should one call the “bill on the constitutional revision allowing the election for the third-term” and the “Yushin constitution” which were cooked up by the “Yushin” dictator by setting the CIA in motion without any approval from any opposition parties or people?

Park Geun-hye should think twice over the mounting criticism voiced even in members of the GNP that “its representative’s ideological prejudice is a hereditary disease” and “confrontational ideological framework is the only thing one can say of her leadership ability.”

The GNP is made up of descendants of cruel torturers, murderers and law-enforcement agents in the era of military dictatorship who are now working with bloodshot eyes to return to power. They are now busy whitewashing the past crimes, not uttering even a word of apology to so many guiltless people who were executed and those who suffered mental and psychological pain after being branded as “spies” and “families of Reds” for half a century. How can this group talks about human rights?

  The reality goes to clearly proves that it is impossible to expect any genuine democratization of society nor is it possible for the people to get rid of political instability and confusion in living nor is it possible to achieve inter-Korean reconciliation and unity and the country’s reunification as long as there remain the descendants of the dictatorship such as the GNP.

Escalating war maneuver of the US against north Korea

  Recently, US State Secretary Rice made absurd words that the US financial sanctions against north Korea is just and the US has a practical restraint against north Korea, slandering north Korea as a “criminal regime.”

  The US ambassador to south Korea Bershbow threatened north Korea that the US has a plan to check north Korea if it produces instability on its nuclear program, saying that the negotiation needs both carrot and stick.

  The US schemes to install general command controlling nuclear strike on north Korean and Iran in the US Strategy Command. It transferred some strategic tasks of its troops in south Korea to the south Korean army including “control of fire power” to cope with contingency in the Korean Peninsula. And it decided to hand its war reserve stockpiled in south Korea over to the south Korean military authorities.

World mass media expressed apprehension that the peace on the Korean Peninsula would be in a crucial moment or crisis in the Korean Peninsula would come according to the fate of the six-party talks, commenting that the Bush administration had already planed to appeal to arms in case north Korea does not respond to the six-party talks to be scheduled in April last year and examined concrete action against north Korea.

  Instigated by the US, the south Korean bellicose forces have developed and introduced war equipment including “F-15K” fighters, early warning planes, tanks, armored vehicles and submarines. Meanwhile, they strengthened function of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made commands in the army, navy and air force and reorganizes system of operational command.   

Such military maneuvers clearly show the US war attempt to ignite a war against north Korea.       

  The US must renounce its war plan against north Korea.

  The Korean people in the south and the north as well as the world peace-loving people should turn out in the anti-US struggle and peace against war to foil the US hostile and war policies towards north Korea.